The kfconsole thoughts

The popular fast-food chain KFC recently teased and finally announced their very own Intel-powered Gaming Console i.e. “KFConsole” with an in-built “chicken chamber” to keep those tasty fried snacks warm and fresh.

The KFConsole

In partnership with hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, the KFConsole will be bringing a unique twist to the Gaming Console Ecosystem with this product. KFC is one of the most notable platforms for you to explore the options. Their new service is unexpected but offers room for more improvements.

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The KFConsole Review – In a Nutshell

The ‘Bargain Bucket-shaped’ machine features the world’s first built-in “Chicken Chamber.” Thanks to the unique custom-built cooling system that will keep the Console hardware at average temperature while using the components’ heat to keep the chicken chamber warm during intense gaming sessions. It uses the system’s natural heat and airflow system to achieve this.


The KFConsole Specifications:

The KFConsole is a high-end gaming console built-in partnership with Cooler Master with components from ASUS, Intel, and Seagate.

  • The console delivers Intel’s Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element as a CPU component.
  • The two Seagate Barracuda 1TB SSD offers drives for high-quality storage.
  • As per KFC, the console can deliver 4K gameplay at 240 frames per second.
  • It can run virtual reality games.
  • The GPU is still unspecified. However, it will feature a “first of its kind hot-swappable GPU slot,” enabling gamers to change GPUs without shutting down the system altogether. It will make it stay the most powerful console for generations to come.
  • Ray Tracing.
  • There is up to 240HZ output.
  • 32GB onboard RAM.
  • Intel Core i99980HK Processor.

KFC Gaming claims it can play Cyberpunk2077 better than any console out there in the market. The KFConsole is even expected to be better than the current PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Console.

The KFConsole: Release & Pricing

Now that the console is finally announced, everyone is excited to get their hands on the beast of hardware with it’s “finger-licking” twist. However, there is no official launch date available either from KFC Gaming or Cooler Master. At this moment, it is uncertain whether it will be an exclusive launch or a retail launch.

release date

The same goes for the pricing of the console. Neither KFC Gaming nor Cooler Master has revealed how much the console will be available online.

The high-end specs come with its unique twist, the console can retail for about $2000, and that’s not counting the GPU(unspecified) and any other additional costs KFC Gaming or Cooler Master decides to add on. We can be pretty confident this console will not be cheap, and given all the information available, it will be ahead of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X in terms of performance and keeping you “eating and gaming” on the go.


Thoughts & Reactions:

The console’s initial hype is enormous, and the buzz around social media is enormous, and the console is not yet launched. A large part of the community is excited to try out this unique product as soon as possible, and for the other part, this is already a meme. This unique approach may seem a bit like an early April Fool joke.

the kfconsole thoughts


People are excited, but some are skeptical as well. There’s no question in performance, given the spec sheet is top of the line. KFC’s unique approach is mixed. Although there’s no need to worry, as KFC Gaming and Cooler Master mentioned, the heating chamber got a solid plastic tray to protect the crumbs from inside the machinery. However, the majority of the reactions suggest KFC is onto something here. So, however ridiculous and far fetched it might appear with its unique take on the Gaming Community, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the KFC Console is an instant hit.

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