Traditional handicrafts to make an unique appearance at your place

Handicrafts that are made in Indian are world-famous and have an enormous demand within the international market. When it involves decorating your home with handicrafts then the selection will become very personal. The handicrafts from different Indian states have special value and at different levels, the in-home decor plays a crucial role. The house may be a personal reflection of your choice and preferences that changes consistent with time. Once you visit a replacement place in several states there’ll be a picture of your range in that place, and to offer it a private touch of the precise location you’re taking home the handicraft of your choice and decorate an equivalent in your home. The subsequent is that the list of handicrafts that you simply can use in your home décor.


The dhokra handicrafts are made up of wax and metal casting. Due to its unique making of famous and skilled artistic work, it’s famous within the different parts of the state. The dhokra elephant, dhokra horse are a number of the famous handicraft items that are in huge demand. The geographical location of Chattisgarh makes it more special once you take it to your home. Buy these Indian handicrafts online and adorn your place.

Bidriware handicrafts

The Bidriware handicrafts have their origin from the Bidar location. Due to its unique making process, it’s an excellent export item and features a huge demand within the international market. The metal handicraft has special value due to world-famous metal artwork.

Nirmal toys & craft

These are traditional softwood toys that are made within the locality of Nirmal in Telangana. The specialty of those handicrafts is their unique making process and therefore the amount of detailing wiped out. The traditional handicraft will spread positivity in your home décor. The Nirmal furniture and painting are the foremost demanding items within the world from Telangana.


The kathputli are the puppets that are made for creating street drama. It’s a world-famous article that’s famous in several parts of the planet.

Sankheda woodcraft

The sankheda wooden crafts are the colorful painted furniture made within the locality of sankheda in Gujarat. The woodcrafts have demand within the different parts of India. There are many artists within the world that make equivalent woodcraft but sankheda woodcraft has the special qualities that it’s known.

Terracotta works

Terracotta artwork is traditional crafts made within the state of Puducherry. These are made up of fine green clay that’s only available in Puducherry.

Bamboo handicrafts work

The bamboo handicrafts have a special appearance in Indian handicrafts that can adorn your home decor. These handicrafts are made within the tribal areas of Chattisgarh.

Silver filigree

The silver filigree of Telangana is the foremost famous article and large demand within the market. The silver filigree from Karimnagar is formed by highly skilled artists. The art due to its ancient detailing makes it more special. the quantity of artistic work and efforts put in it makes it extraordinary. The silver filigree is formed by highly skilled.

Shell crafts

The shells from oceans are made within the use of handicrafts. These are made up of naturally driven shells from the ocean. The local artists of Andaman are famous for creating handicrafts from a shell.