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We live in a virtual world where talking on chats and sharing data is mostly done on our latest smartphones. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used applications. Being an instant and quick texting application, WhatsApp is used for multiple purposes. WhatsApp is the brainchild of two Yahoo pioneers. In the year 2014, this incredible app was taken over by Facebook.

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

There are some fascinating features of WhatsApp, and we are sure that a couple of them will help you surely. WhatsApp continues adding updates, and you can even join the Beta program if you want to be the first one to test new improvements.

So, know the best WhatsApp tips and tricks from below:-

1.Hide Album of videos and images from WhatsApp groups

We do not have much discretion about which material is sent to our phones through WhatsApp groups, and it can be a major issue to view these materials in one’s phone’s album.

Hide Media from groups and individuals

WhatsApp has therefore added an option to restrict the content in the gallery from specific groups. Merely enter a WhatsApp group and click on the group’s name for accessing the option. However, this technique will not remove WhatsApp images that already appear in your gallery album and only conceal fresh arriving media.

2. Use Fingerprint security to safeguard your WhatsApp

You can use Fingerprint Unlock to protect your WhatsApp. In such a manner, WhatsApp would be accessible only to individuals who’ve had their fingertips licensed on their smartphone. To do this, go to >> Accounts >> Privacy and scroll to the bottom to Fingerprint Lock.

Use Fingerprint Lock

Before using fingerprint access, you need to realize that there is no pattern unlock choice if the fingerprint recognition fails.

3. Hide specific contacts from your status viewing

Status is a perfect way for emotions to be conveyed and can be very private.

You can prevent individual contacts from seeing your status or stories as they are now if you don’t wish to display them with all WhatsApp contacts.

Hide Your Status From Specific Contacts

  • Just go to Settings of WhatsApp>> Account>> Privacy
  • Select Status>> ‘My contacts except’
  • Now select individual contacts that you want to avoid and click the below tick mark.
  • If you choose to post status changes only with a limited number of unique friends, you can also choose the ‘ Only Share With’ feature.

4. Observe texts without Blue Ticks having given them away

If you want to read a WhatsApp reply without the sender’s notice, there are a few options you might do so.

  • You could disable blue ticks (Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Read Receipts check), and then you’d not be allowed to see whether others have read your message.
  • The message from the notification panel can be read. Only tap and then swipe down the notification bar notification to extend it to read several or long notifications.
  • This is more suitable as a partial solution, so you will eventually get rid of the reminder for good.
  • Alternatively, switch on the AirPlane mode, scan the text, and turn off the Flight mode.  This way, you could view a specific message without either putting read receipts off and knowing the recipient’s knowledge.

5. Erase the reply after sending it to someone

WhatsApp introduced this feature in late 2017. Presently, the Platform helps users to ‘unsend’ messages you’ve sent. For texts forwarded in the last 60 min, the technique works. If someone already mentioned your text, the delete message function will be made useless, except within the 7 minutes.

6. Read deleted texts

Here’s a way of reading texts that have been deleted by your peers. Only install and allow permission to read the message with an alert log app. This app will maintain a log of all arriving notifications and be useful if you want to notify you that you have inadvertently swiped apart.

7. WhatsApp Messages Default React

You can use some applications to do it if you utilize WhatsApp for business purposes and choose to add an instant answering message to WhatsApp chats. Auto Response for WhatsApp becomes the app everyone should try.

8. Schedule messages on WhatsApp

You may install the Scheduler application for WhatsApp to organize WhatsApp messages for individual or group contacts. You will fill in the appropriate fields and plan your message after giving accessibility authorization.

9. Remove pictures or videos from a single WhatsApp group or individual contact

  • Click to Settings>> ‘Usage data and storage.’
  • Click ‘Storage Use,’ and all groups and contacts ranked as per the storage capacity they are hogging would be seen.
  • Click the group icon and select the ‘manage messages’ option given below.
  • Drag and remove data (videos, GIFs, Photos, etc.) that you want to delete

10. Sharing Live Location

The live location can also be shared with the contacts. In real-time, the position is monitored so you can keep track of the precise locations of particular contacts. You may explicitly share the position for 15 minutes to1 an hour or 8 hours.

Share Live Location

  • Just click the icon for the attachment in the text.
  • Now click ‘location’ and then choose ‘Share Live Location.

11. Set Limit for data used by WhatsApp

To block the data used by the application, follow the steps

Go to settings>>Data and Storage usage

12. Assign multiple alerts and tones for different priorities

Help for ‘Notification Channels’ has been introduced by WhatsApp, an Android Oreo functionality that can be put to use to set preference for multiple update forms originating from the same app. You may also delegate various types of alerts from here to a specific tone.

