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Watch Dogs: Legion has finally received the most awaited update in February after its initial release on October 29 (2020).  After the initial release, Watch Dogs: Legion was supposed to get an online mode in December. It would bring the standard 4-player co-op gameplay and some major additions to content, stories, and events. However, the update for multiplayer got delayed.

Watch Dogs Legion

The gaming companies have been rushing the release of games so much that we also received an array of bugs and errors.  After teasing us for so long, Ubisoft has finally brought us Title Update 3.0, also known as Update Patch 1.10.  This update not only provides us some most-needed bug fixes but also prepares us for online multiplayer gameplay. Let’s have a look.

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Everything About Watch Dogs: Legion Update

The updates for the Watch Dogs: Legion are divided into two segments. There were those available for all consoles, while Ubisoft also released PC fixes separately. Here’s a quick overview:

Updates For Every Console!

The error regarding disabled sound effects after starting a new game or resuming the game has received the fix. Open-world audio glitch and stutter also received a revamp. The audio-bug behind the game crashes was also eliminated.

The black screen error for the starting point of the race in Borough Uprising Misson of Tower Hamlets is fixed. Additionally, you won’t get a black screen or game freeze for using the Phone or Pause Menu after using the keyboard to hijack the chase drone in Borough Uprising Mission (Westminster and Camden). Another black screen issue with operative swap after getting drunk also received its hotfix.

watch dogs legion update

Pedestrians will now dodge the vehicles driven by players appropriately. Similarly, civilians won’t spin in a single place when attempting to flee anymore. Another NPC fix with the Protest Leader’s megaphone and its effect in Red Zones received a revamp.

Game crashes received significant attention. The game won’t crash anymore when loading the world or exiting the main menu.  Game freeze during the switch between Phone and Pause also received the fix for Borough Uprising Mission, especially when using Spiderbot. The recruitment mission where the mission won’t restart after force quitting or game crash also got fixed.

Operative swap screen and infinite save load after operative death won’t be a problem anymore. The Parcel Fox activity and Operating Swap problem with the Mission Aborted message is rectified. Prestige operatives won’t become active again with the op-swap or death screen abuse in Permadeath. Safehouse entry walk-up animation won’t disable the keypad while swapping operative.

Watch Dogs: Legion Updates For The PC –

Almost every annoying game crash problem has received the fix. Deleting the save file won’t cause the game to crash. Rebooting the game in Direct X12 mode won’t make it crash, either. More importantly, the gameplay tab changes from the main menu won’t cause the game to crash. Quitting to the main menu after completing the mission or exiting the benchmark in video settings won’t crash the game. Attempting to hack a person or vehicle or operative death with permadeath won’t cause the game to crash. And, of course, the engine bug crash is fixed.

Watch Dogs Legion

Apart from the crashes, graphics performance and revamps were also fixed. Pre-sets for AMD 6 received major revamps while MSI Ambient-link engagement received the fix. There won’t be any more random FPS drops, either. Enabling HDR won’t trigger the black screen anymore. Launching the game after enabling HDR won’t show graphical artifacts anymore.

Similarly, aim assist won’t have a wider area on higher resolution screens.  If you turn off the camera effects, the camera shake won’t happen anymore.  Finally, AMD Video cards visual effects and dynamic lighting with Tobii Light Adaptation also received their respective fixes.  Vehicle and shadow lighting also received the tweaks.

Black screen while interacting with the tube station and hacking the camera won’t happen anymore. The game won’t freeze when quitting the main menu.

Other updates for PC:

  • Now players can select the data menu app with the Tobii device.
  • Clicking won’t auto-load the first save anymore.
  • Photosharing is now available on borders of different boroughs.
  • The Player’s operative state saves on the forced operative swap.
  • The game will pause if the player is on the Gallery screen (And alt-tabbed)
  • Switching spoken languages won’t stop menu music.
  • Autodrive won’t disable automatically.
  • Better user interface and fixes on unblockable options
  • Tobii UI functionality and HUD elements

Other Significant Global Updates:

  • Power From The People mission received the most-awaited fix for the ‘cinematic’ view after talking to Hamish.
  • Objects will finally load after the cinematic of the ‘Lost And Found’ Mission.
  • No more bug-abuse for ‘Hijack The News Drone’ for Drone Expert or Livestreamer operative.
  • The Clocktower puzzle (impossible to complete bug) is fixed for the Borough Uprising Mission.
  • Neutralized VIP markers received the fix.
  • Albion guards can’t disable the hijacked CT drone anymore (Lambeth Borough Uprising Mission).
  • Fixed the mission complete status for destroying the mission drone at Walkie Talkie Club.
  • Fixed the random spawn bug after leaving the Walkie Talkie building.
  • Football hooligans can’t spawn allies inside areas where they would be unable to follow the player.
  • Fixed the issue with the ping function to locate Personal Drones and objects
  • The problem with the playback regarding Camden and Westminster celebration also received a fixed.
  • Deleting pictures from My Photo won’t refresh and show just one picture anymore.
  • Players can’t escape high-level felonies by hiding in the Subway anymore.
  • The map radar for Albion AI and Clan Kelly is revamped.
  • The visuals and graphics for outfits also received polishing.
  • AR cloak invisibility bug for Halo and Snake now works optimally.
  • ‘Investigate the Stage’ objective after Moscow Rules Mission now works and progresses.
  • Podcasts will not restart if you exit the vehicle and enter it again immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can You Play Watch Dogs Legion On Next-Gen Consoles?

Yes. Watch Dogs Legion is finally available for almost every console. You can play it on a PC console,  PS4, or Xbox One. It is also available for next-gen console PS5, and Xbox Series X and S. The game also supports cross-progression and saves data in your account. Hence, you can play it anywhere, anytime.


Why Isn’t The Update Available For Other Consoles?

The Update Title 3.0 will arrive for other consoles two weeks later than the PC update. If you haven’t received the update for your console yet, it would be fitting to wait at least 2 weeks.


Is Watch Dogs: Legion Finally Multiplayer?

Not yet. Watch Dogs: Legion was supposed to become Multiplayer with 4 player co-op on 3rd December 2020. However, due to several errors in the gameplay, it got delayed. Hopefully, it is bound to release in the early half of 2021.



That covers almost everything you need to know regarding the release date and the latest news regarding Watch Dogs Legion updates from Ubisoft.

All of these were most-awaited fixes that would now finally make the game viable to play. We can potentially receive multiplayer-mode in the coming month or two. So go ahead. Finally, you can play as anymore, just like the game intended.

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