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Are you being crippled by your cable bill? Replacing cable TV with live-streaming cord-cutters is now a part of being financially prudent amidst the pandemic. Sling offers the lowest subscription rate in comparison with its competitors. However, deciding to subscribe to Sling is thought to be the end of it. Well, it’s not as It’s just a beginning. Now, you’ve to choose between the two subscription packs offered by Sling, i.e. Sling Orange vs Blue.

Sling Orange vs Blue

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What makes this choice difficult is its cost. Both these packs come at the same cost of $30 per month. However, you can also choose a combo Sling pack worth $45 per month but keeping in mind the primary motive behind choosing Sling over its competitors, i.e. cost efficiency, the Combo Pack will be a faux pas. Hence, you’re left with Orange and Blue.

In this article, I’ll try to make a back-to-front comparison of Sling Orange vs Blue and I’ll attempt to simplify this question of choice.

Sling Orange vs Blue – Detailed Comparison [2021]

  1. Channels Offered
  2. Streaming Options
  3. Pros & Cons – Which is Best

Sling Orange Channels Offered:

Sling Orange gives you 32+ live channels. As far as Sling Orange is concerned, you cannot watch any local channels. The most glamorous feature of Sling Orange is that it brings with it the most alluring Disney package containing all-time favorite Disney channel.

Sling Orange Channels Offered

In addition to that, you can view Disney-owned and Disney-related channels such as ESPN that offers you a complete sporting experience.  Freeform hosts a wide range of popular shows like Siren, Bold Type, and my dearest Pretty Little Liars, starring one of my favorite actresses, Lucy Hale. Thus, all premium channels are included. The streaming service is by far the best.

Take my word, the biggest demerit of Sling Orange is that popcorn charges will make you pay through your nose!

Sling Blue Channels Offered:

Say goodbye to Disney! Sling Blue brings with it the attractive Nick Jr. for your children, keeping them entertained day-long with its most popular shows like Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Shimmer and Shine, and Wonder Pets.

With 47+ premium channels, Sling Blue also gives you access to various sports channels like Stadium, TNT, FSI, NBC Sports, NFL, FOX Sports, etc. Lifestyle channels such as the USA Network, Bravo, BET, TLC, etc are also available. Thus for sports lovers, there are enough sports channels to binge-watch.

Sling Blue Channels Offered

My brother is a big fan of Duff. He kicks up a row for getting hold of the TV remote for watching Kids Baking Championship and the most popular Buddy vs. Duff, streaming service on TLC.

Local channels like NBC and FOX Network are available on Sling Blue. However, its access is restrained by your location as they are available only in the vicinity of megacities and designated market areas.

Table View of Channels offered

Sl.noChannelsSling OrangeSling Blue01A&EYesYes02AMCYesYes03AXS TVYesYes04BBC AmericaYesYes05BETNoYes06Bloomberg TVYesYes07BravoNoYes08Cartoon NetworkYesYes09Cheddar BusinessYesYes10Cheddar NewsYesYes11CNNYesYes12Comedy CentralYesYes13CometYesYes14Discovery ChannelNoYes15Disney ChannelYesNo16E!NoYes17ESPNYesNo18ESPN 2YesNo19ESPN 3YesNo20Food NetworkYesYes21FoxNoYes22Fox NewsNoYes23Fox Sports 1NoYes24FreeformYesNo25FuseYesYes26FXNoYes27HGTVYesYes28HistoryYesYes29HLNNoYes30IFCYesYes31Investigation DiscoveryYesYes32LifetimeYesYes33Local NowYesYes34MotorTrendYesNo35MSNBCNoYes36National GeographicNoYes37NBCNoYes38NBC SportsNoYes39NewsyYesYes40NFL NetworkNoYes41Nick Jr.NoYes42Paramount NetworkNoYes43StadiumYesYes44SyFyNoYes45TBSYesYes46TLCNoYes47TNTYesYes48Travel ChannelYesYes49Tru TVNoYes50USANoYes51VicelandYesYes

Which One Offers More Channels?

