The fee structure of symbiosis pune for ba llb


Symbiosis Pune BA LLB is one of the most renowned and reputed colleges in India. It has been providing quality education to students for many years now and it has always maintained high standards of education. The fee structure at this university is also very reasonable considering its reputation, which makes it very attractive for all students who want to pursue their studies here

Why study BA LLB at Symbiosis Pune

The college offers a well-rounded education and has been ranked as one of the best colleges in India. It offers courses in humanities, commerce, and law, which are meant to provide you with an excellent foundation on which to build your career. The management team at Symbiosis Pune is highly experienced and they have created a very supportive environment for students through their various activities like sports events, workshops, etc., which helps them focus on what matters most – their studies.

The college has a very active student community which is an excellent resource for you to tap into. You will find other like-minded students who are eager to help each other out and this will make your days in college much more enjoyable. The campus has a variety of amenities including Wi-Fi connectivity, medical facilities, restaurants, etc.

If you are interested in studying law at Symbiosis Pune, it is a good idea to know what is the fee structure of this college. The fees for the BA LLB course are as follows:

  • Hostel/Lodge charges – Rs. 14000/- per month (Rs. 2200/- per day)
  • Hall & Mess charges – Rs. 5000/- for each semester and an additional service charge of Rs. 1500/- will be charged if you don’t have your mess space at your own cost

. You can download your fee structure from the official website of Symbiosis Pune.

How expensive is the fee of this college

The fee structure of Symbiosis Pune is affordable. The college charges a reasonable amount for the courses and facilities offered by it.

The fee structure is also reasonable for middle-class family students because the institution does not have any additional charges like accommodation or other expenses like transport, etc., which makes it an ideal choice for all those who wish to pursue their education from a reputed institution in Pune city.

The fee structure includes the charges for admission, which is Rs. 15,000 plus additional fees of Rs. 2,500 for all courses. The fees for the first year are Rs. 48,500 and subsequent years are Rs. 51,000.

So students don’t stress a lot regarding fees.

The fee structure of Symbiosis Pune is very reasonable. The college has a very low fee structure and students don’t have to worry about paying huge amounts of money for their tuition fees every semester.

The best part about this college is that it offers scholarships and fellowships for students who are pursuing an LLB program in the said institution. Students can avail of these benefits by filling up their applications before the closing date of admissions (which is usually conducted during November-December).

The college also provides its students with a scholarship scheme. It is a merit-based scholarship that is awarded to students who excel academically and go on to make a mark in their field of study. The amount of money awarded through this scholarship varies from year to year but generally, it is a very lucrative benefit as it covers all or part of the student’s tuition fee.

This college offers a fair price for the quality it provides.

Symbiosis Pune is a good college to study LLB and it offers fair prices for the quality it provides. The college provides a good infrastructure for the students and also has a good faculty that can help you in your studies.

The college also provides good facilities to the students like a library, computer lab, and other amenities that can help you in your studies. The college also organizes many events and competitions for the students which helps them to learn more about their subjects and get motivated to study.

The college is located on a large campus and has many facilities like a gym, cafeteria, and playgrounds that can help you in your studies. The college organizes many events every year for the students which helps them to get motivated and learn more about their subjects.


So, if you want to start a new career and make the most of your life then Symbiosis Pune is the best college in India. The college is known for its affordable fees and quality education provided by experienced faculties.