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Have you lost the Snapchat Streak? Well, here, we give you the step by step guide to get back the Snapchat streak. With our guide, you will be able to recover the lost Snapchat streak easily.

Snapchat Streak Lost - How to Get Back

What’s a Snapchat Streak?

Within the 24hr period, the Snapstreak countdown continues as both you and your mate share snaps to one another. And with Snapshots, here we meant to take a photo/video and send it to your friend.

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Please remember that the mentioned items herein do not qualify as a Snapstreak snap:

  • Chatting or sharing stickers.
  • Images/videos selected from memories or the roll of the camera.
  • Content submitted to groups via Spectacles.
  • Snaps of Collectives

Even though you begin your streak for months with an individual’s usernames, the hourglass emoji beside the individual’s username is an essential one to watch out for. Which implies the Streak might be about to end.

Share a snap or ask the individual to share a photo with you in that situation.

Recover Lost Snapchat Streak: Steps

While Snapchat alerts you that a streak might be about to end, you still can’t stop this sometimes. And if it ends, building the line from the start is the standard practice.

Although there’s a way to come back if the missed Snapchat streak means a great deal to you. By completing the instructions listed below, you may start the streak recovery process:

  • Go to the Support Forums for Snapchat.
    Support Forums for Snapchat
  • Please press Contact Us.
  • Underneath the How can we helpline select ‘My SnapStreaks have disappeared.’
    My SnapStreaks have disappeared
  • Fill in the form for Snapstreak.
  • Send the form.

Seek to be as specific as possible in the form, from clicking the correct username to typing in the accurate streak tally count. In case you don’t remember, it’s okay if you put an estimated value, but it should not be that far from the overall total.

You should clarify the explanation for missing the streak underneath the “What information should we know” issue. Of course, anything like the internet access crashed, or the app wasn’t running can be made up. The aim here is to make Snapchat think that this is a real situation.

So you don’t need to make that a routine occurrence and just do it in serious situations. Upwards of two requests would be turned down by Snapchat. Also, except if you have a good condition, Snapchat would restore your missed Snapchat streak with a single user, so pick the oldest one.

How to continue on Snapstreak?

It is keeping submitting snaps! This may seem to be the worst suggestion, but in an attempt to leave a “perfect” picture, that’s what users sometimes fail to do.

Snapchat Streak

Sometimes, members of Snapchat wait for the right environment, the right wardrobe, and the perfect make-up, and fail later in the day to submit a snap. Missing the Snapchat streak, finally. The main thing is to keep submitting photos, even though the fan on the ceiling needs to be clicked.

Thus, it was how people could get to their streak and help sustain the sign of your ties of friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Snapchat?

It’s an app where users click snaps and share with their mates forming streaks.


What Is A Streak?

Streaks list how often successive days two friends have sent snapshots to one another. They give a picture every other day, and their line grows bigger.


How Long Will It Takes To Start A Streak?

In 24 hours.


How To Get Back Snapchat Streak?

Visit Snapchat’s site > support > contact us to have your streak restored.



Hopefully, our tips and tricks will prove to be of great help in getting back the lost Snapchat streak.

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