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Should you use Surfshark VPN? Is it worth the money? Recently, Surfshark has managed to climb up the ladder in the rankings among the top-grade VPN service providers. There is a lot of buzz going around the provider. You will frequently see it in the list of top premium VPN. But is it worth the investment? Well, you’re about to find out in this review!

Surfshark VPN Review – Brief Information

Surfshark VPN is based somewhere in the British Virgin Islands and maintains complete anonymity about the company. It boasts an extensive collection of features for its highly competitive price. You get remarkable security and a native app for each platform. It is available in over 66 countries with over 1,800 servers.

Surfshark VPN Review

While those numbers aren’t great for standalone, each server’s stability makes it much better than having extra numbers. It’s excellent for anonymity and brings you complete access to everything VPN services should provide you. You can find many city-level servers for each country, and even a long-distance server connection is fair.

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Surfshark VPN Features:

1. Data Collection And Privacy Maintenance

There are some policies in Surfshark VPN which claims that it collects data for personalised advertisements. Of course, a VPN shouldn’t be able to do that, but it’s fine as you can deactivate this data collection. Many people also believe that Surfshark VPN also keeps the log.

They have a firm logging policy that prevents the collection of personal data collection. In other words, the company might keep the data about connection time and performance, but it won’t keep data on what you’ve done through the VPN.

Surfshark Data Collection And Privacy Maintenance

Therefore, there’s no data collection in that manner. Similarly, it is out of the jurisdiction of the Five-eyes, nine-eyes, or even 14-eyes alliance that allows countries to share their data. While it is under British jurisdiction, it is improbable that they will ask the company to share data.

As far as personal data goes, the company only stores what you provide it specifically. For instance, it will maintain the transaction and payment information to use in the future. After all, it’s a subscription, much like other providers, that is automatic. Other than that, you won’t find many collections. So, Surfshark doesn’t keep track of your activity and what you were doing.

2. Warrant Canary – A Great Feature On Website

Of course, one of the best features that Surfshack VPN has in terms of data-safekeeping is the Warrant Canary. You can visit their official website and see if there have been any warrants issued for the company. Now, what does it mean? Does it mean the company is illegal?

surfshark warrant canary

No. But there have been instances where other VPN providers collaborated with government bodies, and users didn’t even know. By showcasing warrants, the company is naturally warning its users to be cautious. Thus, you can change your browsing methods accordingly.

It doesn’t clear out whether the company will collaborate or not, but it does mean that you will be informed. So, you don’t have to worry about someone exploiting your trust and privacy.

3. The Hidden Team

Another striking aspect of Surf Shark is that you can’t find any information about its CEO. Who are it’s staff members? It’s complete anonymity. Now, many people might look at it as something ‘shady’ or ‘untrustworthy,’ but on the other hand, you can look at the bright side.

surfshark Hidden Team

It means that you don’t have to worry about the Government suddenly tracking and pressurizing a specific person. There’s a spokesperson for the company, but that’s about it. This means that they are very good at keeping things secret and private. If anything, that should compel you more to get their services.

4. Compatibility And Number Of Devices

Surfshark has excellent dominion over the compatibility of devices. If you look at it, it’s virtually available for every known platform. You can get one for your router, as well. Surfshark VPN is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Gaming Consoles through DNS, and much more. You can completely safeguard your entire array of devices.

surfshark Compatibility

Similarly, it has a single subscription with unlimited devices. You can use as many devices as you want with a single subscription to Surfshark VPN. It allows you to share the VPN with family and friends, as well. You can chip in if needed. That makes it a high value for money as you don’t need to pay too much if you get more people to buy it with you.

5. User Interface, Installation, And Ease Of Use

The most significant drawback that Surfshark has is the different user-interface for each platform. You will find different but intuitive designs, which can get confusing if you use multiple platforms. However, once you get used to it, it’s a piece of cake.

surfshark user interface

It’s not that hard to use, but the servers take time to connect to. That’s another drawback. Installation is straightforward and easy. You can even find many guides on how to set up Surfshark for your device. Overall, it’s average in user-interface and ease of use. It’s also due to the cluster of features Surfshark offers, making it a little challenging to use.

A Featureful VPN Provider of Surfshark VPN:

Apart from its cheap pricing, Surfshark VPN boasts an astonishing range of features. You get many things like Camouflage mode, Multi-hips, security additions, IP tracking protection. There are industry standards like Kill also switch available with Surfshark.

There are many additional apps you can get for the same subscription. BlindSearch. CleanWeb and HackLock are also some of its most compelling options available for you. What do these do?

Well, to put things into perspective. Camouflage mode prevents any service provider, website, or gateway from detecting that you’re using VPN. Multiple IP Hops consistently changes your IP and even uses two or more servers to do so without impacting speed. BlindSeach brings you precise search results, and so on.

In short, all of these features are in some way related to VPN to reinforce it and help you maintain anonymity. These are all useful to explore and learn.

Surfshark VPN – Performance And Speed

The performance and speed of Surfshark VPN are quite average. For local servers, you can get a speed drop anywhere between 10-15%, while for long-range connections, it can drop up to 50%. However, the servers are highly stable, and you don’t get any lag spikes or other problems.

SurfsharkVPN speed

So, you can be assured of the exact speed that you’re getting. Still, if you have a high-speed connection like Wi-Fi, it is quite a commendable speed that Surfshark brings you. For most of the part, you can say it’s the industry’s standard at the lower end, decent enough.

Unblock The Content And Torrent With VPN:

You can unlock almost any app and stream any content. It allows you to access data libraries of over 15 countries for Netflix. Just imagine what it can do for other apps, as well. You can stream almost any service on the VPN without any backlash.

Torrenting is efficient. Surfshark VPN is P2P VPN, and it shows when you use Torrents. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the problems other VPNs might cause.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Does It Work In Restrictive Countries?

Ans: Yes. Due to its assortment of features like camouflage, multi-hops, and much more, you can use Surfshark VPN in restrictive countries. This adds to its pre-existing appeal as a VPN provider.

2Q. Is There a Surfshark Trial? 

Ans: There is a 30-days trial you can opt for. However, you would have to provide payment information for the subscription to renew after your trial is over. You can cancel the trial before that. So, it’s worth checking out whether the service is for you or not before you buy it.


SurfsharkVPN is highly cost-effective and would give many competitors a run for the money. It is consistently working on making the interface better. So, you can say that SurfshakVPN is one of the platforms that listens to the users. Furthermore, it comes with impeccable security measures and features that you would have to explore yourself. The speed is average, and performance is stable. Overall, for the price, it is a high value for money.

If you are considering Surfshark, it is excellent for streaming, safeguarding your connections, and internet security. You might not get much in public Wi-Fi or for gaming as it lacks the speed expectancy. If you overlook those aspects, it’s relatively better with consistency than many top-grade VPN providers. Overall, it’s worth the investment

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