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For rendering 3-D art and design to playing the newest and latest games, we all need a Graphics card. Ever wanted to know what graphics card your PC has?  Whether you want to play the newest games and are not sure if your PC will allow due to lower graphic settings or want to know about the graphics card that your PC has, then go deep into the post to know how to check what graphics card you have.

How to Check What Graphics Card You Have

As you read ahead, you will figure out which graphics card your PC has in the most straightforward method.

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How to Check What Graphics Card You Have in Windows?

In windows, you can check what graphics card you have by following these simple steps:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and click on “task manager,” or you could press windows and ESC to open it.
    open task manager
  • From the tabs above, click on “performance.” If you don’t find any tabs, click on “more info” and then select GPU 0ption.
    Performance option on taskmanager

If your system has more GPUs, you will see GPU1 and so on in the same window.

An Alternative Method Used is:

  • Open Start and type “Device Manager,” and press Enter.
  • Now, please navigate to the option of Display Adapters and select it.
    know GPU From Device Manager
  • Press on the drop-down arrow, and you get the name of your GPU.

For Windows 7 and older version, follow these steps to check the Graphics card:

  • Press the Windows button + R. Open the DirectX diagnostic tool to find the graphic card’s relevant information.
  • Type “dxdiag” in the run dialogue that appears, press Enter.
    run dxdiag command
  • In the device section, click on the “display” option.

It also mentions other features as VROM of your GPU in this section.

Finding model number and manufacturer:

To find the model number and manufacturer, put in some extra effort. By using the third-party app, Speccy, you can find the manufacturer.

  • Download the free version of this app to Click Here.
  • The next step is to set it up on your PC.
  • Select the “graphics” option from the sidebar.
  • Navigate to the Subvendor entry. This will let you know who made the actual card for your PC.

If you want to find the model number, be it for any purpose. Here’s how you can find it. Either search for the receipt in your emails if you had purchased the Graphics card online.

Or open up your PC.

Find the graphics card, find the sticker on it, and you have the exact model number. We recommend you note it down somewhere as you might need it in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need a graphics card if I don’t play games?

Even if you don’t play games but are into editing, you might need a Graphics card. Editing of any type like the photo, video editing will be better with a Graphics card. Any 3-D art and design will work pretty efficiently with its use.


How do I check my Graphics card on Mac?

To check about your Graphics card on Mac, have a look at the system information overview. It will list the name and type of your Graphics card under Graphics. To know more about it, click on the System report visible on the left side of your screen. It will direct you to another window. Here in the hardware section, click on Graphics and Display to know more about the Graphics card.


Which graphics card do I need for gaming?

We recommend you buy any graphics card with at least 6GB of memory. For gaming experience at 1080 and high definition view, we recommend 8 GB memory Graphics cards.



And that’s how you can check what graphics card your PC has! Although checking the graphics card is nothing challenging, you must carefully follow the steps mentioned above. We recommend you to get a more memory Graphics card as it lets you play games with higher graphical settings.

To check the model number and manufacturer, follow the above steps. We also recommend you write it down for future references. We hope you liked our article about how to check your Graphics card. If you get stuck or need help, drop your queries in the comments section below.

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