Ssmrv degree college

SSMRV College Degree Jayanagar

The Sivananda Sarma Memorial RV College, also known as SSMRV Degree College, was founded in Bangalore, India, in 1982 as one of the original RV Group institutions under the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST). Education for Wholeness is the college’s slogan. To satisfy social demands, it strives to become a top education provider. The college has a strong reputation among students from various backgrounds and streams.

The beautiful ideology of RSST serves as the basis for SSMRV Degree College Jayanagar. The revered educator and independence warrior Sri M.C. Sivananda Sarma created the RSST in 1940. With just 6 students and 1 instructor when it first began, RSST today oversees 25 institutions spread all over Karnataka. The organization is accredited by UGC and connected with Bengaluru City University. The institute was granted a grade “A” rating by NAAC in 2017. The institute provides a wide range of degrees, from undergraduate to postgraduate, in fields including business administration, computer applications, and commerce.

The organization has created a unique educational model called “360 Degree – Education for Wholeness,” which focuses on 5 aspects of a modern educational system:

  1. Academics
  2. Skill improvement
  3. Activities outside of the classroom
  4. Career Advancement
  5. Integrity and self-government.

Degree College Ranking for SSMRV

The institution is a strong competitor with respect to its rivals according to the college rankings. Since the college’s founding, the administration has made every effort to elevate it. When rating the institution, a lot of factors were taken into consideration. The college has let out a lot of air. The college’s high standards, dynamism, and considerable flexibility are indicated by the college ranking. The college has managed to rank remarkably high on both a national and international level, according to the India Today, Marketing & Development Research Associates (MDRA) Survey of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. The pupils have a lot of faith in the rank.

College Scholarships for SSMRV Degrees

All applicants are eligible for SSMRV Degree College Scholarships based on merit. Numerous scholarships are available to students. The institution values talent and offers assistance to those students who excel in the classroom. Various scholarships are accessible under specific guidelines. The final decision on scholarships remains with the college administration. A scholarship can significantly lower the students’ net course costs. The scholarship has helped the college become more well-known.

SSMRV Degree College Courses

Numerous unusual courses have been added to the institute’s educational offerings. Undergraduate courses cover topics including business administration, computer applications, and commerce. While the School of Postgraduate Studies is responsible for the Masters in Commerce. The college places a strong emphasis on a student’s total growth in both their academic and extracurricular pursuits. The college has adopted the “360+1 Education for Wholeness Concept” model to address this. As part of the implementation of the “360+1 Education for Wholeness Model,” the college has set up 29 Activity Centers, including NSS, Eco, Sports, NCC, Health, and Theatre groups. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), and BBA Aviation Management are among the prominent undergraduate programs offered by the school. A list of sub-specialties is also included in these programs.

Hostel for SSMRV degree students

One of the greatest places to stay for SSMRV students is the SSMRV Degree College Hostel. Every student’s taste is catered for at the campus canteen. In terms of cleanliness and hygienic conditions, the hostel gets high marks. The hostels are kept up beautifully, and all the essential utilities are available right away. The environment in the hostel is friendly for studying. In the center of Bangalore is where the college is situated. Nearby businesses and ATMs for banks abound. Any student may visit one of the excellent hospitals in the area to get their entire body checked up. For the benefit of the students, the college has a number of student counselors. Yoga and a number of sports have been added by the college to help students decompress. Numerous groups are available for student gatherings and study.

College Fees for SSMRV Degrees

In terms of cost, the India Today, Marketing & Development Research Associates (MDRA) Survey of 2018 classified SSMRV Degree Institution as the fourth best college in India. The value for money at the college is the greatest. When SSMRV’s pricing structure was compared to those of other universities, it was discovered to be flexible. The college has a good track record for placement. Securing outstanding offers will provide students with a positive return on their investment.

BBA in Aviation

At SSMRV Degree College, the BBA Aviation Management program is a 3-year (6-semester) full-time undergraduate program. The college provides in-depth instruction in a variety of subjects, including business communication, passenger forecasting, airport security, safety and security, and aviation fundamentals. Additionally, in the cutthroat aviation industry, students are also given a solid awareness of international rules. Students in the course are also taught how to manage teams and other managerial abilities.