Bed Sheets

Winter is the most boring season of the year. It’s cold and can be depressing if you don’t have the right bed sheets on your bed. So, what should you consider when buying bed sheets for winter? Below is the detailed discussion from 10.5 tog double duvet to thread count. Keep on reading.

The Fabric

When purchasing bed sheets, you should consider their fabric. The fabric of your bed sheets should be breathable, soft and comfortable, durable, and long-lasting for a good night’s sleep. They should also be easy to clean to last the whole winter without losing their freshness. Bedding made from 100% cotton is the best material for bedding because it has excellent absorbency, which means that you will have no problem keeping yourself warm when you are sleeping on them at night when it’s cold outside. Suppose you use polyester or synthetic materials for making your bedding.

Thread Count

A 300-thread count sheet will have 300 threads per square inch, while a 500-thread count will have 500 threads per square inch. Higher thread counts mean that the material is finer and softer to touch. However, they are also more expensive than lower ones.

A higher thread count means more durable bed sheets and better quality sleep for you because these sheets will keep their shape longer than cheaper ones which are likely to wrinkle easily or lose their elasticity over time.

Color of the Sheets

  • White and cream are the best colors for your sheets. They will not show stains and are warmer and more comfortable to sleep in. If you want a bolder color, consider blue, as it offers much-needed warmth during winter. It also helps keep away mosquitoes, mosquitoes which spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever.
  • Material of the bed sheet: if you want to avoid stains (highly recommended), go for 100% cotton or linen bed sheets as they tend not to get stained easily under normal circumstances. In contrast, silk or polyester sheets may often stain in winter due to increased sweating which causes discoloration of those fabrics. A lighter material, such as silk or polyester, may feel cooler.

The Weave or Pattern

The weave or pattern of the sheets is important. The weave affects how warm they will be, as well as how soft they are.

  • Percale – This weave has a tight weave, and it’s made up of many threads per inch (or centimeter). These sheets are generally not as soft as satin and jersey, but they’re also less expensive than those weaves. They’re considered more durable because they don’t wrinkle easily and can be washed without needing to iron them afterward. However, if you prefer sleeping in a softer fabric like satin or suede, this would not be the material for you.
  • Sateen – Sateen is usually made up of less than 80% cotton; however, some brands do make 100% cotton sateens which are fine for winter use due to their high thread count (more on that later). The higher thread counts mean these sheets feel softer than percale but less durable over time since there aren’t enough fibers in each square inch/centimeter for them not to wrinkle easily when washed regularly or worn often by kids who love jumping into bed with dirty feet every night!

The Most Important Factors When Choosing Bed Sheets for Winter Are

You should consider several important factors to choose the best bed sheets for winter. First, you need to make sure that your bed sheet is warm. If you are a person who tends to get cold at night, then it would be best to choose a thick or heavy-weight fabric that can easily trap heat and provide warmth. Second, ensure that your bed sheets can be cleaned easily because cleaning up after a mess is irritating and time-consuming.

Third, consider whether or not the material of your chosen bed linens will last long enough, as well as how easy it is to maintain them over time. For example, if you have kids who like playing outside on their toys while they’re still in their pajamas or running around without shoes on their feet inside the house because they’re too lazy/busy/lazy-ish (like me), then pick something sturdy enough so there aren’t any holes from what could happen if those accidents happen frequently — not just once every few years!

Fourthly and finally: hypoallergenic properties should also be considered if possible since some people suffer from allergies caused by certain types of fabric being used regularly.”


Choosing bed sheets that are comfortable, warm, and soft is the key to having a good night’s sleep. It’s important to know what kind of fabric you need to get the right sheets for your bedroom. For example, cotton or bamboo can be great choices due to their soft texture, while linen or silk may be too heavy for winter months because they absorb moisture easily.