vertical garden

Nearly six decades ago, vertical gardens, also known as living plant wall systems, were patented by Stanley Hart White, who was a professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois.

Living garden walls came into the limelight when in 2005, noted architects Jean Nouvel and Patrick Blanc developed a green exterior wall for a Paris-based museum. In the last decade, vertical gardens have gained immense popularity, particularly in commercial areas.

With vertical gardens, both architects and businesses are no longer required to consider the aesthetics of gardens and the cost to be mutually exclusive. Moreover, from increasing employee productivity to contributing to your brand’s success, living garden walls offer a wide range of benefits.

  1. Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Competition: Green branding is for real! According to Investopedia, green branding is a way for businesses to look beyond conventional marketing in order to promote core environmental values. It has an equal impact on both customers and businesses. Customers get naturally inclined towards brands that share their core values. Additionally, in today’s time, going green is quite a prominent core value. Vertical gardens aid brands in positioning themselves externally while also developing a positive aura internally. They create an inviting ambiance for employees, guests and clients. In fact, you may be surprised to see how vertical gardens can transform your otherwise dead, bland wall into a stunning selfie corner!
  2. Offers An Eco-Friendly Office Environment: In commercial spaces and offices, you may select some particular plants to be part of your vertical gardening system in Australia; for instance, oxygen-generating or air-purifying. These types of plants are known to regulate humidity levels in the air and remove hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air we breathe in. Moreover, they help in lowering the temperature indoors by a minimum of 2°C, making them specifically beneficial during summers. Plants can also absorb moisture from the surrounding air. In fact, they can decrease humidity much better than the majority of wall-coating materials available today that are used for indoor humidity control. By functioning as a heat buffer, living plant wall systems also control heat flow. As natural insulators, these plants cool down the air indoors by keeping the heat from outside from getting in.
  3. Offers Emotional Support: Vertical gardens have the potential to elevate the mood at workplaces. It is a proven fact that being close to nature and greenery has many positive effects on our health and general well-being. Looking at plants on your living garden walls may boost attention, concentration, and creativity. Additionally, plants can create an environment of positivity that may lower conflicts in the workplace. This effect corroborates the “biophilia hypothesis”, according to which, humans have a natural tendency to connect with nature. According to research, looking at greenery for only 40 seconds can take your brain into a relaxed state.
  4. Enhance Employee Health: Vertical gardens can improve indoor air quality. A BusinessWorld report showed that indoor air pollution could be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution – and the resulting health effects of indoor pollution could significantly outweigh those of outdoor air pollution. Indoor vertical garden walls can change carbon dioxide into oxygen – and more oxygen in the air means you can be physically as well as mentally healthier. Flowering plants like marigolds and lavender also help create a stress-free environment. Moreover, plants like citronella, germanium, and lemongrass have soothing aromas that also keep bugs and mosquitoes away.
  5. Improve Employees’ Productivity: According to British spiritual author Paul Brunton, green – the color of nature – is soothing, restful, health-giving, and cheerful. With improved employees’ health, you can certainly expect to observe an increase in their productivity. The long-term benefits of vertical gardens include reduced stress, increased morale, and decreased absenteeism. By absorbing echoes and vibrations, vertical gardening systems can function as natural sound barriers. A quieter work environment means fewer distractions, which ultimately allows your employees to focus on their work in a better way. Green represents calmness that can encourage your employees to work harmoniously towards a common goal.
  6. Make an Impression: The world is constantly shifting from cubicles to open-space designs that are colorful, bold, and ergonomic. Modern offices in Australia are already embracing the trend. Vertical gardens have the potential to take your office décor to the next level. Living garden walls help make an awe-inspiring statement. Featuring colorful and vibrant flowers and leaves, vertical gardens create visually appealing spaces for both employees and visitors. Vertical gardens can also block unsightly but essential stuff, such as recycling stations, dumpsters, HVAC units, electric panels, etc. Simply place the structure holding a vertical garden in front of such items to hide them.
  7. Offer a Creative Way to Create Partitions: Vertical garden walls offer an innovative way to convert a large space into several functional areas – or to divide a big hall into several smaller rooms. Living plant wall systems is also an excellent way to replace a glass facade or bland partition wall with greenery.

Simple Creative Ideas for Vertical Garden Walls

Installing flood lights close to vertical gardens – or bordering living plant wall systems with ambient lighting can change the looks of any space and would create an unmatched ambiance.

If you want to install living plants but don’t want to struggle with the high maintenance of such plants, consider installing a live succulent plant wall. Available in varied textures and vibrant colors, succulents have minimal water requirements, which means lower maintenance.

Artificial Green Walls: An Excellent Alternative to Vertical Gardens

Artificial green walls have evolved dramatically in the last few years. Surprisingly, some realistic artificial vertical garden wall plants look so natural that it is nearly impossible to tell artificial plants and real ones apart; just by looking at them. Moreover, artificial green walls look stunning from day one, don’t have light and water requirements, and have virtually zero maintenance.

While it is recommended to install living green walls wherever possible, an artificial green wall can be an ideal solution if you have a dark corner or a hot/harsh area that you want to adorn with green walls.

Contact a leading vertical garden supplier in Australia to grace your commercial spaces with living or artificial green walls.