The LLM colleges in UP provides insights into India’s constitution and legal affairs. The course intends to provide a general overview of the law. After completing the bachelor’s degree, you need further studies and practice to become a specialized lawyer.

So, what are the best career options for law graduates in India? Which legal specializations are in higher demand today? Find the answer to these questions and explore the opportunities for LLM admission in Lucknow.

Criminal Lawyer

The most rewarding specialization in the field of law is the criminal lawyer. If you become a criminal lawyer, you can earn up to 30 lakh per year. However, it does not happen on a single day. Criminal lawyers have to undergo various challenges. You need to work as an intern under a professional and skilled criminal lawyer for a few years. With good knowledge of law and practice experiences, you can become a successful and notable criminal lawyer.

Corporate Lawyer

Today, corporate lawyers have high demands. Business law is dynamic, as it is amended due to changes in the government’s policies. Companies seek compliance with the business law of a country. Failing in compliance with the business law of the land will lead to penalties for the businesses. A business should protect itself from such liabilities with the help of a professional corporate lawyer. Thus, the demand for corporate lawyers is high these days. The salary of an experienced corporate lawyer can vary between 15 and 20 lakhs per year.

Judicial Services

Instead of becoming a lawyer, you can also pursue a career in judicial services. The Indian legal framework gives importance to the justice and board of judiciaries for giving verdicts on legal disputes. You can start a career as a jury member, which will gradually help you become the chief justice of a high court. The most prestigious job in judiciary services is becoming the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. The salary of High Court judges is around two lakhs per month, while Supreme Court judges can earn up to 3 lakhs per month.

Legal Journalism

After graduating in law from the LLM colleges in UP, many people pursue a career in legal journalism. There are a plethora of legal magazines published in different languages. You can write in such magazines as a freelancer. You can also work as a full-time journalist in electronic media.

Overall, LLM admission in Lucknow is rewarding if you are passionate about it. There are endless opportunities for lawyers today. You should be hardworking to create your unique identity as a practicing lawyer in India.