Since both Sling Orange and Sling Blue share a common price of $30, in my opinion, Sling Blue will be economically prudent and worth the pay than Sling Orange. Sling Blue offers 47+ live channels, i.e. 15 more than Sling Orange at the same price. Also, the channels available in Sling Blue exhibit satisfactory diversity by being a perfect mixture of kids, sports, reality, news, and lifestyle-related channels commanding audiences from all age groups. Hence, Sling Blue can be called a robust family package.

The Best of Live TV

However, Sling Blue is devoid of the Disney Plus package. But, if you are going to choose Sling Orange only for the Disney package, then it is uneconomical prima facie as ESPN+ and Hulu offer you the same package for $12.99 per month. Therefore, I strongly recommend Sling Blue as it offers about 15 more channels than Sling Orange and ensures channel diversity perfect for a family experience at the same price.

How Many Streaming Options Available?

  • Sling Orange: Sling Orange is impeded to single streaming at a time. i.e. only one person can view one program at a time using an account.
  • Sling Blue : On the other hand, Sling Blue allows three people to watch different shows at a time from multiple devices using a single account.

My cousin always complains that he gets kicked out from Sling Orange when his sister tries to login with the common user ID. However, Sling Blue offers a robust solution for this issue.


Fighting for devices due to overlapping program schedules is an evergreen issue in every household. Sling Blue upholds its family pack feature by allowing three different people to view different programs simultaneously, avoiding a possible family clash at such hard times.

Therefore, if you are a family person, I’d strongly recommend you to subscribe to Sling Blue instead of Sling Orange.

Sling Orange vs Blue – Pros & Cons


Sling Orange Pros

  • Disney Plus package available
  • A complete sporting experience by ESPN


Sling Orange Cons

  • Fifteen channels less than Sling Blue
  • Devoid of multiple streaming facility


Sling Blue Pros

  • 47+ Channels
  • Channel diversity
  • Three simultaneous streaming facility
  • Availability of local channels like NBC and FOX Network
  • Perfect family package


Sling Orange Cons

  • Devoid of Disney and Disney-related channels
  • Location-specific availability of local channels

Frequently Asked Questions:


If I chose Sling Orange and am not satisfied with its programs, can I shift to Sling Blue?

Yes. You can. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are contract-less packages, billed monthly.


It’s difficult for me to choose between Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Can I get both?

Sure. Sling offers a combo pack worth $45. However, if you’re concerned about cost competitiveness, Sling Orange and Blue doesn’t offer much advantage over its competitors.


Does Sling TV offer a free trial?

Normally, it doesn’t. However, Sling TV has launched a 14-day free trial, owing to the pandemic. In addition to that, you’ll get a $10 off on your first month’s subscription.


Does Sling Orange provide any local channel?

No. Sling Orange doesn’t provide any local channel. However, you get access to local channels like FOX Network on Sling Blue.


I’ve subscribed to Sling Blue and I’m not able to view any local channel like FOX Network that it claimed to have?

As far as Sling Blue is concerned, the availability of Local Channels solely depends on your location.



In toto, the question of Sling Orange vs Sling Blue simplifies to that of Disney vs Diversity as well as Individual vs Family.

If you’re interested in Disney and allied channels and if you’re a big fan of their programs, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to Sling Orange. However, if you’re going for Sling Orange just because of the Disney package, on the face of it, it seems to be uneconomical as ESPN+ and Hulu offer the same for $12.99 per month.

Sling Blue offers 47+diverse channels catering to the needs of all age groups. In addition to that, Sling Blue is equipped with multiple streaming facilities. Therefore, if you’re a family person, I recommend you to go with Sling Blue.

As far as pricing is concerned, I believe that Sling Blue is a cut above Sling Orange. It has around 15 channels more than Sling Orange and offers multiple streaming facilities, making Sling Blue appear economically more reasonable than Sling Orange. However, choosing between the two packs is entirely dependent on your choice, what you aspire for and the programs you’re interested in.

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