Have you finished watching Money Heist? Perhaps you’re looking for some of the brilliant shows that can keep you entertained until the final season drops off. So let’s dive in to find out the more amazing shows like money heist.

Shows Like Money Heist

Well! Seek no further! This list has some of the all-time top-rated shows like Prison Break and Breaking Bad and some lesser-known jewels. So, if you have finished those, as well, don’t you worry! We have something new and worthwhile for you! With that, let’s begin the list.

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Best Shows Like Money Heist: Our Top Picks

1. Heist

  • Available On: NBC Affiliated Streamers
  • Of Seasons: 1
  • Of Episodes: 6

Of course, let’s begin the list with another show about Heist. This show from NBC was quite a treat to watch. Similar to La Casa De Papel, the synopsis of the show revolves around a thief who gathers around a rag-tag bunch of misfits. They aim to conduct the greatest heist in history.

Heist Poster

With only six episodes, the show keeps you glued to the chair. While the show initially got canceled due to low ratings (TPR), it has received higher ratings for being a well-written show. Hence, it is worth the watch.

2. The Heist

Yet another series on the list that shares the name. The Heist comprises two seasons and revolves around 10 people teaming up to rob the money. It’s a fun aspect as these 10 people happen to be law-abiding citizens. What’s more? They have to law low and hide the money for a while before it’s there.

The Heist - Shows Like Money Heist

However, hunting them down is another team of brilliant detectives. This is the show you won’t know who to root for! Which ones are the good guys and the bad guys? Hence, it will keep you on your edge as you continue the show.

3. Evil Genius

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 1
  • Of Episodes: 4

If you loved Professor in Money Heist and want to see someone being the big bad, Evil Genius is a perfect show. It is based on a real story, and America’s one of the greatest heists. However, this documentary, with attention to details, revolves around bizarre events and incidents around it.

Evil Genius

In short, it shows you what happens when a Genius decides to rob a bank, kind of like Professor, but with a more thriller take. Hence, it is one of the best TV shows like Money Heist on the list.

4. Dirty Money

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 1
  • Of Episodes: 6

Dirty Money is on this list of TV shows like Money Heist because it is quite grasping right from the start. While it is a documentary series, it has quite a cinematic approach to it. Therefore, you will love every aspect that leaves you wanting more.

Dirty Money

As we have seen, La Casa De Papel reveals something along the lines of ‘corruption’ and ‘government secrets’ that’s what this show matches. It brings you six different cases of corruption in the real world. Driven from real-life incidents, this show is informative, educational, and entertaining.

5. Narcos

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 3
  • Of Episodes: 10 (Per Season)

Of course, this list would’ve been incomplete without Narcos. It is another brilliant Netflix Original that helped reach it to new heights. Narcos was a cult-setter for many as it reached the regions where other shows failed. It is based around the real-life Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar, and the key events in his story.

Narcos -Shows Like Money Heist

From how he became such a powerful personality with a billion-dollar empire to much more. Overall, it is one of the best series like Money Heist that you must watch.

6. Prison Break

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 5
  • Of Episodes: 90 (Total)

Prison Break is certainly one of the best shows like Money Heist that even match the vibe. It is based around two brothers – Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), sentenced to the crime in a jail which he didn’t commit, and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), the mastermind.

Prison Break

It’s about how Michael tries his best to break his brother out of prison. Hence, you have a similar vibe to something we see in La Casa De Papel when they try to break out of the banks after robbing it. It is a crime-drama and very much worth the watch as one of the best shows to ever exist.

7. Fargo

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 4
  • Of Episodes:  41 (Total)

Fargo is a dark-comedy and crime-drama. It is a unique show ever to get produced. It follows the story of a hitman Lorne Malvo who ends up influencing another person, Lester Nygaard. The show is full of surprising elements. You will never know what to expect in every turn of the series.


If you enjoy dark humor, you will love it. More than that, it is one of the shows with unpredictability, just like Money Heist, and that’s what has made its position on the list.

8. Lord Of The Skies

  • Available On: Amazon Prime
  • Of Seasons: 7
  • Of Episodes:  75 (Total)

El Señor De Los Cielos is another brilliant show on the list that deserves all the attention it can get.  It is yet another show about a drug lord known for smuggling drugs in the most challenging places. You will see the battle between the drug lord and the authorities in this crime-drama-thriller show.

Lord Of The Skies -Shows Like Money Heist

From the rise of the empire to its fall, it has everything. The series has received Emmys for the best non-English TV show.

9. Breaking Bad

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 5
  • Of Episodes:  62 (Total)

It was a little heart-wrecking to put this fantastic show so low on the list. But the reason is that it is not that similar to Money Heist. It is more of a brilliant show in its unique way that makes it to the list as the top-rated show of all time. However, we see some similarities between Walter White and The Professor. The two were good guys entering the world of crime and action. They both become a criminal for a personal reason.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a story of a chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer as he aims to earn money to provide a stable financial foundation for the family. As a result, he ends up getting into drug trading and other problems.

