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Is Sling TV worth getting for the price it has and the packs it offers? There are countless streaming service providers out there that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Sling TV is another one in the race, and we’re here to see whether it will last long. The competition is cutthroat, and while other service providers are high-ends, Sling TV is in the race due to its cheap pricing. Let’s find out if Sling TV is actually worth getting your hands on!

Sling TV Review – Brief Information

SlingTV Reviews

Sling TV is a premium streaming app available in the US. It is primarily an excellent option for ‘cutting the cable cords’ and getting an app for a wireless approach. In other words, it brings you a live TV with the power of the internet. Sling TV is known for being highly flexible and customizable in its packages and add-on, making it worth the addition. Although it lacks an array of high-end channels, it still has a reasonably compelling entertainment and a sports collection, making it stand out. For more information, let’s dive into the review!

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Sling TV Features:

1. User Interface

Sling TV has a little less user-friendly interface. You can’t change channels or use the scheduling that well. It takes some time to get used to. Clearly, it’s not for less tech-savvy people, and they will need time to understand how to use it. Of course, the interface is not a primary concern because the content and the quality of streaming matter the most.

sling tv user interface

However, you have to look at the user-interface because Sling TV is a live-TV app, and interacting with the app is something you will do regularly. Overall, it slacks in the interface while its competitors consistently work to provide an intuitive and appealing interface.

2. Streaming Quality And Content

It offers you HD content much like other service providers. The quality of content is remarkable and on par with many high-end providers. This works in Sling’s favor because people are more crazy about quality than the interface. You will also find an enticing collection of many shows and movies that even other streaming apps don’t have the right to.

sling tv Streaming Quality And Content

You can watch and stream content on-demand anytime you like. Alternatively, there are live TV channels for you to switch through. There is a DVR feature you can pay for to record your favorite content from any channel to watch it later. Overall, Sling TV performs very-well in the race of content and streaming quality.

3. Compatibility Factor

Sling TV is available for virtually every platform. You will find it for Windows, iOS, Web browsers, Smart TVs, Firestick TVs. Even gaming consoles have support with Sling TV. Many of these manufacturers offer you Sling TV pre-installed. This makes it quite a great option to carry around.

SlingtvCompatibility Factor

In a standard orange package, you get a single screen at a time. However, with another package or add-on, you can stream on three screens simultaneously. It is pretty standard for the company, and Sling TV doesn’t offer anything extraordinary in this regard. Still, it’s compatibility and availability of the intuitive app for every platform speaks volumes about its credibility.

Value for Money – The Flexibility Of Packages and Add-Ons

Perhaps the most striking feature of StreamTV is that it brings you two standard packages that are high value for money. You can also choose to add or remove channels according to your preference. It is almost like having a satellite TV to change your subscription and customize it every month.

sling tv plans

There are many add-ons for you to use, from something as simple as a DVR add-on to a sports channel and much more. You also get channels like Disney, CNN, and even ESPN. The availability of many premium channels that other competitors failed to grab is undoubtedly a remarkable feat. If you want these channels exclusively, then Sling TV might be a perfect choice for you.

If you consider the cost and add-ons, then Sling TV could fare really well. Its content is up to the mark, and you have an option to change and customize your package. However, there are only two packages available, and if you stack all the add-ons, packages, and much more, it is almost as costly as other service providers. In which case, you should get other streaming service providers.

Like many industrial standards, you can also get a 30-days trial to test Sling and see if it is for you. It’s a short duration and not something that would enable you to enjoy free service. You would need to be prompt and make a buying decision based on that experience.

Overall, against the competitors, the only thing Sling TV has going is the collection of some enticing channels and an affordable range.

Conclusion: Sling TV is Worth for Every Penny!

If you are short on the budget and want to subscribe to premium content, Sling TV is a viable option. However, it’s in no way best-in-class or offers the best services available. You can expand it over time and invest in it, and it will still be one of the cheapest options available. In simple words, competitive pricing is what has it going in the industry.

Of course, you can’t overlook the universal compatibility and whatnot. So if those reasons suffice for you, go ahead and get yourself Sling TV!

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