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Something shocking happened in The Good Doctor Season 3 that led to a heart-wrecking ending. It left us curious as to what will happen in The Good Doctor Season 4. After all, one of the fan-favorite characters might not return.

The Good Doctor Season 4

Now that ABC has finally confirmed and released the Good Doctor Season 4. There is a lot to talk about. The show is currently ongoing and there are many new residents, Lea’s parents, and much more to look forward to.’

Of course, we are not going to give you a synopsis over episodes, but bring you information regarding Season 4. Let’s begin:

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The Good Doctor Season 4: Release Date & Trailer

Good Doctor is a medical-drama show from ABC network that brought us compelling stories. It is a heartwarming tale of Dr. Shaun Murphy, but it has much more to offer. The show first premiered in September 2017 and left fans wanting more with each season.


Dr. Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, is a gifted surgeon. He falls on the autism spectrum, so we also get to see that side of the characters. The character left his life in Washington to join St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, California.  Over time, the show brought us several different aspects of characters, from serious cancer diagnosis to love and relationships.

The Good Doctor Season 3: Recap

So far in the story, we had Dr. Melendez and Dr. Claire Browne cooking a love story. It could’ve been something beautiful, but it turned into something tragic. Claire confessed her love and got the answer in return. However, the fan-favorite Dr.Melendez had to go.

the good doctor season 3

In the season 3 finale, he dies of septic shock due to the injuries he received from the earthquake. Of course, we get a more dramatic approach. Many people claim he died victoriously as he treated a patient for emergency surgery instead of looking after himself. In other words, the duty calls.

That wasn’t the only twist we received! Shaun and Lea also kissed, and the series has been teasing us with the same old ‘will they, won’t they?’ formula that is common in TV dramas. On the other hand, we have Dr. Alex Park, who wants to relate to Phoenix to be more involved in his son’s life.  All of this leads to a lot of speculation and expectations.

Everything On Good Doctor Season 4:

According to the official trailer we received from Instagram, the show brings us the settings amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, you can say that it is based on the current timeline. We will see the Doctors of St. Bonaventure Hospital taking charge and working through the pandemic.

the good doctor season 4

It seems like the idea to kill off Doctor Melendez wasn’t the best decision. Many fans have decided not to catch the show further because of their favorite character’s death. Others also seemingly joined it.

While the fourth season is trying to introduce new characters, it is apparent that the fans are disappointed.

So Far In Season 4:

The show is on-going as of February 2021. So far, we have seen the doctors come across the Covid-19 pandemic. They diagnosed it as the flu at first, but we got a more ‘reality-based’ approach. Of course, it is a drama show, so everything is amplified. Apart from that, we still see the lives of these doctors.

Now that we have beloved characters we care about in this situation, everyone could better relate to the problem.

Good Doctor Season 4: Cast

Since they killed off Dr. Melendez, Nicholas Gonzalez won’t reprise his role.  Antonia Thomas will reprise the role as Dr. Claire Browne, claiming that he changed her. Dr. Park will still return, even though he is relocating, played by Will Yun Lee. It also means that most of the main cast will return to reprise their roles. We will see Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Morgan Reznick returning to the show, as well.

the good doctor season 4 cast

Other than that, we will have some new faces to look forward to. These new characters will be under Dr. Shaun’s supervision, including Dr. Olivia Jackson, played by Summer Brown. We will have Dr. Asher Wolke played by Noah Galvin, Brian Mark as Dr. Enrique Guerin, and Dr. Jordan Allen (Played by Bria Samone).

It will be worth watching where The Good Doctor will take us ahead in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where Can You Watch The Good Doctor?

The Good Doctor is a show on the ABC network. Therefore, you can watch it on any affiliated streaming service provider of the ABC channel on your cable TV (or Satellite TV) network. More importantly, it is available on Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu TV, Youtube TV, and other partnered apps. You can also watch older seasons and episodes to catch up.


Will There Be The Good Doctor Season 5?

Despite the low acceptance from the audience due to a certain character’s death, the show might have received lower ratings. However, it is more than probably for there to be Season 5. We are getting all-new characters, and the stories are brewing. Everyone would want to expand on that. So, we will certainly get Season 5.


What Was The Season 4 Release Date?

The Good Doctor Season 4 was released on November 2, 2020. It also became widely available by January 11, 2021. It is currently on-going with a weekly release of the episode. If we go by their standard count, we will have 20+ episodes for Season 4. Therefore, it will take a while before Season 4 ends.



That’s everything on the show so far. The creator David Shore isn’t planning on letting the show go anytime soon. With the new Season 4 episode each week, we can see the new relationship and stories brewing. Of course, the release schedule for the episodes was delayed due to the actual Coronavirus pandemic. However, we can now expect it to get better with time gradually.

We hope that you found the relevant information and what you were looking for. The Good Doctor is available for you to stream or watch on the ABC Network. So go ahead and enjoy one of the best medical-drama shows after a long time.

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