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A good team determines the success of any organization, be it a marketing agency or any other company. Having a team that is well-knitted is very important. If the team is not properly gelled in, multiple issues can arise which makes things difficult for everyone at work. In any kind of team, there are people from different educational and social backgrounds. And when people from diverse backgrounds come to work together. There are many things that need to be considered otherwise problems may arise.

What makes a good team?

The success of a team in an advertising agency depends on the below-mentioned factors:

  1.   Role of the manager/leadership
  2.   The spirit of teamwork
  3.   Motivation to succeed

These three factors are important for any team and determine the success or failure of that team or company. We will talk in detail about these factors and how they impact the performance of the team.

Role of the manager/leadership

A good manager or a leader has to have some qualities which are very important for success. And the smooth working of any team. If he or she is not performing their duties well. It could become the cause of major issues within the team. And also badly affect the efficiency and accuracy of the work. That is required from that particular team.

So, it is very important that the managers or team leaders understand their job well. Before they assign anything to the team members. They should have a clear idea of how they want to take the team forward and through what strategy.

It is also important that the team leader and the team have a shared vision. Regarding the type of work, they want to deliver. When the team leader and the team members are on the same page. It becomes easier for everyone to focus on their work and perform well in their duties. The whole process gets streamlined and everything gets done on time with plenty of time for improvements. This practice determines the success of the whole team in a marketing agency.

If the team lead fails to perform all these steps or practices, the team might suffer, causing great damage to the company.


The spirit of teamwork

Another important factor which makes a good team is the spirit of teamwork. And this spirit can only be developed if the team is well knitted and understands the importance of individual and collective responsibility. For the team members, being responsible is the most important quality to have. A responsible person performs their duties well and on time, making things easier and smoother for everyone else.

And if the same individual is careless and does not take his/her tasks seriously. It would make things difficult for everyone at work. People are dependent on each other when they work in teams. This dependency could float the team ship or sink it. If everyone is not on board with the rules or ethics that are set for teamwork.

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Motivation to Succeed

Motivation is another important factor that determines the success of a printing agency or any team. Motivated individuals perform their duties well and spread positive energy inside the office as well. They know what is required of them and they are also happy to apply themselves whenever there is a new challenge. In contrast, if individuals in a team are not motivated in a marketing agency. They will not be happy or forthcoming in taking up responsibilities or challenges. They would not perform their tasks well. Nor would they be able to meet deadlines and this would cause lag in overall work and affect the performance of the whole team badly.

And no organization wants unmotivated individuals, and to prevent this. Management has to play some roles and take a few steps in order to keep the team motivated. And those steps require a separate article.


To summarize it all up. I would like to say that the success or failure of any team depends on the aforementioned factors. And other little things that every office-going individual must already know. A marketing agency requires a good team as does any other company no matter what industry it belongs to.