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History Channel took the world by surprise when they brought us a fantastic series of Vikings. Set in the Norse world and history, it brought us something popular and worth exploring. We came across many things that happened as this historical drama show with intense battle slowly won over people across the globe. It turned into a sensational success. So let’s go deep to know everything about Vikings Season 6 like release date, cast & trailer.

Vikings Season 6 - Release Date

Apparently, after Season 5th, the show was renewed in 2017 for the finale. We received it in December 2019 as Season 6 Part 1, and it left us hanging. It couldn’t be blamed on anything but the Pandemic. However, Season 6 Part 2 also hit the screens faster than we expected. It arrived in December 2020 and stayed with us till February.

Now, there is a new episode of the new Spinoff cooking and Part 2’s speculation. Let’s find out what is everything about in this article:

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Vikings Season 6 – Release Date & Cast

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 released on December 30, 2020, while part one is available on History Channel, which aired on December 4, 2019, and stuck until February 5, 2020, with around 10 episodes in Part 1 and 10 in Part 2.

Cast & Crew:

Most of the old cast and crew members will return. Katheryn Winnick will return as Lagertha. Gustaf Skarsgard will be Floki, and Alexander Ludwig will reprise his role as Bjorn Lothvbrok. We will see Andrei Claude as Ganbaatar, George Hirst as Torvi, and Alex Hogh Andersen as Ivar. Jordan Patrick Smith will also return as Abbe, and we might see some new faces as well.

vikings season 6 cast

The new faces include Kristy Dawn Dinsmore as Amma, Fredia Walsh-Peelo as Alfred The Great, and Danila Kozlovsky as Oleg Of Novgorod. Overall, it seems like quite an intriguing cast.

Vikings Season 5 Recap:

In Season 5, a lot happened, especially at the finale. We know that Ivar is alive and trying to assemble an army to retake Kattegat. Bjorn is the new ruler of Kattegat and also the choice of the people for the kingdom.  There are many loose ends, as well. For instance, Ubbe and Torvi aren’t seen in the show’s finale. The fate of Folki is still hanging as well.

Vikings Season 5

We know that Bjorn wants to exact revenge on Lagertha. However, according to the first part of Season 6, she wants to retire to the countryside. Ivar was traveling but got captured by the Russians. We see a lot of dangerous people and a new bloody war awaiting the series finale.

Vikings Season 6 Episode List:

Vikings Season 6 Episode List

Here is a quick overview of all of the episodes available for Season 6. As it is in two parts, you would have to consider it as Season 7, if you’d like.

Season 6 Part 1 –

  • The New Beginnings
  • The Prophet
  • Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs
  • All The Prisoners
  • The Key
  • Death And Serpent
  • The Ice Maiden
  • Valhalla Can Wait
  • Resurrection
  • The Best Laid Plans

Season 6 Part 2 –

  • King Of Kings
  • All Change
  • The Signal
  • Lost Souls
  • All At Sea
  • The Final Straw
  • The Raft Of Medusa
  • It’s Only Magic
  • The Lord Giveth
  • The Last Act

The Finale And Continuation:

Vikings Season 6 is the finale of the series. According to the creator, he already knew what he wanted for the entire series. However, it had to find a new platform after deviating from history’s sources and story to become more drama and a ‘TV show’ for entertainment.

Fans have also grown to dislike the idea of killing the main character in the fourth season of Vikings. However, despite the lack of popularity, there were still enough people. Writer Michael Hirst has told us that there will be a new spin-off by the name Vikings Valhalla.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will There Be Season 7?

No. Vikings Season 6 Part 2 is the finale of the show and the series. However, the show, Michael Hirst, has shown his intention for a spin-off of the series. Therefore, while we might not get the main cast, we will get the same world setup and much more to look forward to. The new spin-off may arrive somewhere within the next year.


What Is The New Vikings Spin-Off After Season 6?

The Norse world is far from over, and creator Hirst is making sure that we know it. Vikings: Valhalla is the name of the new spin-off that the audience will receive on Netflix. It will be set 100 years after the initial series. The show will take place around the ‘end of the Viking age’ and focus on their struggles with England and show us the English throne’s stories.


Where Can You Watch Vikings?

It would depend on the country and your location. Initially, it was available on the History Channel. You can likely watch it from the associated app. On the other hand, Vikings released Season 6 Part 1 on Amazon Prime Video. Since then, you have the entire show and series there.

Netflix has also achieved rights for the show in some areas, like South Asia. You can find the complete collection of all Season 6 and 20 episodes on Netflix. So that is another option available for you to stream Vikings Season 6.



Vikings Season 6 Part 1 was certainly a treat to many, while Part 2 brought it to complete closure. We finally get the King Of all Norway in the Vikings, and it is worth looking forward to what we might receive in the upcoming ‘Spin-off.’

Season 6 Part 2 is out and about. You can go ahead and watch it now on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, whichever has them. While the Spin-off is set to release later in 2021, it might take a little longer due to the production as much more.

Either way, Season 6, Part 2 is a great finale and finally a satisfactory ending.

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