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Many of us face problems when it comes to access or change the Steam Screenshot Folder location. It’s really easy to take a screenshot on a Steam game. All you need to do is to press the F12 key whenever you require to take a screenshot. It’s not only you who find it challenging to access the folder but as we went through several gaming forums, we found other gamers also struggling through the same issue.

Steam Screenshot Folder Location

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But no more worries gamers! Here we have covered all the easy hacks for you. Go through the article and learn how to access and change the Steam Screenshot Folder location.

Methods to Access Steam Screenshot Folder location:

For your ease, we have segregated the article into two parts. In the first part, we are going to talk about 3 different methods you should try to access the Steam Screenshot folder from your computer. Let’s dig in and learn the easy steps here!

Method 1: Find the screenshots using the Steam App

You can use the screenshot manager utility available with the Steam app to find the screenshot folder. Follow the steps below and get the job done,

  • Firstly, launch the Steam application from your computer
    Steam App
  • As the application opens click on the View tab at the top of the application window.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu click on the screenshots tab available there.
  • As the Screenshots manager opens, now you can easily find out the images you are looking for.
    Steam App MAnager

Method 2: Directly Access the Screenshot Folder Using Run

You can use the Windows Run utility to find out the Screenshot folder directly from your hard drive. Things can be like you are facing issues while trying to access the Steam app on your computer, or your network connection is not working. So, in those situations, you need to find out a different way to access the Steam screenshot folder. Follow each of the steps we have mentioned below and access the Steam Screenshot folder directly.

Step 1: At first, open the file explorer application on your computer and visit the exact file location on your hard drive.

C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata[USER-ID]760remote[Game-ID]screenshots

Path Access - Steam Screenshot Folder Location

Note: Add your User-ID and Game-ID respectively at the space written as [USER-ID] & [Game-ID]. This is the only step you need to follow to access the Screenshot folder. If you don’t remember your USER-ID or Game-ID, we can help you find that out too. The further steps below describe how you can locate your User-ID and Game-ID.

Step 2: Press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to open the Run Dialog box.

Step 3: Now type the following path on the search bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard

C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata

Run Command

Step 4: As you enter the address, it will open you a directory containing a folder named with some random digits. Locate the folder and the name written there is your User ID. You can copy and paste the name on the notepad and save it somewhere on your computer for further use.

Step 5: Similarly using the Run dialogue box, you can find your Game ID too.

Step 6: Open the Run dialogue box again and type the following path on the search box.

C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata[USER-ID]760remote

Note: Type the User Id that you have tracked down recently in the place of USER-ID.

Step 7: It will open a new directory with folders named with your Game Id for different games. Hence, the Game-ID you use at step 1 will open the particular folder associated with that Game-ID.

Well, you may not like to go through all these technicalities! So, what’s the solution? We have just found out the easiest method for this. Have a look at the 3rd method below.

Method 3: Access The Screenshot Folder Directly Through the C: Drive

If nothing else works you can access the Steam Screenshot folder from the C: Drive on your computer. Here is the exact path you need to follow to do so.

  • Open the C: drive on your PC using File Explorer.
    File Explorer
  • Now, locate the folders named Program Files and Program Files (x86).
  • As you locate open both the folders in different windows
  • Check out both the folders and Find out the Steam Folder. One of these folders will contain the Steam Folder.
  • As you locate the Steam folder open it and visit the user data directory
  • In the user data directory, you can find the folder named in random numbers. Click on that, that’s the User ID folder.
  • Now, go to the directories 760 folders> remote folder
  • After opening the remote folder, you can locate different folders. Each of those folders represents the game data for individual games.
  • Finally, open the folder, and you can get another inside named Screenshot.
    Change Using Path

So, now you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to access the Steam Screenshot folders. If you want to change the locations, now follow the method we have shared below.

How to Change the Steam Screenshot Folder Location?

If you want you can change the Steam Screenshot Folder to another location. All you got to do is following the steps below,

  • Firstly, launch Steam from your PC.
  • Now, locate and click the View button from the top of the main interface
  • From the drop-down menu select Settings
  • As you open the Settings window, click on the In-Game tab from the left pane
  • Click on the tab SCREENSHOT FOLDER.
  • Now, you need to select the new folder where you want to save the Steam screenshots. You can create a New Folder too if you want.
  • Finally, choose the Select tab and then OK.


Anyway, Folks now you have got all the information regarding how to access and change the Steam screenshot folder location. Hope you liked the article. Keep following us for more how-to guides like this one. If you find any issue while performing the steps, put your queries in the comment section. Lastly, don’t forget to mention which method you are using to access the Steam folder location on your computer in the comment box below.

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