Take care of your appliances! We know that the purchase of an electrical appliance is a considerable investment for your home, therefore, our experts prepared some recommendations to keep them in good condition and extend the useful life of these appliances.

Most electrical appliance failures occur due to poor installation, improper use, or lack of maintenance. And while all appliances have a certain lifespan, they can function longer if the following tips are followed. You can also use Home Appliance Care services to regularly repair and refurbish your electrical items. 

A few Things to Maintain Your Home Gadgets and Devices

  1. Read User Manual

The first thing you should do is read the user manual. Remember that each appliance is different and to learn how to use it correctly you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In this way, you will know what its characteristics and limitations are to use it in the best way and avoid breakdowns that reduce its useful life.

  1. Maintain Proper Cleaning In Each Appliance

The operation of an electrical appliance is affected by the accumulation of dirt, therefore, it is important to carry out an adequate cleaning regime for each appliance. For example, microwave ovens and refrigerators are cleaned 1 to 2 times a month with the help of a soft cloth with a solution of water and alcohol.

On the other hand, kettles and coffee makers tend to fill with lime, so you should clean them with a measure of water and another vinegar. If we talk about blenders after each use liquefies water with liquid soap and then rinse to leave it impeccable. 

  1. Install Your Appliances In The Right Place

The location of each appliance is very important to its performance. For example, the refrigerator should be located away from sunlight or other heat sources to prevent the motor from overheating when trying to maintain a suitable temperature.

On the other hand, avoid installing electrical appliances near humid areas of the home such as dishwashers, showers, or tubs. In general, any electrical appliance should be located with its back against the wall to prevent children from reaching or manipulating the cables and connections.

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  1. Handle Appliances with Care

To extend the useful life of your electrical appliances you must handle them with care and prevent situations that cause sudden voltage changes that affect their operation. Therefore, avoid placing electrical appliances with high consumption of electricity in the same connection or pulling the cables abruptly to unplug them.

Also, keep the facilities in optimal condition and avoid the use of bare cables or plugs in poor condition. Also, try not to use extensions with inputs for several plugs, it is advisable to use an outlet for each appliance.

Now that you know these tips for the proper use and maintenance of electrical appliances, put them into practice in your home and extend the life of your appliances.