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For anyone currently keeping a keen eye on the activity surrounding the quantum encryption experts at Arqit Limited right now, there has been a rather exciting development that you won’t want to miss. 

According to a press release published on Arqit’s website on Wednesday (20th October), the organisation has made a pretty big addition to its team. So who’s the new team member? David “Kumo” Kumashiro, a retired US Air Force veteran and one of the genius minds behind the Joint All-Domain Command and Control project, JADC2. 

What IS JADC2?

For those that aren’t aware, JADC2 is an initiative led by the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish a single network connecting all military branches. The end goal is to improve data-sharing opportunities to enable soldiers based anywhere in the world (or even in space) to address conflicts with more information, enabling faster decision-making and a greater understanding of the wider impact of those decisions.

Who Is David Kumashiro?

David “Kumo” Kumashiro was a member of the United States Air Force for almost 30 years. His last active role within the USAF was as a Brigadier General, where he led the Cross Function Team behind the previously-mentioned JADC2 project. Before this, he commanded at various operational levels including as a C-17 wing commander and in a range of areas including operations, logistics, resourcing, strategy, talent management, and warfighter integration. 

Most recently, he served as Director for Research and Analysis at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Here, he led the Department of Defense project that sought to apply artificial intelligence and other new technologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of national security missions. 

There is no doubt about it, Kumashiro is a well-educated man. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, he went on to complete a Master of Arts in Organizational Management at The George Washington University. He then completed a Master of Military Operational Art and Science at the Maxwell Air Force Base, a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies at the National War College, and (most recently) a Higher Command and Staff Course at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. 

Why Is He Such An Exciting Addition To The Arqit Team?

Well, alongside the shining example he has made of himself throughout his education and USAF career, Kumashiro provides Arqit with a vital link to both the US as a country and the Department of Defense more specifically. His leadership in the JADC2 project will provide valuable insights into the needs and weaknesses of the Department of Defense and the various US military organisations, whilst his connections within the DOD and other US organisations will strengthen Arqit’s already close relationship with the US Government. 

As yet another hire in a long line of excitement appointments for Arqit, it is pretty clear these guys are looking to stock up on firepower. With this said, my guess is that there are some pretty big things to come from the quantum encryption giants in the near future. Plus, following the recent announcements of Arqit’s partnerships with Blue Bear and Babock, it looks like these “big things” will be making an even bigger impact the defence sector. 

Who Else Is On The Board At Arqit?

In case you’re interested to hear who Kumashiro will be joining in the Arqit team, I have pulled out a few of the company’s most celebrated board members… 

At the helm of the organisation is Founder, Chairman and CEO David Williams, an experienced entrepreneur with the success of start-up company Avanti Communications under his belt already. He is supported by Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder David Bestwick, who recently featured at number 5 on The Quantum Daily’s ‘51 CTOs Transforming The World Of Tech’. Bestwick was also a founder of Avanti Communications, has advised the European Space Agency on its telecommunications research strategy, and sits on the Board of Quantum Technology Industry Group. Needless to say, these guys know their stuff.

Here are just a few of the 16 other star-studded individuals that make up the Arqit team:

  • Paul Feenan (Chief Revenue Officer) has over 26 years of technology, defence, security and global government services experience and has served in a number of command and operational roles during over 16 years at the British Army.
  • Dr Daniel Shiu (Chief Cryptographer) was previously the UK Head of Cryptographic Design and Quantum Information Processing at GCHQ.
  • Dr Taher Elgamal (Main Board Director)  is an internationally respected information security leader and cryptographer and “the father of SSL”. 
  • Peter “Rocky” Rochelle (Chief Operating Officer) spent 34 years in the RAF at all command levels. He has also been in a range of Strategic Programme Delivery roles including one in the MOD. 
  • General Steve Wilson (Director) is a retired 4-star US Air Force General with over 39 years of military service in operations and command. 
  • Lt General VeraLinn “Dash” Jamieson (Director) is a retired LT General in the USAF and an experienced data management, cloud technology, AI and machine learning specialist with over 37 years of government experience.
  • Daryl Burns (Consultant and Co-Inventor) worked for 34 years at GCHQ, most recently as the Chief of Research and Innovation.