Low tier vs high tier

Are you wondering which fighter ranks were on the Tekken 7 character tier list? If so, you’re in the right place. There are countless tier lists available online. Even pro-players give their two cents. So, is it King or Devil Jin? Which one will take the top tier! The answer might be more surprising!

Tekken 7 Tier List Updated 2021

After all, with each season of the popular fighting game, you will see some tweaks and changes in the characters. Therefore, in fighting games like Tekken, it’s more about using the right combo moves. Hence, we are bringing you a different approach to the typical Character tier list.

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Before we begin the list of the Tekken 7 characters, you must learn about:

How Was The Tekken 7 Tier List Created?

Initially, you start with 20 characters unlocked. Over time, you can get around 36. If you include a pallet swipe, then the list can grow to be over 50 characters. Therefore, it becomes a little challenging to determine which character is the best.   We’ve taken a unique approach for Tekken 7.

The Tekken 7 tier list you see here is a little different. As Tekken 7 is a fighting-genre game, it should be about more than just fancy or powerful moves. Therefore, we used another evaluation. It is more about which character can be the best fighter. With time and effort, you can use some of these to be the best. From movements to attacks, techniques, and combos, we considered everything to bring you this list.

What Do These Tier Mean For Tekken?

If we talk about the tiers, usually pro gamers advise which character might be stronger. However, the judgment criteria for every person is different. Therefore, here, we have managed something more around the line of ‘Most likely to defeat anyone’ to ‘least likely to defeat anyone.’

In other words, Top (S-Ranking) characters can defeat any character in the game, even without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, F-tier characters will have a hard time-fighting, anyone, above D-tier. More importantly, even D-tier holds a chance to defeat A or S tier if given the proper scenario.

Tekken 7 Tier List

However, as you don’t get many items or upgrades in these, it is better to consider that C-Tier can defeat almost anyone with proper skill while losing to any-tier. That is the middle ground. That’s how we determined these tiers.

  • S-Tier: Fighters that will trounce anyone across Tekken 7 with minimal moves.
  • A-Tier: Strongest fighters that can also be a boss level opponent.
  • B-Tier: Well-versed characters that are more challenging to the tier below but face an equally great challenge against those at the higher tier list.
  • C-Tier: The mid-level that can beat anyone or lose to almost anyone.
  • D-Tier: Would be able to match A tier, even S-rank under the right premise.
  • E-Tier: Would win against F-tier while having trouble with D, C is their dream.
  • F-Tier: Weakest characters, hard to play and use and pose the most challenge when trying to defeat anyone. Perhaps, they can win against D or E tiers in the game.

The Tier List – Tekken 7

So the list of fighters for the Tekken 7 game is as follows:

  • S-Tier: Leroy, Akuma, Devil Jin, Steve
  • A-Tier: Geese Howard, Jin, Paul, Ganryu, Lee, Raven, Dragunov, King, Zafeena, Shaheen
  • B-Tier: Law, Bryan, Nina, Kazuya , Heihachi, Claudio, Hwoarang, Julia, Alisa
  • C-Tier: Josie, Fend, Bob, Lili, Leo, Anna, Miguel, Jack 7, Asuka
  • D-Tier: Lucky Chloe, Negan, Katarina, Panda, Kuma
  • E-Tier: Marduk, Lars, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Armored King, Eddy
  • F-Tier: Eliza, Gigas, Lei

Which Characters In Tekken 7 Tier List Are Best To Play?

Jin Devil is quite a fearsome character, but we can’t call it the best to play. If you look at the Tekken 7 Tier list, it is well distributed. While Lucky Chloe ranks considerably low, it is one of the characters that can go against S tier list Tekken 7 characters. Given that Akuma is on the Tekken 7 list, it is one character every player wants to use. However, Paul and Jin remain all-time classics and the best in the game. Law has received considerable improvements as far as skill is concerned.

Characters In Tier

If you’re looking for some action against fighters while testing skills, the signature fighter character list might be the best choice you have. In other words, King, Devil Jin, Paul all are great for any beginner looking to enjoy this all-time classic fighting game. Many pro players believe that Alisa is also quite an intriguing character for beginners.

Tekken 7 Low Tier VS High Tier – Is There Any Chance?

Yes. It will come down to playing the right moves and understanding your opponent in the game. You can make your character shine in the rankings as long as you know how to use proper combos and attacks. However, this tier order is because, for some, hitting punches is enough. You might have to use several chain combos to win against them. You will need many skills to play some low tier characters and win against a higher one.

Low Tier VS High Tier

Still, Tekken manages to keep it quiet fresh with the new list of movies in the franchise. Some enemy continuation is great too. All you might have to do is practice some moves against an opponent or another player in practice mode, and you might be good to go.


These tier lists are something many players of the fighting game community agree upon regarding the fighters. In the end, it all comes down to the skill a player has more than the fighter they choose in the game. With a new season, you might see this list changing again. Among the gaming industry, titles like Street Fighter and Tekken are evergreen to rush to the players. So play the latest game in the series on your home consoles and let us know if you agree with this tier list!

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