Are you looking for how to play Skyrim together online? Of course, it can be a little daunting. After all, there is an Elder Scroll Online and Fallout 76, both with multiplayer options. However, Bethesda doesn’t seem to want to release a multiplayer option for Skyrim anytime soon. Despite its popularity and open-world like appeal, Skyrim isn’t available officially for multiplayer gameplay!

Skyrim Multiplayer Mod-How To Play Skyrim Together

But don’t you worry! The gamer’s community took it upon themselves to bring you a mod that enables you to play the multiplayer game with friends. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know!

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How to Play Skyrim Together:

Skyring together is the name of the mod developed by the community of gamers, especially Yamashi. It enables players to use Skyrim and connect with other players online to play the game. The excellent model created quite a stir as the developers failed to bring anything of such a model.

Skyrim Together

There have been controversies regarding the mod, as well. Skyrim’s team has accused the developers of stealing the code. Many official Skyrim servers don’t allow Skyrim Together.

It ‘twiddles’ with the codes to bring you multiplayer compatibility. Many hackers have also used the mod over time to become invincible or ace the games without any problem.

But that’s a given. Any mod would temper with the code, and there’s nothing wrong with that. More importantly, the developers wouldn’t want something from other sources to work with their games. Hence, the controversies are nothing but a hoax at best.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition

You will need ‘The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition’ for the mod to work. It is compatible with this version. So, you have some limitations there, but it can’t be helped.

Remember, it’s better to use a copy to prevent any problem with the main version or installation.

The elder scroll v skyrim special edition

You can find the mod on the Official Website. and the stream community. It might also require you to have Harbor-1.0.6.exe for it to function. Internet connection is essential, of course.

How to Use Skyrim Multiplayer Mod?

Make sure to download and install the mod as an admin for full-fledged controls. It would make everything easier. Now, as mentioned above, you’d need Harbor to install the game.

  • After Installation, ensure STEAM is working and active.
  • Use Harbour to launch and Play Skyrim.
    Skyrim Together play
  • If the mod worked, you would see the dual dragon logo, the signature of ST.
  • Open the ST Mode interface in-game by pressing the Right Control Panel Key.
  • From there, you can invite your friends over and play the game.
  • They will also need the mod to work and open the ST Mode Interface to accept invites.

What About The Servers?


You can host and play on the public servers. There are countless players available online that host servers consistently.

Alternatively, it would be better to host private servers with your friends. It would enable you to enjoy the game without any problem. Many people also prefer a VPN to ensure seamless connectivity.

Game Not Found Error: How to Fix?

If you’re getting a GAME NOT FOUND error, don’t you worry. It can appear during the installation or with the launcher. For this, you would have to create a new folder or track it for Harbor.

  • Click on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, which will enable you to search for it.
  • Go to Program Files and find the Steam Folder.
  • In SteamApps, go to common and find Skyrim Special Edition. Select it.

Now, the game should work. If you’re using a copy, then track that copy of Skyrim to use it with the game launcher. It’s that simple.

The Gameplay:

In the multiplayer mode, you can add up to eight players, including yourself. The launcher would multiply the number of monsters to fight according to the players.

It was a challenging way but ultimately felt like everyone was killing their share. However, recent updates have led it to become a better choice for ‘teamwork’ practice. Now, the monsters and bosses in multiplayer modes are more challenging to defeat.

The Elder Scroll Skyrim Part-1

You would need proper communication and teamwork to take them down. There aren’t multiplied enemies but monsters with higher stats. Thus, it makes things challenging and fun for players.


We may never get an official multiplayer mode from Bethesda. They will keep working on other games, but the popular Skyrim is most-likely for the single-player fun.

However, with the above-given mod and guide, you can also enjoy teamwork and play with your friends. Of course, you need these friends on STEAM for it to work.

There are some limits, and the mod can use some updates or tweaks. However, this is the best that you can get. The community is also working consistently to improve it. Hopefully, we will see it thriving in the future.