Job demanded

The technology and digital industries have grown substantially, especially during the pandemic. Microsoft saw broadband growth within two month, that they would usually expect to see within a year. This growth has been seen in multiple industries even with the move to remote working. Companies are looking to hire more employees and remote working has opened them up geographically. There are many Managed Services Provider London Businesses who take care of this kind of setup for companies in the UK in particular. The e-commerce industry is one of these industries. Here we will be taking a look at which key skills are in the highest demand for the upcoming year. 

Customer Relationship Skills 

E-commerce businesses are looking to hire retention specialists whose main function is to maintain the company’s customer base. It’s safe to say that even IT Support for Financial Services need to take customer relationships into consideration. The e-commerce market is highly competitive and retention specialists do the difficult job of keeping customers loyal to a brand. The most in-demand skills for this role include relationship-building, persuasion skills and the ability to understand customers’ needs. 


Blockchain has been growing in popularity over the past 10 years and has grown significantly during the pandemic. There are many new jobs opening in the blockchain industry in fields like cryptography and data structuring. Blockchain has a wide variety of applications since it is made up of many niche skills. Recruiters are always on the lookout for people with these niche skills. If you’re looking to enter the blockchain industry keep your eye out for jobs like quality engineer, solutions architect and Blockchain developer. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This is a skill set that not many people know about. Enterprise Resource Planning is a field within managing operations which means that it is a new job that will be available in many industries. The main role of an ERP is to make sure that a business is running smoothly. This can be in industries like finances, manufacturing and supply chain. ERP’s will be able to define clear key results areas and help to define possible challenges that could show up within the business. 

Community Building 

A community builder aims to help a business grow a loyal customer base. They help to manage operations, and have skills in marketing and business development. For Managed Service Providers UK Businesses can use, London IT Support Companies can help with team building exercises performed online. Community builders need to be strategic, creative and analytical and will need to have skills in social media. It combines operations, marketing and social media management into one, making community builders the heart of a business. These skills are in high demand, especially with the growth of the e-commerce industry and social media.