Truck driving education-2020

There are many truck driving schools around the world. Are there schools for truck drivers? The answer is yes, and there are some traditional institutions with courses in different areas for professionals of the wheel. The approximately millions of truck drivers currently traveling around the world depended on many hours of dedication. They worked to keep up with their profession, learn what is necessary to deal with the road.

Many Training Centers have a fundamental role in training these drivers since practical and theoretical classes are mandatory to take a new CNH or to evolve the category. But is that enough to train a truck driver and get him ready for the road? The answer is no. The Driver Training Centers fulfill their legal role of providing specific information and training to pass the tests and tests to obtain the qualification. Training to pass simple driving and maneuvering tests is not enough to train a real trucker.

That’s because truck drivers don’t just need to know how to drive. He needs to know how to transport, and this involves an enormous amount of other necessary knowledge. Safe driving, economic driving, first aid, notions of logistics, mechanics, truck knowledge. There are so many attributes necessary to become a professional truck driver that there should be specialized schools.

There are some schools dedicated to the training and recycling of professional drivers. There are theoretical and practical courses and training through simulators, which make all the difference in presenting different road scenarios to the student. The courses range from basic, Class 1 program, Class 3 program and many more according to their country rules and regulations for driver training, to advanced modules for recycling and reinsertion of knowledge.

Want to be a professional truck driver?

Many dream of this freedom to take the road outside, but do you know what you need to be a professional truck driver?

The first prerequisite for exercising the profession is to have a driving license in category “C” and, in some cases, category “E” – to drive larger articulated trucks.

To carry out the CNH category change process, your CNH must be in a current regular situation, have not committed any serious or severe infractions, and have not been a repeat offender in the past twelve months.

Professional truck driver


Also, there are other requirements established to qualify in these categories:

  1. Category “C” – have been qualified for at least one year in category “B”;
  2. Category “D” – have been qualified for two years in category B or a year in C and have 21 years of age;
  3. Category “E” – have been qualified for one year in category C or one year in D and have 21 years of age.

Attention: if the CNH “D” was obtained from “C,” it is not necessary to wait for one year, being able to go from category “D” directly to “E”;

The category change process involves:

– Schedule the date and time and attend the service unit to make the biometric collection (signature, photo, and digital), presenting the necessary documents: scheduling protocol, the originals, and copies of the RG, CPF, and proof of address;

– Perform the medical examination and psychological assessment;

– Take 20 hours of practical driving lessons in the chosen professional truck driving school.

Make and pass the practical driving test;

The category change process can be done at any truck driving school accredited to offer this training in the driver’s domicile city. Driving in another municipality will only be authorized if there is no accredited establishment for the driver’s city’s desired category.

Attention: the driver must inform the doctor during the exams that he will exercise paid activity in the area for the observation to appear in the document.

Specialized course

In addition to being qualified in the category corresponding to the vehicle, you must have a specialized course to perform a specific professional activity with CNH.

For example, in driving trucks that transport dangerous products, you will need to take a course with a 50-hour class load. After training, the course is inserted in the field “observations” on the back of the driver’s license. It is necessary to request the issuance of the 2nd copy of the CNH to carry the document with the course information.

Covid-19 brings changes to truck Driving Schools and their activities.

Covid19 brought constraints and the importance of adapting society, more precisely in ​​business and commerce. After some months in which the school’s activities were canceled, the resumption brought constraints that led to the adaptation of the facilities and staff and students’ behavior. Students and instructors must wear a mask, alcohol gel is distributed at the school entrance and exit, and acrylic has been placed in the office to protect employees.

Code classes need to be booked, and their space is reduced by half. Due to the necessary approximation between student and instructor, Driving lessons oblige the need for both student and instructor to wear a mask and disinfect the car entirely at the end of each class.