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Often, comic books and movies depict a lot of powerful male characters. However, Marvel comics are known for bringing a fair share of powerful female characters. These female Marvel characters might have super strength, match the top-tier heroes or villains, or even bend reality. The truth is, there is no lack of powerful female characters in Marvel comics. There are so many that it has become virtually impossible for us to list all of them down.

Top Female Marvel Characters

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However, we are bringing you some of the most notable female characters. These are known for some feats. You might also recognize them from the MCU universe or the original Marvel Comics. Whatever your source is, this list contains the list we have considered through different universes and versions of each character. These are the ones that truly stand out:

List Of Top 17 Female Marvel Characters:

Here is the list of the top 17 Marvel Characters and they are all-time strongest ladies. Let’s dive in:

1. Black Widow (Natalia Romanova)

Black Widow is the epitome of female supremacy in the Marvel Universe, always loved by many fans. Her debut in MCU with none other than Scarlett Johansson also shed some light on her, which made her an even popular character. Of course, her demise in the Endgame was also heartfelt.

natalia romanova

Regardless, if we talk about Black Widow or Natalia Romanova as a character, she has everything. She is the most ‘badass’ female Marvel character. She is the perfect spy and assessing with an aptitude for everything. Her understanding, quick wits, and intellect make her a force to be reckoned with.

2. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Initially, we know Scarlet Witch From Marvel Comics as the daughter of Magneto and sister of Quicksilver. The depiction of the character is slightly different in the MCU, but still, she has received the proper recognition that she deserves. We have seen Scarlet Witch take down armies and giants without any problem. She is one of the few characters you can truly call ‘omnipotent’ with her reality-bending powers.

scarlet witch wanda maximoff

If we follow her X-Men origin, she is one of the few characters capable of going toe to toe against foes like The Phoenix, Jean Grey, and Omega level opponents. Overall, her true extent of powers is terrifying and formidable.

3. Captain Marvel

There have been many female characters that have taken the mantle of Captain Marvel. We have Mar-Vell, as the first Captain Marvel. Later, Carol Danvers takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel. She is also an inspiration behind Marvel’s other Ms. Marvel.

Captain Marvel

She is easily one of the godliest characters in the entire series. Her abilities include energy manipulation, shooting laser beams, heat blasts, superhuman strength, and durability. In short, she is just like a counterpart of Superheroes like Superman, Wonderwoman, and even Thor. In fact, with her ‘awareness’ sense similar to Spider-man, you might even call her ‘If Spider-man was a female superman.’

4. Gamora (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

The adopted daughter of Thanos, with her debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, you can even call her the strongest woman in the Galaxy. We can’t help but compare her superhuman feats to She-Hulk. Both of them are quite identical. However, Gamora was raised by Thanos as the ultimate soldier. Therefore, she is far stronger and more threatening.

Gamora (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

She was trained to be the deadliest killer and withstand any torture and showcases a lot of intellect. Think of her as a Black Widow, if she was a metahuman or superhuman.

5. She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, is the cause of the all-time powerful Hulk, Bruce Banner. After an accident, she needed a Blood Transfusion, and Bruce came to her rescue. Unfortunately, the blood reacted with her and mutated into something similar to superhuman serum and turned her green.

Jennifer Walters

This enhanced her beauty, strength, and everything else. She-Hulk became highly fan-popular with her great personality and epic physical capabilities. There’s no doubt that she is one of the most well-known characters in the Marvel Universe.

Easily, she is the best human or Earth’s counterpart of Gamora, even stronger than her. With beauty, brains, and super strength, there’s no matching her. Let’s not forget that Marvel plans on bringing her to the MCU.

7. Jane Foster (Thor)

Since She-Hulk is picking up the Hulk mantle, it is worth noticing MCU is working on another powerful Female character. In comics, Jane Foster has been the romantic interest of Thor. Over time, she becomes Valkyrie and also gains various powers. However, nothing matches her fear of becoming worthy of being Thor.

Jane Foster (Thor)

Now that Thor: Love And Thunder will be another MCU project, it’s about time we shed some light on Jane Foster as Thor. She is powerful and incredibly superior. A human woman that turns into a literal God. What would a better example be of powerful Females in the Marvel Universe?

8. Jean Grey (The Phoenix)

Jean Grey is one of the characters that has died and has come back to life in the main storyline of Marvel Universe. All because a primal force, The Phoenix, found her worthy and with unlimited potential. She has telepathic and telekinetic abilities that remain unrivaled. Unfortunately, Movies have never done her justice. If anything, many fans who rely on X-Men movies have grown to dislike her.

Jean Grey (The Phoenix)

However, those who are aware of her story in Comic Books love her. She is one of the most compassionate X-Men and most powerful. Let’s not forget that she was the love interest of Wolverine and Cyclops, both.

9. Emma Frost (X-Men)

Emma Frost is one of the recurring villains, anti-hero, and something in the Marvel Comics mix. She is charming, powerful, and more than capable that she deserves a place to be on the list. Emma Frost has telepathic abilities similar to Charles Xavier. Sometimes, it is argued that she is weaker, but there isn’t any hard proof.

