Where to watch shark tank

Well, many great shows are available on Netflix but not streaming in the states. And Shark Tank happens to be one of them. If you are curious about where to watch Shark Tank, you have landed on the right page.

Where To Watch Shark Tank

In this post, we have covered various platforms where you can watch Shark Tank without any hassle. So, get your device ready, and let the post begin!

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Brief Information About Shark Tank:

Shark Tank is a real business series streaming since 2009 with excellent reviews over the years. Endeavoring entrepreneurs worldwide present their business ideas in front of the panel of investors “The Sharks”, hoping for them to invest in their ideas to start, grow or save their businesses.

shark tank on abc

Shark tank has won many notable awards for its outstanding rating success in its period. They have won four Emmy awards in a row for Outstanding Structured Reality.

Where To Watch Shark Tank? 

Shark tank is a television series that is aired on ABC. But if you are to watch it online, a few platforms are being streamed. For all the Netflix subscribers, unfortunately, Shark Tank is not available on Netflix. Though it is an American show, the Netflix US library doesn’t have it onboard.

where to watch shark tank

However, you don’t need to be disappointed if Shark Tank does not stream on Netflix. Other than Netflix, Shark Tank is streaming on few different platforms:

  • Hulu: All the Hulu subscribers are a little lucky, as Shark Tank is streaming on Hulu. All the episodes of the first eight seasons are on Hulu. And you can enjoy them without any interruption.
  • Amazon Prime: Shark Tank is also available on Amazon Prime. The first ten seasons are available, but they aren’t free with prime membership. It costs you around $1.99 per episode and approximately $14.99 for a complete season.
  • iTunes: iTunes has 11 seasons of shark tank streaming. You have to pay to watch it here too, but it is a little more than Amazon prime. It will cost you around $14.99 and $19.99.
  • YouTube TV: YouTube TV provides 85 channels every month, which includes ABC that streams shark tank. It gives you a free trial for a certain period, and after that, they charge around $64.99 per month.

Microsoft Store also streams Shark Tank with the same charges as iTunes. They also have an option to buy or rent the complete series. Vudu and FandangoNOW also provide the same opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is shark tank available on Netflix?

No, Shark Tank is not available on Netflix. They do not have access to shark tank episodes. However, you can watch Shark Tank on Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube TV, or iTunes.


Can I watch shark tank on Amazon?

Yes, you can watch Shark Tank on Amazon. It streams ten seasons of Shark Tank.


How many shark tank seasons are there?

Total, there are 12 seasons of Shark Tank. The last 12th season came on air last year, October 2020.


Can I watch shark tank on HBO, max?

No, unfortunately, Shark Tank does not stream on HBO max.



Shark tank has been one of the top-rated American TV shows. But there are not many platforms that stream the show. A few provide it for free, and others charge for it. However, paying for streaming the show is worth the money.

We hope you found your answers on where you can stream Shark Tank. Which streaming platform do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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