One of the best in style, fashionable and luxurious fabrics is georgette fabric. Georgette fabric contains a unique feel and look. It has a wrinkled and bouncy appearance and a delicate fabric due to its sheer and thin feel. It is incredibly strong and sturdy and has a dull rough texture. It is created by weaving and twisting yarns into the fabric. Pure fine silk yarns are created to purify the georgette fabric and blended forms of nylon, rayon, and polyester are used to make the faux georgette fabric. Here is your georgette fabric guide:

What is Georgette?

Georgette fabric is made from pure silk yarns and synthetic textiles. Its best form is obtained from silk yarns where as faux georgette is made from blending with rayon, nylon, and polyester yarns. It is known for its draping and puckered surface. This crepe silk fabric was invented by French dressmakers in the 20th century. Georgette has made a special place in wedding dresses, modern outfits, and fashion styling. You can find floral prints and solid bright colors based on different prices and designs.

What is Georgette Fabric and How It is made?

Georgette fabric is a woven fabric that is twisted from s twist yarns and z twists yarns. These twists are made in alternative directions and are responsible for the crinkled finish on the fabric’s surface. The jacquard weave is used to weave jacquard georgette and satin weave to make satin georgette. The georgette has various printings which keep up with fashion trends, especially in tropical prints, and floral and botanical prints. This fabric is difficult to embroider which is why embroidered georgette is quite expensive.

What is Georgette v/s Chiffon?

Georgette has some great characteristics that make it different from chiffon fabric such as lightweight and flowing fabric which means that it clings nicely to the body. It is also found great for styling, especially for those who require drapes like empire waist dresses. It is often draped in layers and can be sheer as well.

Why Georgette Fabric is so special?

Breathable and lightweight

Georgette fabric is lightweight and flowy which makes it breathable fabric. However, it is made from raw synthetic fibers, so it is considered less breathable than silk fabric.

Nice Drape

Crepe silk georgette has a nice structure and drape which is suitable best for skirts and dresses. The georgette fabric is layered on some solid fabric creating an eye-catching effect and adding dimension.

Sheer Effect

Georgette fabric can be sheer and translucent and less sheer than chiffon fabric which is its sister fabric. If you want to have a translucent look and sheer effect, go for its silk crepe variant.

Slight Stretch

What slight stretch is important for georgette? This unique feature it has due to its weaving and twisting of yarns. Although, the material is strong enough and it can be damaged when it is not handled properly.

Holds Dye

Another awesome feature of the georgette is that it holds the dye brilliantly. Off-white is the natural color of the fabric and can be easily dyed for different hues and patterns. It can also be dyed with many colors which are useful to make colorful dresses for events and weddings.


Silk georgette is hypoallergenic and no harmful chemicals are used in creating this fabric. Sometimes, these chemicals can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic fabric saves you from these allergic reactions and is a good sign for your health and skin and our environment as well.

Easy to handle

The georgette thin fabric is easy to use and can be added to any kind of garment piece without any additional weight. It also does not give a bulky appearance to the user. In the early 1900s, women loved the fabric and it was trending at that time and still, it is a choice of many.

What are the uses of georgette fabric?


Georgette is ideal to go for bridal wear, evening gowns, and other special occasions. It is a versatile fabric useful for different cut dresses and can make beautiful A-line pleated skirts. You can also make midi dresses and maxi dresses with short or long sleeves.


Sarees are beautiful Indian outfits and with georgette fabric, you can layer the drapes nicely when wrapped giving them a beautiful shape and appearance.

Home Decor

Another big use of georgette fabric is in home decor. You can make bed sheets, table clothes, and pillow covers and can also do window treatment with them.


Georgette is a fabric with a great sheer and textured look with great strength. It is lightweight and tear-resistant. The fabric is commonly used to make sarees, dresses, and home decor. It is woven tightly by twisting yarns and giving it a grainy feeling. Georgette is a high-quality fabric used for different purposes. It is affordable depending on what type of outfit you are choosing. Georgette dresses are appealing and look elegant on you and can be a great addition to your closet. We hope you have gained much information about georgette fabric in this fabric guide.