Emma Frost (X-Men)

What’s more? She can transform herself into a diamond and gain incredible strength and durability. Along with telepathy, she is quite a formidable combatant and virtually indestructible. These abilities certainly make her worth adding to the list of the top Marvel females.

10. X-23 (Laura Kinney)

Daughter of Wolverine herself, who picks up his mantle later in the comics. X-23 is another example of badass women in the Marvel Universe. She is powerful like her father, has adamantium claws, and, more importantly, follows the father’s temper. If there is any character that has justified their predecessors, it’s Laura Kinney.

X-23 (Laura Kinney)

She can regenerate like her father and come back from the verge of death. In comics, she has been a member of X-Men and the Avengers, just like her father. She is also a sensational fan favorite. There’s no doubt that she deserves to be on the list.

11. Invisible Woman (Susan Storm)

We have to bow our head to a comic book character that really proved that Marvel Females are the best. Fantastic Four has always been one of the best-selling comic books. It has inspired many heroes and introduced her to a lot of villains and superheroes. Susan Storm, aka Invisible Woman, has been one of the fantastic four members.

Invisible Woman (Susan Storm)

Her cosmic powers allow her to turn invisible or create force fields. These powers alone allow her to create a force field inside someone and expand it if she wishes. Her intellect, charm, abilities, and experience make her a fantastic female Marvel character.

12. Jessica Jones (Defenders)

While all other females on this list are quite flashy or readily available on the mainstream media, Jessica Jones works as an investigator. That’s right! She is like the Batman or a detective of the Marvel Universe. Her abilities give her superhuman strength, resistance to injury, and flight. She was once a member of Avengers but decided to take a different route.

Jessica Jones (Defenders)

Jessica Jones is one of the lesser-known superheroes who defend the cities and people from crimes while other superheroes are busy fighting more significant threats. This is what makes her worth noticing. The show Jessica Jones has also done her justice.

13. Black Cat (Spider-Man)

Who didn’t have a crush on Black Cat from Spider-Man? Felicia Hardy has always been that one love interest of Spider-Man we get with ‘Will They Won’t They?’ While other female characters on the list have some fancy powers, hers are unique. She had the ability to bestow bad luck on others, hence the moniker, Black Cat.

Black Cat (Spider-Man)

This ability in itself is quite deadly as she doesn’t have to do anything but let other people get bad luck as long as they are in her line of sight. This makes her quite a force to be reckoned with that even Spider-man couldn’t overcome. She is one of the self-made villains and heroes, unlike others on the list.

15. Wasp (Ant-Man)

Wasp is indeed Ant-man but better with lasers and higher aptitude for using the power. This has been evident in the MCU movies, as well. Since childhood, she trained to become a master of combat and also had brains for the operations. She was one of the founding members of the Avengers and has always been quite a leader.

Wasp (Ant-Man)

Yes, Wasp has been one of the leaders of the Avengers. It proves her capabilities as one of the best female Marvel characters.

16. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, is one of the characters with no relation to Spiderman but still took the mantle by herself. Her abilities are completely different, as well. She was once a Hydra member, raised and trained by them, but eventually joined Shield and even Agents Of SWORD.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Of course, her abilities are similar to Spiderman in many ways but still different with a new range of bioelectric blasts, poison immunity, and much more. She is one of the lesser-known but fan-favorites in original Marvel comics, making her worth the read.

17. Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)

If there is one character that falls on the top of the list, it is Squirrel Girl. She has the power to talk to Squirrel and has features of Squirrel. Marvel has rated her to be stronger than Hulk and brighter than Spiderman. She is one of the few female characters that have an untarnished fight record.

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)

She has defeated Doctor Doom, Thanos, Deadpool, Mandarin, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, and many other heroes or villains. There’s no doubt that she is one of the supreme Marvel characters, a force to be reckoned with.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are There Multiple Universes In Marvel Comics?

Yes. Marvel comics is known for experimenting with multiverse concepts. Therefore, we have various roles and superhero characters. In some storyline, we have female spider-man, in others, they might even be a villain. Basically, it depends on the choices the characters make. Different options lead to different universes, and Marvel has consistently brought us a lot to enjoy over time.


Which Universe And Timeline Are The Main Marvel Comics Timelines?

Earth-616 is the central universe and timeline that you would have to follow for everything canon and authentic. Everything else is a great read, but the most driven concept from this central universe. If you are one of the ‘purists’ or someone who loves the main timeline, this is the universe to focus on. Even MCU isn’t the actual timeline.


Do These Female Marvel Characters Exist In The Main Timeline And MCU?

It seems like Marvel and Disney are trying their best to bring you the comic-accurate characters on the big screen and for streaming services. All of these female Marvel characters exist in the main timeline. They are all known for remarkable feats and achievements. That’s why they are on the list.



If you’re looking for the best character, it is hard to determine which female character will reign on top. Almost all of them have done something significant in the Marvel Universe. Regardless of the challenges these female divas face, they still emerge victoriously. All of these are worthy of being called superheroes.

Often, these characters outshine and surpass even the most popular ones. Of course, each one of these is famous in its own right, as well. We took that factor under consideration while making this list. However, there are still thousands of female characters.

This is the list that we think is accurate for the top female characters in the Marvel Universe. Let us know what you think about this list!

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