253 Ma Coils

Stainless steel 253 MA coils are a great choice for applications that require a higher degree of corrosion resistance. The features of this alloy include an austenitic structure, a high nickel content, and an excellent rate of flexibility. These benefits are important factors to consider when selecting this type of stainless steel for your project.

Stainless Steel 253 MA Coils

253 MA is a high-performance, heat-resistant, austenitic stainless steel grade. These 253 MA Coils are designed for applications requiring excellent oxidation resistance and high creep strength.

253 MA is an alloy with a minimum carbon content of 0.10% and a maximum sulfur content of 2.00%. This combination offers excellent oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1093 degC.

The chromium and nickel content of this alloy is 20.0 to 22.0. It is also an excellent choice for applications that require high tensile strength, good corrosion resistance, and high resistance to abrasion and erosion. These properties make it suitable for various applications, including heat exchangers, tube hangers, expansion bellows, and other corrosive environments.

This stainless steel grade is available in different shapes, sizes, and grades. The alloy is commonly used in pressure-bearing, structural, and chemical applications. Some of the best features of 253 MA are its outstanding oxidation resistance, exceptional resistance to erosion, and excellent creep strength.

Austenitic structure

Stainless steel 253 MA is a lean austenitic heat-resistant stainless steel. It contains a high silicon content, which provides excellent oxide stability. This type of steel is often used in applications that require good corrosion resistance. The material also has good formability and weldability.

The material has been developed for over thirty years. It contains a lean nickel content and a small percentage of chromium. Rare earth metals and nitrogen are added to enhance the oxidation resistance. These components help provide a creep rupture strength similar to that of grades 310 and 309.

The chemical composition of this alloy gives it superior oxidation resistance. It is well suited for a wide range of high-temperature applications. In addition, it is highly effective at cryogenic temperatures.

Stainless steel 253 MA has outstanding oxidation resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It is resistant to acid corrosion, carburization, and isothermal decay. It also prevents cyclic oxidation. Compared to carbon steel, it is tougher.

Corrosion resistance

The 253 Ma stainless steel alloy is a nickel-based heat-resistant alloy. It provides superior corrosion resistance, toughness at cryogenic temperatures, and high strength at elevated temperatures. This material is widely used in structural applications.

Aside from nickel, this material contains many other elements, including silicon, manganese, copper, and chromium. In combination with rare earth metals, it offers superior oxidation resistance.

The chemical composition of the 253 Ma alloy consists of a balanced amount of nitrogen and carbon. These elements improve silicon’s diffusion rate and enhance the oxide layer’s elasticity. Nitrogen and carbon also provide material creep strength comparable to grades 310 and 309.

The oxidation resistance of 253 Ma coils is comparable to other high-alloyed alloys. Stainless steel 253 MA pipes and coils are frequently used in applications requiring high-temperature resistance. They are also often used in pressure-containing applications.

Because of its low nickel content, 253MA steel is resistant to sulfidation at elevated temperatures. However, it is less resistant to carburization than other nickel-based alloys.


Stainless steel 253 MA Sheets & Plates are widely used in different applications. They are very versatile and perform well at high temperatures without deformation. Among other properties, they provide excellent resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting. It also has good oxidation resistance.

These products are widely used in the construction, oil, and gas industry. They are also suitable for instrumentation, pharmaceutical, and heat exchanger applications. Moreover, they are readily fabricated.

The alloy 253 MA is a lean austenitic heat-resistant alloy. It is mainly made up of nickel, chromium, and nitrogen. It is designed for applications that require high creep strength and good corrosion resistance.

Combining rare earth elements with silicon gives 253MA a superior oxidation resistance. Besides, the high nitrogen content makes the steel a complete austenite. This also allows it to have a high tensile and elevated temperature strength.

As a result, it is commonly found in heat exchangers, steel melting equipment, blast furnace equipment, and sintering equipment. Another application for this material is for pressure-containing devices. In addition, it has good flexibility and tensile strength.