Businesses looking for affordable yet feature-rich hosting have their needs and expectations met by the creation of IONOS web host. It has designed a selection of packages that fit both small and entrepreneurship customers’ needs.

You may find both positive and negative reviews about this provider, but you need to look at the evaluation criteria. For instance, read this hostadvice review of IONOS and see why they have rated them so low.

Anyways, let’s take a look at a positive review of their performance as well as their plans.


Since loading times affect traffic rates, rankings in search engines, and user experience, every website owner should look for a reliable provider that can guarantee the smooth operation of their website. For this reason, it is important to examine the uptime and downtime warranties offered by a host.

While uptime demonstrates how long a site is operational, downtime demonstrates how often the same website is unavailable to users. Although there will never be 100% uptime, the finest hosting providers make every effort to come as near as they can. And IONOS is one of them, boasting a 99.98% uptime rate, which is very remarkable.

What IONOS offers:

Shared Hosting

Due to its affordability, shared web hosting is one of the most used forms of web hosting. By choosing shared hosting, you may share server fees and system resources with the many other websites that are also housed on the same server. Although shared hosting is the most basic hosting solution, sometimes, it is all you will need for your website.

For shared hosting plans, regular monthly fees are charged, but you can save money by registering for multi-month or annual packages. At IONOS, you can select a one-month plan from any package tier.

VPS Hosting

A more sophisticated kind of shared hosting is VPS hosting. It’s a more robust hosting plan that enables your website to use more server resources. Although VPS hosting isn’t precisely inexpensive, the cost isn’t out of reach either. You’re less likely to have slow server speed, which is characteristic of shared hosting.

The cloud-powered VPS services from IONOS provide the essential resources for creating a website that can withstand the demands of the internet more robustly than standard shared web hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is growing in demand and popularity. It is a new hosting alternative that is different from traditional hosting. Cloud hosting uses network technologies, so instead of relying on a single server for power, it relies on a network of several servers. Because of this, cloud hosting is extremely dependable.

With multiple tiers of managed and unmanaged cloud hosting with Linux or Windows operating systems, IONOS has fully embraced cloud hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

For non-cloud hosting, there is nothing better than dedicated hosting. It is the best and most powerful traditional hosting solution.

This hosting option enables your site to utilize all of the resources of one single server. There is no resource sharing among users since it is one website per server. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive solution out of all.

WordPress Hosting

The most widely used CMS in the world, WordPress is versatile enough to run both a blog and the website of a big company. There are two methods for setting up WordPress on an IONOS server. Either a managed WordPress service or a standard server.

WordPress hosting is widely demanded since half of the sites on the internet are created using WordPress.


IONOS is the leading provider of cloud technology, cloud solutions, and hosting services in Europe, with over 8 million customers. Among traditional and nontraditional hosting services, they offer things like relevant domains, up-to-date websites, expert marketing tools, and eCommerce builders.