If, like me, you’re always keeping an eye out for the Next Big Thing in both cyber security and investment, you’ll be pleased to hear that I think we’ve hit the jackpot! Let me introduce you to a company that I believe is SO the next big thing in encryption, that it’ll be sometime before any major competitor steps onto the scene – making it a safe bet for mid-to-long-term investment. 

Meet Arqit and its team

I first came across Arqit when reading about the advances in quantum computing such as Google’s Sycamore project and IBM – which many predict may produce a possibly scalable model as early as 2023. Why is this significant? Well, not only will quantum bring advances to AI capabilities, manufacturing, travel and more, but there’s something more ominous: quantum computers will be able to crack current cryptology methods from day one. And that’s where Arqit comes in. 

From Arqit CEO, David Williams: “Cyber attacks are mainly possible because of the deficiencies of PKI encryption. It did a great job for a long while but was never designed to universally protect a hyper connected world.” 

“We need a stronger, simpler encryption, and that is what Arqit has invented. A little like using a pathogen to create its antidote, we use some transformational quantum encryption techniques to create keys that are safe from quantum attack. These are one-time keys, created in the moment they are needed, in a trustless manner.”

This zero-trust approach to cybersecurity is a welcome one for those keen to invest in future-proofing tech, and it means Arqit is one to watch for short-term investments. But more importantly, it means the time is right for long-term investors who want to get in on the ground floor of something that is going to take off in a huge way.

And while there are other (albeit far more minor) players in the anti-quantum computing security game, what stands Arqit out from the crowd for me is its staff and board of directors. 

Arqit logo stacked night

It’s honestly like a James Bond film

We’re talking:

  • The father of SSL and co-inventor of Public Key Infrastructure, Dr. Taher Elgamal
  • Several former directors of GCHQ (MI5/MI6)
  • Several former US Air Force generals
  • The former CEO of the UK Space Agency and
  • The former head of operations at Downing Street


With this dream team at the helm, plus a recent SPAC that included bitcoin champ and all-around man of the people, AMC CEO Adam Aron, and a positive (if slightly buoyant) reaction to its first public offering… it’s easy to see why this is a company I’m keen to write about.

Let’s explore the dream team.

Dr Taher Elgamal – Dr. Elgamal is a cybersecurity heavy-hitter with impressive credentials. The main board director for Arqit, as well as CTO of security for SalesForce, the Egyptian native invented several industry and government standards in security and digital keys, including the DSS government standard for digital signatures. As mentioned above, he is one of the co-inventors of PKI and the father of SSL. A Marconi Fellow and the recipient of the RSA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, who is better to tackle the update to current encryption methods than the man who invented them?

David Williams, CEO – Granted the Queen’s Award for Export in 2015, Williams is the go-to man for combining satellite comms, security and cryptography. The former CEO of satellite comms service provider Avanti Communications (not to be confused with the travel company), Williams has helped pioneer space innovations by founding the aerospace accelerator Seraphim Capital. Before getting involved in bringing science fiction into reality, Williams was an investment banker in the telecoms industry.

David Bestwick, CTO – Bestwick and Williams have been co-founding together for a while, first at Avanti and now at Arqit. Holding a BSc (honours) in astrophysics from the University of Leicester, Bestwick’s accolades are myriad. The Brit received a silver medal in 2011 from the Royal Aeronautical Society and has been an advisor for the European Space Agency. In his work at Avanti, he was part of the team, along with Williams, who flew the first of a new type of spacecraft payloads which provided massively increased flexibility and in-orbit reconfiguration capabilities.

And the rest of the team and board are just as impressive. 

With both the technology we need now and once quantum computers land, and this incredible team of inventors, I’d say it’s a no-brainer that Arqit should be part of your long-term stock portfolio.