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Are you looking to find out everything about  — The Family Man Season 2? You’ve come to the right place. This article will cover everything about Season 2, like cast and crew, potential plot, and release date. So, brace yourself, as this is going to be a ride!

The Family Man Season 2

Let’s be honest! The Family Man became one of the primary reasons people fell in love with the Indian Web Series. It was intriguing, thrilling, and also proved to be an emotional roller coaster. Amazon Prime Video did itself one-up by releasing such a premium show that led to an increase in subscription. It allowed Amazon Prime Videos to become synonymous with ‘Quality Content.’ Because before that, Netflix dominated the online streaming for India.

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The Family Man Season 2 – Famous Web Series on Prime Video

After the mind-blowing success of the first season, the Family Man was renewed for two more seasons. It was released in September 2019, and by November 2019, we heard about Season 2. Not only that, but the production began immediately, and Manoj Bajpayee has been quite excited about the second season.

According to him, the next season was going to be more. From ‘more,’ he meant more of everything. It would take us on a grand tour and expand all the possibilities to expect from Family Man. Of course, Season 1 ended on a Cliffhanger, but it seems like the production company didn’t plan on renewing it until they were sure of its success.

Family Man Season 2: Release Date

Amazon finally took it to Twitter when we received the good news that Family Man Season 2 was coming hot on 12 February 2021. That’s right! Note down the dates, everyone! Previously, they released a teaser on the first anniversary of the series. After that, we saw an original motion poster recently. After teasing us for so long and keeping us waiting in anticipation, they have finally shown us the release date.

Coming Soon Amazon Prime

And yes, as part of the Amazon Original, it will be on Amazon Prime Videos.  The Second Season’s production and post-production were all done by March 2020. However, due to pandemics and lockdown, producers decided to wait for the launch. Although it would’ve been a much better time to release the season, after all, everyone was waiting for more enticing episodes to watch regarding their favorite TV series.

Latest Update: Show Will Release as per scheduled date.

Another Update: The Family Man Season 2 was set to release on 12 February 2021 but it got postponed to summer 2021. Its director Raj and DK shared a statement on his Instagram handle below.

Statement By Raj and DK

Family Man Season 2: Cast & Crew

Cast and Crew Member of the family season 2

As far as we know, these characters are making a return:

  • Manoj Bajpayee will continue as Srikant.
  • Vedant Sinha as Atharv
  • Priyamani Iyer is going to play Suchitra.
  • Sharib Hashmi is JK Talpade
  • Gul Panag is Saloni
  • We see Dalip Tahil as Kulkarni
  • Pawan Chopra reprises as Sharma.
  • Darshan Kumar appears as Major Sameer.
  • Sunny Hinduja is Milind
  • Sajid will be played by Sahab Ali
  • Mehek Thakur will continue to play Drishti
  • Vijay Vikram Singh plays Ajit.
  • Sharad Kelkar will reprise as Arvind
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary will be Zoya.

We may get to see some other new guest appearance and faces in the storyline that could intrigue us much more.

The Family Man Season 2: Potential Plot

Let’s recall that the series focused on Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) while he tries to protect his family while also protecting the nation from terrorists. He is a world-class spy who comes to learn about Mission Zulfiqar. That’s not all! We saw a cliffhanger ending for the first season.

Mission Zulfiqar isn’t over yet. Moosa, played by Neeraj Madhav, is going to release nerve gas canisters on everyone in Delhi within 2 hours through his chemical plant. The agents sent to stop it fail, and we see it ending there. Hence, everyone wants to learn what happens next.

The Family Man Season 2 Trailer

According to the cast and news, Season 2 will begin right from where it is left off in Season 1. We will also learn if anything did happen between Suchitra and Arvind. Karim’s girlfriend, with a video piece, evidence of his innocence, might also surface. Srikant killed Karim, after all. So, it seems like the Family Man Season 2 might target our Srikant (Manoj) the most.

Last season, Sajid also escaped, so we might see the actor reprising the role as something major that might break down. Overall, there seems to be a lot on the table.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How Many Episodes Will The Family Man Season 2 Have?

Following the same pattern of the previous season, we might get to see a total of 10 episodes. The show might likely end around a cliffhanger again. After all, there will be a third season, as well.


Will The Family Man Season 2 Release On Amazon Prime Video?

Yes. As it is an Amazon Prime Original, it will release on Amazon Prime Video. You won’t find it anywhere else. You will also need the membership to watch it.


Did Something Happen Between Suchi And Arvind In Hotel?

That’s what we will find out in Family Man Season 2. They didn’t make it clear for us in the first season. As far as we can see, they may be making Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) suffer from a secretive high pressure and low paying job at the National Investigation Agency. The impact of his secretive side is going to take a toll on his family.


What Is The End Of Family Man?

Nobody knows how the series will end. So far, we have got the release date for the second season in January 2021. We can expect a fun ride from the middle-class man. However, the first season ended on a cliffhanger with Delhi under threat.



That’s everything we know about The Family Man Season 2. From the creators: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, we will receive The Family Man Season 2 on 12 February 2021. Amazon Prime Video will be your destination for the most popular web series. Let’s see how the show will unravel all the secrets. We hope that the information was sufficient in providing you all the answers. So mark your calendars and get ready!

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