Video creation

Considering the changing times, be it digital evolution, emerging competition, or the pandemic, businesses must have one attention-grabbing marketing campaign that makes them stand out from their competitors, and video marketing does exactly that.

Create your videos around your brand; offer them an emotional touch; make them relevant for brand awareness, or you can even include sarcasm and fun accordingly. As simple as that!

If done right, video marketing can serve as the best way of attracting customers this 2022. Plus, marketers can even strategize their video marketing campaigns using an online video editor in varied forms.

If you have long been trying to use videos for increasing traffic or for gaining brand awareness but haven’t gained success yet, here are seven ways of improving your videos and getting the most out of them:

1. Know Your Content Objectives

There’s no use focusing on your video marketing campaign when you do not know the goals you want to achieve through it. Like all the other marketing tools, video marketing is a medium to end and not the end itself.

Therefore, you must define your content objectives clearly and consider them at every stage of the video recording procedures. This will help you make videos that best suit the purpose or the goal you are trying to achieve.

Use the marketing funnel to understand your content objectives if you cannot chuck them out on your own. It has four stages: interest, awareness, action, and decision. Consider these four stages of the marketing funnel as your content objectives initially.

Make videos that can garner interest, improve brand recognition and compel the audiences into taking pre-determined action or a solid decision.

2. Incorporate SEO in Your Video Marketing Plan

If you want to place your brand competitively in the market, you must include SEO in your video marketing plan. Doing this is very simple. Just prioritize the use of keywords, including the most relevant keywords in the descriptions, titles, and captions of your video.

For example, suppose you are running a beauty salon providing different types of facial and spa services to clients. In that case, use keywords like “Ayurvedic Spa,” “Fruit Facial,” or “Chocolate Facial” in the description of your video.

If you intend to post your video on YouTube, you can easily add keywords in the descriptions and titles of the video. Also, include at least three keywords hashtagged right at the bottom of the description.

This way, you can describe your video accurately and even optimize it for top rankings on the search engine result pages.

3. Beat Competition

To beat your competitors, know exactly what they are doing to promote their products and services. If your video marketing strategy entails bringing in more traffic to your site, you must ensure out-creating them in this arena.

But how to do this? Easy and simple- make your videos more creative and make content resonate deeply with the target audience. Take inspiration from your competitors’ videos but do not copy them shot by shot.

Just get the main ideas from your competitors’ videos and add your creativity to them to make your videos more thorough and compelling. One of the excellent ways of doing this is by making an engaging title and a more interesting intro.

There’s no use dropping bland titles as they will not bring in views and traffic. Go the extra mile here and come up with really interesting titles.

4. Invest Generously in Promotions

Simply creating marketing videos leading the viewers to your site is not enough. You need to promote them in the right way to ensure you get right in front of the viewers and drive conversions.

The best way of promoting your videos is by publishing them on social media networks on your own. Then, request family members and friends to share your videos and engage with them.

If you are looking for instant results, go for paid advertising. Of course, you need to spend some money, but the results will be worth the money spent. It is very easy to run simply paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

It is pretty affordable to try out different strategies to find what works for your brand in the best way possible.

5. Attract the Audience in the First Five Seconds

Remember, you do not have a lot of time to catch the viewers’ attention and get them into watching your video right till the end. So, you must buckle up and do things fast. Just five seconds and viewers will conveniently get to some other video if they find nothing valuable in yours.

Have this in mind and try presenting a hook that keeps the viewers’ attention intact till the end of your video. Convey the main message of your video in the first five seconds while keeping things a surprise for the remaining part of the video.

You can use a compelling introduction or attractive thumbnails for this purpose. Or start your video with a thought-provoking question that further engages the viewers and inspires more curiosity.

This will result in improved audience engagement and more views helping your brand make more of its content. The attention span of the modern viewer is pretty short so offer something valuable in your content to attract viewer attention.

6. Use a Convincing CTA

The CTA of your video is very important because that will take the viewers to the main page of your site. Your CTA or Call To Action should convince the people and get them into taking the desired action after watching your video.

The CTA can be a simple and short text phrase popping up at the end of the video or in the description. It can also be the narration in your video. Try experimenting with different CTAs to find out the one that works best.

7. Analyze the Performance of Your Video Marketing Campaign

Keep a regular check on the number of likes, shares, and views your video has garnered to understand the performance of your video marketing campaign. If you do not do this, chances are you might go wrong with the use of videos for brand promotion.

Paying attention to these important metrics can help you understand whether your video marketing strategy is fine or whether you need to make some improvements.


The video marketing trend is taking over the market by storm. So many companies are using it constantly for better results. And in this era of competition, you need to offer something exclusive through your videos if you wish to hook the target viewers. So work on it and have the best results coming your way.