Go back to when you received the courier package for the first time. As the delivery guy knocks at your door, and you open the door to receive it for the first time was…Wonderful!

Unwrapping the bubble wrappers and taking out your laptop from the layers of carefully packaged wrappings was a soothing experience. But have you ever wondered what goes behind the scene of packaging these products? How do they pack all of your orders? More importantly, what is the different types of packages?

Ecommerce businesses are expanding overwhelmingly. As a result, the requirements for good quality packaging are important. In addition, many brands consider quality an integral part of their service to the customers. As a result, it has an overall impression on its reputation.

In this article, we will talk about different types of packaging.

Different Types Of Packaging

Here are some of the different types of packaging that you need to know about-

Paperboard Boxes

The paper board is a packaging material made of paper. Paper boards are lightweight and strong.

The manufacturers can easily cut and shape it in different structures and shapes. These packages are ideal for personalized packaging and are made of wood or paper waste.

Strong yet lightweight, the paperboard packages are great and are used for various product packaging. For instance, medicines, cosmetics, beverages are some of the examples.

Glass Bottles And Jars

Glass bottles are the best product packages if you are thinking of a good product package for hygiene. It is nonporous, impermeable, and is good for retaining the quality of a product. In addition, these containers are good for both heat and cool temperatures.

As the glass packages or jars can retain the quality of the products, they are generally used for packaging edible products and medicines. Jams, jelly, milk, pickles, juice, drinks, and liquid medicines are some of the products that are packaged using glass bottles and jars.

Corrugated boxes

This is another method of packaging that has a wide range of use. But what are Corrugated boxes? Well, the corrugated boxes are widely known as cardboards. These packages come in different varieties. They vary based on the strength and durability of the material.

Mostly recycled papers are used to produce corrugated boxes. The papers consist of three layers and are quite formidable protectors of the product packaged inside these packages. The corrugated boxes are used for retail packaging goods, consumer goods, pizza boxes, toys, and so much more.

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Plastic Boxes

Plastic materials have replaced lots of materials since they have come to use. Glass, leather, wood, and other materials were replaced because of plastic. But, just as plastics have the negative side of the environment, they also have advantages.

Plastic packages are more durable than paper board and glass packages. Airtight packaging of food can keep the quality of the food packages. Plastic packages are recyclable. Unlike glass bottles, plastic packages do not break easily.

Plastic packages are used in packaging almost all types of products, from food, medicines, snacks, cosmetics, electronics, and so much more. Read more about Best Free YouTube To MP3 Converters.

Rigid Boxes

All the luxury and costly products are packaged using rigid box packages. If you don’t remember, the iPhone, Rolex, and other expensive products are packaged using rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are premium quality cardboard and offer more protection than the normal paperboard or cardboard packaging. The rigid boxes are four times thicker than the cardboard used in standard packaging. These are highly condensed paperboards and are stringer.

High-end tech, cosmetics, luxury couture, are packaged using rigid boxes.

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Poly Bags

Polybags are the most noticeable packaging medium. This packaging material is made out of thin, flexible plastic fabric.

This common packaging medium can contain almost everything. Besides packing products, plastic bags are widely in use.

Polybags are durable, recyclable, and can be used for various product packaging. It can pack foods, beverages, flowers, medicines, clothes, and waste. In addition, it is easily customizable and is cost-effective. Because of its various benefits, it is the most used packaging medium.

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Chipboard Packaging

Chipboards are made out of reclaimed paperboard and are used for packaging products such as medical, food, electronics, and beverages. The chipboards are easily foldable and easy to reshape. If you are looking for a cost-effective packaging option, this is a great option.

The density of the chipboards varies according to their usages. Therefore, if you want to pack heavy goods, you must not use chipboards.

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Are you planning a business? If packaging products for your business is what you are looking for, then the options in the article will be helpful to you. We have talked about various packaging types and their use cases. So, according to you, which of the packaging processes is most cost-effective and eco-friendly? Let us know.