Upload Season 2 – Release Date, Cast & Trailer Updates


Ever wonder what would happen to you in the afterlife?  Well, in real life, you might not have all the answers, but you can certainly imagine a fictional world where you will go after your life. The idea itself is so captivating, now imagine having a show based on this concept with a touch of comedy. Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about none other than the popular sci-fi series called Upload. And here are some news about Upload Season 2.

Upload Season 2

Ever since the show made its debut, its fans are not getting enough of the series, and they want more. Well, the makers were already ahead of their fans as they have already renewed the series for the second round in May 2020. Furthermore, the series aired for the first time on May 1, 2020, and within seven days, season 2 was confirmed. So, without much ado, let’s dive right into everything you should know about the show’s next season.

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Upload Season 1 – A Revisit

1. Virtual Afterlife

The storyline of Upload deals with the virtual afterlife of the main characters in the show, as people can Upload their digital versions into a system so that they can live after death. However, in order to do so, they are needed to pay a good sum of money. That’s when the hero of the show Nathan, comes in as he was trying to develop a free method through which people can upload themselves in the afterlife.

2. Mystery Behind Nathan’s Death

Sadly, before doing so, he dies in a car accident, and his girlfriend, Ingrid, uploads his consciousness into the virtual afterlife. Furthermore, after getting transformed there, Nathan discovered that Ingrid’s father was the one who orchestrated his murder, and there might be more people involved.

upload season 1

3. Nathan & Nora

In the afterlife, Nathan meets Nora, a virtual angel or more like a service to guide dead people through their new life. Furthermore, both of them develop a bond, and Nora even confesses her feelings towards Nathan by the end of season 1. Nathan was uploaded to the afterlife with some corrupted memories, which Nora notices, and then she saved his corrupted memories into another file, which someone later deleted. However, towards the end of season 1, Nora was able to bring Nathan’s memories back and discovered that Nathan is not what he seems to be.

4. Ingrid’s Not that Bad Afterall

Surprisingly, Ingrid is not that bad as she was portrayed initially in the show, as it was revealed in the end that she tried to change Nathan’s car’s settings after knowing that her father plans on killing him. Not only this, when Nathan chose to be the downgraded version of 2GB, Ingrid kills herself to be with Nathan in the afterlife, where she gives him some extra GB so that he can talk. Fans can call it an obsession, but Ingrid is certainly not what she seemed to be.

Expectations with Upload Season 2:

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger where the lights went off, which means that someone unplugged the afterlife system or there’s a technical issue. Nonetheless, whatever might be the reason, fans are left anticipating how the show’s characters are going to overcome this obstacle. Furthermore, season 1 had many loose ends that needed proper closure, such as Nora declaring her love to Nathan, but he was actually not able to hear it, and she thought that he didn’t respond to her.

Upload Season 2

Moreover, with Nathan’s restored memories, viewers realized that he is not a noble person as they thought of him in the beginning. Therefore, it will be interesting to see Nathan in a shady demeanor for the second season.

Upload Season 2: Release Date

Makers have not released any official announcement on the date of the release of Season 2. Furthermore, the second season of upload was confirmed way back in May 2020, but the shooting got delayed. However, the production started in January 2021.

upload season 2 poster

Therefore, everything is indicating to expect a release date of season 2 to be somewhere around the end of the year 2021. Moreover, if the shooting continues for a more extended period of time than expected, then you can expect the second season to be released somewhere around the beginning of 2022.

Upload Season 2: Cast

upload season 2 cast

As the show’s concept is based on the afterlife thus, fans need not worry about any departures in the series as they will definitely see them again. However, still, if you’re curious about who’s gonna return for the second season then keep on scrolling:

  • There’s no doubt that we are going to see Robbie Amell returning as Nathan Brown.
  • Allegra Edwards also seems to be returning in the role of Ingrid Kannerman.
  • Andy Allo will reprise her role as Nora.
  • Kevin Bigley might also return as Luke.
  • Zainab Johnson will be returning as Aleesha.
  • Josh Banday will also reappear as Ivan.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I watch Upload season 2?

As mentioned above, season 2 of Upload is yet to hit the grounds. However, the second season will premiere on Amazon Prime. Moreover,  if you want to watch the first season, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video as all the 10 episodes of the first season are also available there.


Did Upload get canceled?

No, Upload did not get canceled but was renewed for the second season in May 2020. Furthermore, the shooting for the same was also started in January 2021. Thus, the upcoming season is expected to be released by the end of the year 2021.


When is season 2 of Upload coming?

The official release date of season 2 is not yet confirmed by its creators. However, the production was started in January 2021; thus, its fans can expect the second season to hit the floors by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022.


Is Upload available on Netflix?

No, as of now, the show is not available on Netflix. However, the series is owned by Amazon Studios; therefore, it is available on Amazon Prime.


How many episodes will be there in Upload season 2?

Season 1 of Upload had a total of 10 episodes, so the fans can at least expect 10 episodes for the second round. However, nothing is confirmed by the makers.



This is all we have got on your most awaited series, Upload season 2. So, brace yourself for the second round of the virtual afterlife along with some comedy. Hopefully, this article provided you with all the relevant information which you were seeking.

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