10. Ozark

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 3
  • Of Episodes: 10 (Per Season)

Ozark shares a lot of similarities with The Breaking Bad. It is about a Family Guy who wants to build a strong financial layout for the family. As a result, he ends up meddling in the mafia world. Hence, he indulges in drug trading, money laundering, and other crimes.


What starts as a man trying to get financially strong ends up with a thriller about a man protecting his family from the criminal world. It is a crime-drama and has received a lot of praise!

It was renewed for a fourth season in 2020, comprising 14 episodes.

11. McMafia

Another show is about a man fighting for his family. McMafia is about a Russian family that lives in exile in London. However, the main character, Alex Godman, stumbles into the dark side yet once again. It shows us beautifully how the legacy can never leave us. We see the main character struggling with the crime world and his personal life.

McMafia -Shows Like Money Heist

This is quite an intense crime-drama that seems perfect to be added to the list. It is much different than Ozark or Breaking Bad in the approach.  The series is gradually becoming quite popular, and there are most likely going to be more seasons soon.

12. The Americans

Set in the Cold War era, we have two Soviet KGC officers implanted as spies in America. From there on, it follows a various series of events. That’s not all! An FBI member of counterintelligence moves across the two to keep an eye on them and check out what they are up to.

The Americans

Overall, The Americans is a thriller drama that keeps you on your toes. It can get anywhere from dark to exciting, and you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the brilliance of this TV Show.

13. Locked Up

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 4
  • Of Episodes: 40 (Total)

You might have seen or heard of ‘Orange Is The New Black.’ It was about a young woman going to prison and sentenced for a crime. There she meets various people and unravels a lot of stories. It was a comedy approach. Now, Locked Up is a Spanish show that gives you a similar vibe. However, instead of focusing on comedy and drama, it focused on thriller, drama, and crime genres.

Locked Up

Locked Up follows a story of a young woman who needs to learn how to survive in prison’s brutal world. Over time, she learns about her archrival and much more in this series, packed with many twists and turns. It is one of the best shows that is like Money Heist in a way that it has strong women cast.

14. Elite

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 3

Elite is on the list for a couple of good reasons. First of all, you can see some cast similar to La Casa De Papel making a return. However, they are in a new role. Next up, it is another Spanish TV show on the list that brings a new perspective once again.

Elite -Shows Like Money Heist

Elite is about a prestigious school where some working-class students end up getting enrolled. From there on, it’s all down the spiral. After all, there is an entire murder, and a lot is at stake here. Elite takes a simple high-school drama and turns it into a crime-drama that keeps you gripping, and you can’t get your eyes off the show.

15. Bodyguard

  • Available On: Netflix
  • Of Seasons: 1
  • Of Episodes:  6

Bodyguard falls last on the list as it doesn’t share many similarities with Money Heist. However, among this list of Shows like Money Heist, it still has quite a compelling story and an uptake. Here you see the main character becoming a bodyguard of a controversial politician. There is a lot in the dark here, and we learn more about her life as we move ahead.


The resemblance it has with Money Heist would be ‘Who To Cheer For’ or rather, the ‘Gray-world’ approach. In simple words, it makes you ponder whether this politician is a good person or a bad person. Until you learn to accept that it is just a grey world, the Bodyguard is quite a thriller and a must-watch show growing in popularity with each day passing.

The show is set to receive another season soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is There Going To Be Another Season Of La Casa De Papel?

According to the production team, the fifth and last season of Money Heist is waiting for the fans. It is something worth looking forward to and will release in 2021. Perhaps soon.


Is There A Breaking Bad Movie?

Yes, there is a Breaking Bad Movie named El Camino. However, that’s not the only movie. There are some documentaries, even short movies, available for you. However, El Camino is a Netflix original available for you to watch on the app.


Which App Is Best To Find Shows Like Money Heist?

From the above-given list, it would seem that Netflix has quite a hold on most of the brilliant shows. So, if you’re looking for a series like Money Heist, perhaps that would be your best bet. There are many criminal shows, various stories, and even crime-thrillers waiting for you.



Before we end this list! There is an honorary mention of Peaky Blinder’s. While it is not similar to these shows, it is a show that you won’t regret watching. After all, it is available on Netflix, has crime-drama. More importantly, the final season will be a movie! Overall, it will be worth giving a try.

That covers up your search for similar shows with distinguishable plot and much more! From unique turns to high-rated brilliance, this has it all. We hope that these shows can satiate your need for the best TV shows until the fifth and final season drops. So, go ahead and enjoy your need for a crime show anytime!

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