medicine and treatment for drug addiction

Effective drug addiction treatment requires a multipurpose approach that works on the physical, mental, psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual levels. Addiction affects every part of your body. The best rehab clinics rely on a comprehensive drug addiction treatment plan that covers all aspects of your specific needs and also includes all the tools available for long-term recovery.

The rehabilitation center with the highest success rate, such as Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic & Rehabilitation Center, continuously maintains and improves drug addiction rehabilitation statistics. Most hospitals report a relapse of 40 to 60 percent of cases among those undergoing formal treatment. But the drug rehabilitation center in Islamabad has much lower relapse rates due to a focused approach to relapse prevention.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options

Holistic drug rehabilitation takes into account a large number of substances with severe mental and physical consequences. These treatment centers create special programs that can help in each case. For example, the detoxification of cocaine requires a rehabilitation program other than opioid detoxification.

The Best Rehabilitation Center offers treatment for a wide range of substance use disorders, including:

  • Methamphetamine addiction treatment
  • Marijuana addiction treatment
  • Treatment of LSD addiction
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Oxycodone addiction treatment
  • Methadone addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Drug addiction treatment

The first stage of drug addiction rehabilitation

When you make the decision to go to one of the best drug addiction treatment centers, you are taking the first step towards recovery and a new healthy life. Whether you have come to addiction treatment because your friends and family have given you an ultimatum, or you have been sent for compulsory treatment by court order, or you yourself are ready to start a new life without drugs, you have a chance to be free.

You will first go through a physical examination and interview. If you need to undergo detoxification to begin treatment, your physical cleansing phase will be monitored by a physician and other personnel trained to detoxify your specific substance. And at all stages of drug addiction treatment, you will be monitored by a psychiatrist who will help you cope with additional symptoms and prescribe the necessary medications for you if you have a dual diagnosis.

13 principles of drug addiction treatment

The 13 Fundamental Principles deemed essential to ensure the best outcome in drug addiction treatment follows the basic principle respected by the best drug addiction treatment centers:

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. You need a personalized plan; your progress is happening at your own pace, which is different from others.
  2. Substance abuse treatment should be provided to you when you are ready. Asking the addict to wait for a place in a hospital is in many cases the difference between life and death. You should get help when you are ready.
  3. Recovery is all about multitasking. Treatment should cover all aspects of your recovery, not just removing drugs from your body.
  4. Flexibility is tantamount to the drug addiction treatment process. Your individual needs may change during the rehabilitation process. The staff should be ready to change as needed to meet your needs.
  5. The treatment takes time. Adequate treatment is up to you. It can vary from 10 to 90 days. In addition to the progress you are making, the ability to continue treatment with sufficient resources to support you also plays a role in how long you stay in treatment.
  6. Conversation therapy plays an important role during effective treatment. Both group therapy and one-to-one behavioral counseling with a specially trained drug abuse counselor are a must for your effective treatment.
  7. Medical supervision is vital. Constant medical supervision is necessary in order to prescribe the necessary medications for you in a timely manner. Recovering from some drugs is best done with medication, while others rely mainly on drugs to prevent relapse.
  8. Dual diagnoses must be recognized. Substance abuse treatment will not work unless the associated mental health problems are addressed at the same time. All diagnoses must be disclosed.
  9. Detoxification is the very first step towards the treatment of individuals. You need enough time to learn and integrate the rest of the steps into your treatment for long-term recovery.
  10. Coercion can be just as effective as voluntary drug addiction treatment. It is not always important for what reasons you start addiction treatment, it is important that you do it.
  11. Addiction treatment centers need to be vigilant. Drug abuse among rehab patients is possible, but staff must maintain constant vigilance to identify rule breakers.
  12. Drug addiction treatment methods should include testing for infectious diseases. Diseases such as HIV and hepatitis are widespread in drug-abusing communities.
  13. Recovery lasts much longer than the end of treatment. While the importance of drug addiction treatment cannot be overstated, abuse treatment is a lifelong process. Long-term recovery is possible even for those who relapse and return to treatment multiple times.