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YouTube does not need an introduction. Be it school lessons that you have missed or a necessary software update that you do not know to install, and YouTube comes to your aid. Chad Hurley founded this video streaming and video-sharing giant, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim on the 14th of February 2005.

Watching YouTube on TV

It has its headquarters in San Bruno, California. Susan Wojcicki is the present CEO of YouTube. According to Statista 2019, YouTube has about 2 Billion users having a net revenue of 1514.9 crores USD as of 2019. Google bought Youtube in November 2006, which is why it is now a subsidiary.

Need for YouTube TV:

With several cable operators providing us channels, the question that arises is why YouTube TV? The answer to this is simple: It entertains us and proves to be economical compared to cable options. Here are a few features why you should consider YouTube TV:

  • It has smart navigation, which makes live TV shows easily accessible.
  • Subscribers can record shows of their choice that stay downloaded for 90 days according to the cloud DVR storage space limits.
  • As long as you have a stable internet connection (approximately 60 Mbps download speed), you will not experience buffering issues or display error messages.
  • The economic factor is that you can get entertainment utterly free of cost.

As compared to the cheapest cable TV connection, YouTube TV saves you a minimum of $33. It is how YouTube saves money by cutting the cord without giving up your must-have channels. With YouTube TV, you get  6 accounts per household at the cost of one subscription.


How to Watch Youtube TV on Television?

Many readers wonder how to go about watching Youtube on your TV devices. The process is quite simple for the majority of us. We can easily stream through the different platforms available.

The Youtube app works on all Smart TV devices and gaming consoles. If you also have a media house PC setup, it will benefit you. We recommend that you try it out today for your help.

Steps to watch YouTube TV on TV:

Step #1: Go to your TV’s app menu and check if it has the YouTube app pre-installed. If it is not, search for it in the TV manufacturer’s app store. On most smart TV devices, youtube is already available for your use.
YouTube On TV

Step #2: The user can log in using their Google account by filling in their username and password. After logging in, you will now see everything you see on your mobile and desktop versions like videos, playlists, and YouTube recommendations.
Sign In to YouTube

Step #3: If you want to control your YouTube with your desktop PC, tablet, laptop, phone, or any other device other than your TV’s remote, you can connect your device to your TV using a specially generated code. Navigate to the settings icon at the bottom left of the YouTube app and select the option ‘Link with TV code.’
Watch YouTube On TV

Step #4: Note down the TV code, which can be available in step 3. Open the YouTube app on any of your devices and select ‘Settings’ from your profile icon. Next, tap ‘Watch on TV’ and then ‘Enter TV Code’ and type the code you noted down initially.

Step #5: Similarly, you can also connect your Desktop PC or laptop with your TV in the same way. Just visit  and enter the code from your Television in the box labeled ‘Link with TV code’ and then click on ‘Add this TV.’

How to Disconnect a Device?

When you open the YouTube app on your Television, you’ll get the settings icon at the bottom left. Tap the ‘Linked Devices’ and select ‘Remove all devices’, or you can also disconnect all devices individually.

Features of Youtube on TV:

Youtube on Television makes it simple for users to watch free content online. Millions of creators upload regularly. We recommend you utilize the service for easy use. It is ideal for people to start by streaming effectively on the platform. Try it out today and get a great entertainment experience. Here are the steps.

1. Voice commands

Watching Youtube on Television is comfortable with the application. Users get the accessibility feature of voice actions on the platform. It is ideal for those who require long-term experience. We recommend that you try this feature out today. The smart TV remote will help you out with voice commands and search.

2. HD Streaming

The resolution of your TV plays a huge part in deciding the quality of content streaming. Users can easily stream at 1080P and a higher rate. You need to have high-speed internet to support this streaming quality. Overall the experience is quite beneficial for those who are signing up.

3. Multi-tasking

Many smart TV devices can easily stream content through youtube and do productivity through another. It is a feature that is available currently only on a few models. We like this feature and enjoy the fantastic benefits of the app.

It is just the tip of the iceberg for users on the platform. We recommend that you try it out today and start experiencing entertainment on the big screens.

Other Options:

Youtube also comes with a Live TV channel streaming service. It is currently available only in the USA. Users can watch multiple channels with a premium subscription. The cost is relatively low in comparison to other DTH services.

Your overall streaming experience will be quite significant. Users can find extraordinary results on this platform. It will help you to shift to a completely wireless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I watch YouTube on my TV for free?

YouTube TV is available on most smart TVs. You have to download the YouTube TV app. If you want a YouTube TV subscription for free, then subscribe to its free trial. Complete all the steps to claim the free trial. After that, you can easily enjoy YouTube TV for a short period of time.


Should I get YouTube TV?

If you’re tired of cable networks and want to get rid of it, then you should get YouTube TV for sure. It is the best alternative to a cable box because it also offers live channels in an affordable amount.


Can I share YouTube TV?

You can share your YouTube TV subscription with up to 5 people without paying extra. The YouTube TV subscription comes with extra Google services as well, which can also be shared with other people.


How do I add another TV to my YouTube TV?

Open YouTube TV on a browser>click on your profile>click on the family sharing option>Set up another TV from the YouTube TV app. If you still can’t access it then you can check out their help center.



So ultimately, your best bet will be to give YouTube a trial run to see if it fits your needs or not. Google provides a one-week free trial for anyone who wants to try it and experience its features. You do not have to pay a month’s subscription cost. You can register on your desktop computer via a web browser and enjoy your free trial.

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