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Recently bought an iPhone, and you are looking for methods to transfer your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? If yes, you are on the right page, which will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can quickly transfer your WhatsApp messages to your iPhone. There are many gimmicks and outdated stuff on the internet, which has lately created much confusion on WhatsApp transfer. But you don’t have to bother any longer.

How to Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone

We will provide you with all such solutions, which will make the transferring of WhatsApp chat easier and quicker. You can choose any one method from the below-given methods and start using your new iPhone application.

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Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone – Best Ways

There are many ways to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone, and we have listed some of the best ways for you.

Method 1: MobileTrans – The One-Click Method

mobiletrans download

The MobileTrans-WhatsApp transfer is the most effective and most straightforward solution to transfer WhatsApp from your Android phone to your iPhone. As a part of MobileTrans, the WhatsApp application will directly support moving data from one device to another.

To use this method, the following steps shall be followed.

  • Firstly download the MobileTrans on your Windows or Mac system and then select its feature- “WhatsApp Transfer” from the home page. Simultaneously, the Android and iOS devices shall be connected to the computer.
  • Next, the WhatsApp feature shall be clicked from the sidebar, and “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” shall be chosen from the available options.
  • The application would automatically detect the devices connected to it and mark them as source and destination, respectively. If it makes the wrong placement, you can click on the ‘Flip’ button and correct it.
  • After ensuring that the iPhone is selected as the destination device, you click on the ‘Start’ button to initiate all chat transfers from your Android to your iPhone. Remember, if you have been using WhatsApp on that particular iPhone previously, all the on-hand data would be wiped out.
  • The transfer would get completed in very little time, and there will be a notification to remove your devices safely.
  • Now, when you launch the messaging app on your iPhone, automatically, all the transferred data would get detected and will be restored on the iOS device.

Method 2: Transfer via the ‘Change the Account’ feature

Many of you are under the assumption that you would no longer have access to your old number’s chat backup if you change your number. But that’s not right. If you happen to change your number while switching to an iPhone, be assured of WhatsApp backup is still available. Undoubtedly, you would need to enter your old phone number to restore your previous backup. By following the steps given below, you can easily do the required and restore your old data to a new number.

Step #1: First and foremost, insert the new SIM card in your old Android phone and keep both the numbers (old and new) active for the time being.
click settings on whatsapp

Step #2: Next, begin WhatsApp and get into its Settings. In Settings, get into the ‘Account’ and choose the ‘Change Number’ option. You need to carefully read the instructions to switch the numbers and then tap on ‘Next.’
Account option on whatsapp

Step #3: After entering both the old and new numbers in the required field, a unique code will be sent to the old or original number to verify the change.
change number on whatsapp

Step #4: Now, a backup can be taken on local storage from the new number and transferred to the iPhone. Just be sure to use the same new SIM card on your iPhone.

Method 3: Is Transfer via Backup possible?

This is the most wished method to make a transfer, but it is impossible to do so. Let’s understand the reason behind it. Anyone who uses an Android phone can go to Settings and backup the chats using the ‘Chat Backup’ option to save the data on Google Drive or any local storage. From the warehouse, access to the backup file is possible. But it is not feasible to transfer the same to the iPhone. Currently, the iOS app does not support the transfer of WhatsApp backup.

Whatsapp Chat Backup

There is a technical reason behind it. Both the devices are encoded differently. And therefore, there is no solution right now to take the backup from Android and restore it on an iPhone.

Method 4: Transfer via Email Chat

The messaging application lets us email some conversations to any contact. By doing so, you can email some important chats to your email id and thus create a backup. Though this method would not restore the chats on WhatsApp, the conversation can be accessed from the new iPhone by following the steps given below.

Step #1: Start WhatsApp and open the chat you want to save.

Step #2: Go to the three dots, click on ‘more options,’ and then email the chat.

Step #3: You can even wish to save the media files attached to the chat, but it is advisable not to do so, as email servers have a mail limit of 20 MB. The native Gmail compose interface will open with a text file attached to your WhatsApp chat. You can either choose to enter your email id or even decide to save it as a draft.

Step #4: Later on, the email account can be accessed on the iPhone, and chats can be downloaded and viewed whenever needed.

But there is a catch. Such chats will be seen as a text file and not in the usual format. Remember to use this method only for a little chat and not try this on WhatsApp chat history.

Things to know before transferring WhatsApp from your Android to your iPhone:

We will suggest you a few expert tips that would help you in a better way to make the transfer.

  • Though there is no direct restoring of data on an iPhone, maintaining a backup is advisable. The reason is simple. By doing so, you can always have a copy of all your chat, which can be viewed when needed with the help of a ‘WhatsApp backup extractor.’
  • The local backup of the chat is saved on the android storage itself. Once you go to ‘Storage’ and select ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Database,’ you can access the file whenever you want and also move it to some other storage as required.
  • There are many tools available for the direct transfer of data from Android to iPhone, but not all of them are as genuine as MobileTrans. Be very careful and read all the user reviews of such tools before using them.
  • It is essential to use the same phone number on both devices and if not, the ‘change the number’ feature method shall be used to transfer the data.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much time will it take to transfer the data to my iPhone?

Not much time is needed if a direct transfer is done using MobileTrans.


How do I transfer to a new number and a new device?

As mentioned above, you can use method 2 to do so.


Can I transfer all my data via email id?

It is not advisable to do so. This option shall be used only for limited data.



Follow our guide, and you will get through with transferring WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone easily. You may opt for any method given above. Do not forget to read our section on essential things to know before transferring the WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, so you get all the crucial tips.

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