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A web copywriter’s job is to create content for websites. It is a very popular profession given the ever greater importance of content! But it is not for all that an activity accessible to the first comer. As with any job, you need skills (sometimes sharp)! Fortunately, it is always possible to participate in the best online copywriting course to learn about this great profession, which is rich in opportunities!

A web editor or web editor writes articles, text pages to feed sites or blogs. He is the equivalent of a journalist for the written press. It differs from the web copywriter who mainly deals with promotional and commercial content. Often, mistakenly, both web copywriters are covered by the same person. While it is possible for a copywriter to work as a copywriter (and vice versa), the skills required are very different!

Web writing training for all entrepreneurs on the net?

This is a perfectly legitimate question! Web copywriting is without a doubt the most essential part of a web strategy. Content plays an essential part in the development of a site and therefore of a business.

  • Quality articles promote:
  • Shares on social networks
  • Obtaining backlinks from other sites (which promotes SEO)
  • Position yourself on search engines to obtain qualified traffic
  • Conversion: Quality articles reassure your prospects
  • Your reputation within your industry
  • Your branding

And yet… The benefits of web writing are not always understood within companies! Many entrepreneurs tend to neglect this aspect, either by not even having a blog or by outsourcing the articles to off-shore writers… These low-cost articles are not used much. However, we cannot blame them, for a very simple reason! The positive effects of good writing are only visible if a content strategy has been planned upstream

  1. Choose the right keywords / the right queries in relation to your activity
  2. Good technical optimization of articles
  3. Dissemination and distribution of content in order to gain visibility
  4. Intelligent internal linking between the different pages to increase conversion

Writing for the sake of writing is not enough. Without planning, writing can become a waste of time and an unnecessary expense … hence the importance of taking content creation very seriously. Training from the best online copywriting course for a web copy write editor must therefore focus on several aspects. In addition to writing, a good web copywriter must have a solid foundation in digital marketing in order to integrate the content into a more global strategy!

The skills that a web editor training must impart

To become a good web copywriter, you need to master the following aspects.

1-A solid foundation in SEO

Web writing aims to create content (articles, pages) that can rank and perform on search engines. In a perfect world, each article you write for your site is positioned on the first page of google.

In fact, it is much more complicated. SEO isn’t just about content. But it is nonetheless essential! As a web editor, you must be able to identify the keywords/phrases on which to position yourself, create consistent content, and finally optimize your text by inserting strategic keywords in the tags. Optimization also involves the use of synonyms and co-occurrences to reinforce the semantic relevance of your content!

2-A good writing

This makes sense… but if it is obvious at first glance, in practice it is a little more complicated! Our relationship to writing is often very academic, very academic. Think back to your copies when you were a student. Writing on the web has nothing to do with it! The tone should be simple, the sentences should be short.

Internet users do not come to take a lesson in literature… No, they come to read information/solutions for a need/problem. Your articles should deliver this information as simply as possible! Of course, depending on your theme and your audience, a more sustained and elaborate language may be requested. But very often, you have to keep it simple and keep a fairly “oral” expression.

3. Learn to adapt

Depending on the requests, you may be required to work on completely different projects. Sometimes you will write on complex subjects, other times on light subjects … Learning to adapt the tone, gather information, to check your sources are essential things in web writing. See also: How to become a good web editor

4. A good command of the web environment

Training in web writing also means learning more about the digital environment in general. Copywriting flirts with digital marketing as a whole. By writing optimized texts, you also work for your SEO, for your branding, for your reputation. SEO writing must therefore be integrated into your digital marketing strategy.

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The exercises and habits to train for the profession of web editor

To begin to be concretely trained for this profession, an apprentice web editor must… write! As with all professions, it is a diligent and motivated practice that will give you the opportunity to progress and make your mark in this profession. As you will see very quickly, web writing is also a matter of habit. As you practice, you will be able to write better and faster.

Exercising also allows one fundamental thing: Finding your favorite themes.

Each editor, due to his background, necessarily develops an interest and facilities for certain themes; travel, health, sport, finance, entrepreneurship, cooking, etc. The sooner you are able to identify your strengths, the sooner you can start offering your services.