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With most children being cooped up at home all year, parents have had a rough time keeping them engaged and occupied all year, every day. Summer camps for kids have always been great for children to have fun and learn. However, they have become important even more so now, when both parents and children deserve a much-needed break.

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Children who are used to going out, meeting friends, and going out for playing probably have had it the hardest during the pandemic. It particularly took a toll on their mental health. Thankfully, with things being very much under control and strict restrictions lifted, kids are now excited to head to the highlight of summer – SUMMER CAMPS!

Here are the benefits of sending your kids to summer camps you should know about:

Socializing and Befriending Peers

Our children have been away from their friends and kids their age for too long now. Summer camp for kids allows them to be with children their age. Moreover, the social skills that are developed at summer camps go beyond making friends. Children learn to share, solve problems, set boundaries, and friendly competition as well. Also, these relationships teach empathy and acceptance to youngsters.

Gain Self-Esteem

A survey reported that 70% of parents who sent their children to summer camps claimed that their child gained self-confidence. The environment at a summer camp is supportive and creative. The children learn and grow both emotionally and physically in a nurturing atmosphere.

Reduce Screen Time

Almost all parents have to enforce rules regarding the appropriate use of screens. And due to the lockdown, kids have had more than enough screen time.

Summer camps offer a perfect solution to reduce screen time which the kids are surely going to enjoy. There is no comparison between playing outdoors and playing in a corner with your eyes and hands glued to a tech device. Excessive screen use causes sleep issues, vision problems, inactive lifestyles, and even behavior problems.

Physical Activities & Exercise

Most of the summer camps for kids are arranged outdoors and offer a wide range of physical activities. Your children can learn a new sport or life skill. Quite often, children end up getting interested in sports and hobbies that they continue to pursue into adulthood. Also, spending time outdoors helps in improving concentration as well as creative reasoning. Outdoor experience helps in promoting healthy social development and boost self-esteem.

Kids get a lot of time to explore the surroundings, play games and learn about nature. They remain indulged in one activity or another.

Learn New Skills

Your child does not have to be adventurous to have fun at summer camps for kids. They might not show you but end up doing something that will surprise you and them both at the camp they have not tried yet. There are all kinds of camps out there. Music, drama, cooking, science, arts and crafts, basketball, football, and many more. You could get your child to go to a camp they are interested in or try learning something entirely new at summer camps for kids. And learning a new skill or activity keeps them busy.

Make Memories

Summer camp is a memorable time for children which they are going to remember for a long time. The friendships they built, the people they met, the adventures they had, and all the new things that they learned. They will look back on it fondly. More visit

Learn from Role Models

Every camp has some older people who work as camp counsellors. Kids get to learn so much from them. They exude positive energy. They are not very old as the kids but adults enough to take care of them and be in charge. Children might learn many positive traits from these counsellors.

Learn Discipline

Summer camps for kids also teach them to get disciplined. They learn about following rules and structure. You would see a difference in your kid when they get back home. Things are planned in summer camps and a proper timetable and schedule have to be followed. When kids get together, it is natural for them to get excited and a bit overboard as well. That’s why to make sure that the decorum is maintained and to teach kids discipline, there are rules which the campers have to follow so they learn to be organized.

So, are you sending your kids to summer camps? Let us know in the comment section below!

One thing more! If your kids going to summer camp don’t forget to buy kids sun protection clothes.Which will let your kids have fun and learn in camp without any tension of skin protection


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