It makes every sense to rent a car for vacation. With the inconvenience of public transport and the expensive nature of buying a car, you can always rent a car regardless of driving for leisure or business purposes. However, consider certain important and valuable factors when renting a car. In this article, we have discussed what you should know when renting a car to reduce the overall cost. 

Additional Drivers Always Cost More


Rental car agencies will charge a fee for every additional driver added to the policy. Just because you have people who can drive doesn’t mean you register them to drive the car. While you can register over two drivers to share the driving load, consider keeping it to one person if the driving distance is short to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Your Standard Auto Insurance Covers Your Rental Period

Be mindful of the insurance cost, especially if you’re already covered with your car insurance policy. Only buy the rental insurance if you have exhausted all other options. If you don’t have sufficient insurance coverage, always ask and check the cost beforehand to avoid paying an unnecessary exorbitant fee. 

In most cases, your standard auto insurance covers you during the rental period. However, check the rental insurance and know the terms. For example, if you buy rental car insurance from the company, they don’t report any accidents to your insurance, meaning your rates won’t go up. It’s also unlikely that you incur costs for any deductible, especially on longer trips, even though the daily costs can add up quickly.

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Car.

Rental Car

Before you sign up for a rental contract, inspect the car. Just like renting an apartment, house or any other property, it’s always wise to perform a thorough inspection before deciding to rent the car. Don’t rush into signing the contract without checking both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure, before renting any Land Rover, consider studying some land rover discovery roof hack for quality and suitability if you have too much luggage to accommodate. It’s also advisable to use your phone’s camera to take photos and avoid any conflict or dispute upon returning the rental car.

Ask What Fuel the Rental Car Uses

Unless you want to pay double the fuel cost by leaving the car tank empty upon returning, ensure you know what kind of fuel the car uses to be on the safe side. One of the standard rules is to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle since rental car companies overcharge drivers who don’t return a fully gassed-up vehicle. 

Car rentals have a fuel policy where some companies offer a full tank while others provide a prepaid option. You can get a cheaper fuel rate if you choose the prepaid option. You’ll pay twice or three times more if you allow the agency to fill the tank for you. 

Bring Your Extras

When renting a car for vacation, little things such as child safety seats, DVD players, and GPS systems can add up quickly. It will save you some money if you bring these travel extras yourself. If the rental car already has the unnecessary extras, you can ask to remove them or get a new vehicle so that you don’t have to be stuck with a higher bill. The car rental agency will always charge a daily rate for convenience when you use their extras.

Know Your Credit Card Policies on Rental

Before using a credit card to rent a car, verify what your credit card policy covers. Sometimes there are issues regarding car damages, fees, and extra covered on the credit card that can raise the cost. Credit card companies also don’t always take care of misunderstandings. It’s also advisable to use a credit card and not a debit card when picking up the car. The agencies charge an authorization amount and assess a substantial additional incremental hold when using a debit card.

Know What Type of Roads You’ll Be Traveling

If you’re planning an off-road vacation, work with the rental agency that sends out those types of cars. However, if you don’t find such a rental agency, stay on the paved road. You won’t find many rental agencies that allow you to take a rental car off-road.

Driving the rental car on gravel and uneven surfaces can damage the tires and incur higher costs. You will also violate your rental agreement if you go in the mud with a rental car. The cost of getting the car unstuck from the mud and cleaned falls on you.

Avoid Airport Car Rentals


Finally, yet importantly, avoid renting a car at the airport. You may be tempted to rent a car at the airport counter because of the convenience. However, they usually charge higher than usual due to higher demand than supply. While it’s easy to pick up a car at the airport, you don’t realize the risk of paying higher if you pick a rental car at the airport. Request a cab to take you to your car rental shop that is not on Airport grounds. 

The Bottom Line

When planning to rent a car for business or leisure, it’s always important to be informed. It’s always wise to beware of hidden fees that a company renting a car has. Just because a car rental agency puts up a low-price rate per day doesn’t mean so. Therefore, ensure you read the fine print to avoid incurring extra fees and follow all the required brightness.