medical university in kazakhstan
medical university in kazakhstan

You are in the correct spot if your goal is to earn your MBBS from a prestigious medical school. One of the finest possibilities for Indian students who want to pursue an MBBS from a distance is to study in the Best MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan. There are numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for you. Small and rich, Kazakhstan is a nation. There are several medical schools in this country, and they are all high in ranking among the country. Kazakhstan’s medical schools are well-positioned in the global ranking of medical schools. The WHO and NMC are both partners with all of the colleges. The MBBS curriculum is a fantastic option and a superb one to pursue in Kazakhstan.

MBBS Course from Kazakhstan Is Valid in India

There was a time when MBBS course from different nations is not valid in India. But now the MBBS in Kazakhstan degree is valid in India only requirement for students is to qualify for the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FGME). This exam is conducted By National Medical Council (NMC) & after qualifying for this exam student will become a registered doctor in India & will be eligible to practice in India with a foreign degree.

best MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan
best MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan

There Are Numerous Reasons Why Indian Students Choose to Study Medicine in Kazakhstan.

  • MCI and WHO have approved universities: The MCI, WHO, and UNESCO have approved the Kazakh National Medical University, Al Farabi State Medical University, and other medical universities in Kazakhstan.
  • Because English is the primary language of instruction, it is simpler for Indian students to earn their medical degrees in Kazakhstan.
  • Highly Qualified Faculty: The faculty at Kazakhstani universities are highly qualified and experienced, and they strive to give medical students real-world expertise.
  • World-class infrastructure: All Kazakhstani campuses offer top-notch medical facilities and cutting-edge technology.
  • Easy Admission Process: Kazakhstan has a relatively simple admissions process. The applicant must satisfy the requirements for admission to Kazakhstan’s premier medical school.
  • Global Recognition of Degrees: The degrees offered by Kazakhstan’s medical universities are respected all over the world. Students now have an easier time landing positions at prestigious hospitals all over the world.
  • Affordable tuition is one of Kazakhstan’s medical institutes’ standout qualities. They offer an excellent education at incredibly low costs.
  • All colleges offer decent dorms and kitchen facilities. All the colleges include lodging options because Kazakhstan has a sizable population of Indian students.
  • The mess facilities at the medical colleges in Kazakhstan are excellent. The cuisine was created to meet international standards. Additionally, students have the option of living off-campus. The citizens of this tiny nation go out of their way to assist and work with pupils.

Leading Medical Schools in Kazakhstan

Low costs and a high standard of education are the key features of MBBS in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there is a 5-year MBBS course. The majority of Kazakhstani universities enjoy a solid reputation on a global scale. These colleges have educated academics and skilled doctors. Top medical universities in Kazakhstan include:

  • Astana Medical College
  • Kazakh Medical University Al Farabi
  • Semey State University of Medicine
  • Kazakh Medical University in the South
  • Kazakh internationally Turkish University of Medicine

Kazakhstan’s medical schools are associated with organizations like UNESCO, WHO, NMC, etc. Medical schools in Kazakhstan have excellent teacher-to-student ratios.

study in Kazakhstan
study in Kazakhstan

Process of Admission

  • Kazakhstan offers MBBS to students from all over the world. It’s a quick and easy process to apply. Candidates are initially required to complete an online application form by medical colleges.
  • After completing that form, applicants must pay registration fees.
  • Students are narrowed down for medical school after their application forms and supporting documentation are reviewed.
  • The chosen candidates receive an admission letter in the following phase. This decision is made solely on the basis of the application’s supporting documentation and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • After this point, the procedure for issuing visas starts. The admission letter and the candidate’s visa application can be sent to Kazakhstan.
  • After various processes, the Kazakhstani embassy will issue a visa.
  • A few essential documents are required for admission: scanned copies of the 10th and 12th-grade diplomas and mark sheets, a legitimate NEET scorecard, six to eight coloured passport-size photos, valid passport proof of age, and Proof of identity.

Choosing Education for Bright Career

It’s important to assess work opportunities before submitting an admissions application. Indian medical students, the majority of students struggle to pay the exorbitant tuition. Additionally, the medical colleges in India are incredibly competitive. Therefore, MBBS colleges in abroad for Indian students are the best choice for all of those students. Students must pass the MCI screening test before they can practice in India. Since neither students nor parents can fully comprehend every university in the globe, we are a consultancy firm that assists Indian students. If you get in touch with us, we’ll give you the best career advice possible, from your requirements to getting onto an international course.