Shark tank season 13 release date

Shark Tank is a reality show which is widely liked by entrepreneurs. The show provides a clear insight into the business world. It remained on the top of the list of business-oriented shows ever since it made its debut in 2009. So let’s dive in to know the release date, cast & trailer of Shark Tank Season 13.

Shark Tank Season 13 - Release Date

While the show already has 12 blasting seasons, it seems like the fans are not getting enough of it, and the rumors are doing rounds that it is coming back for the 13th season. Nonetheless, whatever might be the outcome, we have brought everything you should know about your favorite show.

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Shark Tank Season 13 – Release Date & Cast

Shark Tank Season 12 – Recap

Without giving much away, it would suffice to say that the contestants of season 12 are not leaving any stone unturned to catch the attention of the Shark panel. They are bringing such impressive and creative ideas to the table, due to which the investors in the show are seen dazzled in confusion most of the time.

Shark Tank Season 12

However, the Sharks are also having a hard time cracking business deals with them as they are choosing wisely to invest their money in the best of the best. If you want to go into the details regarding what products are being introduced by the contestants, then you should definitely watch the show. Lastly, season 12 is proving itself to be one of the best seasons of the show, so it will certainly be worth your while.

Expectations with Shark Tank Season 13:

With an impeccable season 12, the stakes are higher than ever before for season 13. Predictions are being made that if the show could do so well amidst the pandemic, what would happen past it? As it is no surprise to anyone that the makers have started their search for new contestants, which indicates that the commencement of season 13 is in process.

Shark Tank Season 13

Moreover, the last two episodes of season 12 will be released by February 2021, which further indicates that the production for season 13 might start around March or April.

Shark Tank Season 13: Release Date

As mentioned above, the last episodes of season 12 are set to be released in February 2021, and the hunt for new contestants for season 13 has already begun. This is a clear hint that the shooting will likely start in the mid-year giving its audience hope to see season 13 hitting the screens by the end of 2021.

shark tank season 13 casting

However, season 13 is not renewed yet, and the show’s makers have not released any statement regarding the release date for the same. According to the sources, the audience might get an official announcement by the end of February.

Shark Tank Season 13: Awards & Nominations

Not many people know that Shark Tank is the first reality show ever that has won four Emmy Awards back to back. Not only this, the show has 23 nominations till now, out of which it bagged 7 awards, which are mentioned below:-


  • Critics Choice Television Award- Best Reality Series(2014).
  • Television Critics Association Awards- Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming(2013).
  • Critics Choice Television Award- Best Reality Series(2015).
  • Primetime Emmy Award- Outstanding Structured Reality Programming(2014),(2015), (2016), (2017).

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Shark Tank coming back in 2022?

Yes, the show is surely going to make a comeback in 2022 as the search for worthy contestants has begun. However, the show’s makers have not confirmed its airing date yet and the filming for season 13 is also not started.

Furthermore, Season 12 premiered on Abc on the 16th of October 2020, and the season is not concluded yet as the last two episodes are yet to be released in February 2021. Therefore, season 13 is not renewed yet by the makers of the show.


Was Shark Tank Cancelled?

No, Shark Tank is neither canceled nor resumed for the 13th season. Furthermore, the show’s 12th season is still airing on Abc, and its last 2 episodes are yet to hit the screens in February 2021. While the show is still going on, rumor has it that the makers have started their hunt for the season 13 contestants.


What is the current season of Shark Tank?

The current ongoing season of Shark Tank is the 12th one with a total of 13 episodes, out of which  2 episodes are still left to be aired on Abc. Moreover, if you want to binge-watch all the show’s previously released seasons, you can watch it on online streaming platforms such as Hulu and Voot.


Who is the new shark on Shark Tank 2020-21?

The new shark panel for season 12, which was aired on October 2020, consists of:-

  • Kendra Scott a famous fashion designer and the chairman & CEO of Kendra Scott LLC.
  • Blake Mycoskie is an American author and the founder and co-founder of Toms Shoes and Made for, respectively.
  • Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player as well as the CEO of A-Rod Corp, is also returning.
  • Lastly, Daniel Lubetzky, a Mexican-American billionaire, also the founder and executive chairman of Kind LLC.



This is all we have got for you on the Shark Tank for now. Brace yourself as the hunting for the contestants for season 13 is going on; soon, we will know the contestants too. Moreover, each year, the show’s quality is becoming unbearable, so it would be interesting to see new ideas by the contestants, especially because of the post covid situation.

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