The sinner season 4 cast

The Sinner series is a crime-based mystery thriller set in NYC. The series has recently caught fire as everybody is super intrigued after Sinner’s season 3 climax. Everyone has glued their eyes on the internet for some official information about the Sinner Season 4.

Sinner season 4

If you are one of the curious fans who can’t control their excitement for The Sinner Season four, this article is precisely for you.

In this article, we have provided you with everything that you need to know about sinner season 4, including the airing date, where to watch, cast, plot, and more. So, let’s keep the enthusiasm alive and dive into the details for the most-awaited series!

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The Sinner Season 4 – When it’s Coming on Netflix?

The official release date of Sinner season 4 is not announced yet. However, it is most likely said to be air in 2021. As season 3 was aired in February 2020 and launched on Netflix five months later, the UK fans expect the same with Sinner season 4.

sinner season 4

The Backstory: What Happened In Season 3?

Sinner Season 3 begins at the cusp of detective Harry solving a mysterious car crash, which turns out more tedious than anyone could have imagined. There were two people involved in the car crash, Nick Hass, who was driving the car and got killed while the person on the passenger seat, Jamie Burns, his college friend, survives and reports the accident.

sinner season 3

It turns out Jamie has purposely delayed in calling the help to ensure that Nick has indeed died, making the case even more complicated. It is revealed that these two were on their way to seeing Sonya and cruelly intended to burn her alive.

Harry somehow suspects Jamie and follows him around, only to track Kyle and discovers his death as well. After a lot of run and chase, Jamie shoots Harry, and Harry somehow saves himself but shoots Jamie in defense; however, before the ambulance could arrive, Jamie dies, putting harry on a big guilt trip.

Sinner Season 4: Cast

the sinner season 4 cast

The main star cast throughout the first three seasons are as follows:

  • Bill Pullman plays Harry Ambrose, a police detective.
  • Dohn Norwood plays Dan Leroy.
  • Abby Miller plays Caitlin Sullivan, a police sergeant.
  • Jessica Biel, who plays Cora Tannetti.
  • Christopher Abbott plays Mason Tannetti.
  • Carrie Coon plays Vera Walker.
  • Natalie Paul plays Heather Novack, a police detective.
  • Hannah Gross, who plays Marin Calhoun.
  • Elisha Henig plays Julian Walker.
  • Tracy Letts, who plays Jack Novack.
  • Matt Bomer plays Jamie Burns.
  • Parissa Fitz-henly plays Leela Burns, Jamie’s wife.
  • Jessica Hecth plays Sonya Barzel.
  • Chris Messina, who plays Nick Hass.
  • Eddie Martinez, who plays Vic Soto.

Sinner Season 4: The plot

The sinner is an American crime tv series produced by Derek Simonds for the USA network. The first season was based on Petra Hammesfahr’s 1999 novel. Season one is based on detective Harry dissecting why a troubled woman named Cora has stabbed a man to death.

Season two revolves around Ambrose, who returns to his town after Julian Walker, a young boy admits to poisoning a couple. Ambrose is again in the prime of Sinner season 3, as he is solving a car accident that has happened in New York, and the case takes an unexpected turn.

As for Sinner season 4, the audience is thrilled about the insane secrets that may unfold while ambrose solves this mysterious case.

Where to watch Sinner Season 4?

Sinner Season 4 is yet to release, but it would soon be airing on the US network just like The Sinner season 3.

And once the show stops airing, then a few months later, it will also be available on Netflix. Therefore, you can watch Sinner Season 4 on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When is Sinner Season 4 releasing?

The release date is not declared yet, though it is sometime in 2021.


Where can I watch Sinner Season 4?

You can watch Sinner season four on the US network once it starts airing, or after the new episodes of the fourth season stops airing, it will be available on Netflix.


Which Sinner season is the best?

Season three is best, in our opinion, as it is packed with a lot of thrill and mystery. Although, if you don’t watch the first two seasons, you won’t link the third. Season four is yet to be released, so you never know what comes with the new season.



The show is packed with giant roller coaster. In the article above, we have put your curiosity regarding season 4 of the anticipated show to rest. So, let’s wait for a few months more till we get the official release date announcement.

We hope you found our information on Sinner Season 4 useful. Which season of the show was your favorite out of all? Let us know in the comments section below.

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