13. Pin conversation or create shortcuts

If you’d like a specific communication or conversation to be maintained on top. In the options menu at the end, you can easily long-press the chat and choose the Pin symbol. Alternatively, you can hit the three-dot menu and choose the Create shortcut alternative to put the chat shortcut on the main tab.

14. Label messages for later answers

If you have already read a message and want to answer it, later on, click on the ‘Chat’ tab and pick the ‘unread mark’ button.

This will not remove ‘Blue ticks’ or read receipts but label the post as a warning with a bloated green circle. You may subsequently respond to the message at your discretion.

15. Hide a chat on WhatsApp

Friends you’ve spoken with lately seem near to the top of the WhatsApp chat page. If you don’t like to be visible in a certain discussion, you can cover it as an “archive.”

16. Verify precisely when a real entity reads your Whatsapp text 

Blue ticks alert you that your message has been read, but they don’t tell you exactly actually when your friend read the message.

  • Long click the specific message you want to know about.
  • Now click the ‘i’ image at the top, and you will be found when that person reads your text.

17. Mark message to find them later

There seems to be a method you could do so if you want to label and save relevant or essential messages (like emails, telephone numbers, numeric codes, important photos, etc.) that you want to respond to later on.

  • Long-press a text and hit the top screen star button.
  • Starred messages can be accessed by clicking the triple dot icon on the main screen.

18. Format Messages: Bold, italics, font,  strikethrough

You can manually format the test as follows.

  • *ABC* = ABC
  • _ABC_ = ABC
  • ~ABC~ = ABC

19. Quote texts

Long press a text message. Press the backward arrow from the top menu. You could also enter your text.

20. Transfering of files between Phone and PC via WhatsApp

  • First of all, send a file to any contact
  • Open Whatsapp Web on your PC.
  • Now, you can easily download the file from chat to your PC. Else upload a file and then find the way in it through your phone.

21. Emailing chat conversations

Settings>> Chat>> Chat History.

Here click the alternative to ‘Email Chat.’ Pick the chat that you want to export (without or with media), and afterward, using the email app of your preference, complete the process. The conversation will be submitted as an attachment to .txt.

22. Put Privacy options

To initiate the privacy options, you need to open settings and then account and select the privacy options you wish to.

Settings>> Account>> Privacy.

23. Backing up data on Google Drive

When you turn your phone or reformat WhatsApp, backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive offers an easy way to recover your WhatsApp messages and media.

Backup chats on Google Drive

Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup.

24. Changing WhatsApp number

This  option is under Settings>> Account>> Change number.

25. WhatsApp chat background

To do so, click on Settings>>Chats>> Wallpaper. From here, you can choose an image from the gallery or other folder, alter it, and apply it.

26. Hiding notification from the lock screen

Long-press on a notification, tap on ‘Details,’ you can choose to hide messages on the lock screen.

27. UPI payments

WhatsApp has introduced the payment options of UPI to move money to your friends from the app easily.

28. Sending audio recordings of long duration

Another new function is added that lets users send messages of long audio. Just hold the microphone icon after pressing it.

29. Hear voice messages privately through the earpiece

Only run a recorded WhatsApp voice message and raise the mobile to your ears the same way you would attend a phone conversation, and the message would start playing through the earpiece instantly.

30. Whatsapp Sticker

Next to Emojis and Gif designs, WhatsApp has also introduced a rich collection of imaginative stickers. To further configure them, users can import multiple stickers sets, reorganize them, install individual ones, and use third-party applications like ‘Personal WhatsApp Stickers.’

Frequently Asked Questions


How does WhatsApp for Mobile conserve information and storage?

  • Enable the Android smartphone’s WhatsApp app
  • Switch to the menu for Settings
  • Pick the alternative for Data and Storage Use
  • Go over to the Auto-download Media Section


How Information and Storage can be saved on WhatsApp?

  • Options such as images, audio, videos, and documentation are available.
  • You can choose from choices such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, and roaming as per your preference.
  • Also, to save more info, you can uncheck the options.


How to save space and information on WhatsApp for iOS?

  • Go to the iPhone’s WhatsApp app
  • At the lower right-hand corner, choose the Settings function.
  • Pick the alternative for Data and Storage Use


How Information and Storage can be saved on WhatsApp?

Manage data auto-downloads such as images, audio, images, and documents in the Auto-download Media segment

You can choose from options like Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and Wireless for either of the media options. You can also allow the Low Data Usage choice to save data on cell data during a WhatsApp call. You can also learn about your data and storage usage by choosing the Network and Storage Usage options from Android and iOS.


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The exciting world of technology is changing with each passing day, and WhatsApp is not different. So many changes and modifications are being made, and not everyone has all the information about it. Hopefully, the information about the latest changes will prove to be of great help in the future.