Why are entrepreneurs willing to get multi service solutions for their ventures

The requirements of customers for satisfying their purposes are changing every now and then. Hence, for business owners, it has been a headache to run a business along with overcoming all the needs of their consumers. People nowadays prefer to use digitized solutions to meet their requirements.

Many mobile application ideas are available for entrepreneurs to enter the digitized market. The latest trend is super apps, which have gained enormous traction. This is due to their role as an online marketplace for any kind of service people may require. By reading this post, you will learn how to build multi-service solutions, why entrepreneurs are willing to create them, and which companies can provide these platforms at which price.

Super apps were born with the arrival of Gojek, one which set the trends of a multi-service app in Southeast Asia. A single solution integrates various services offered by the company to users.

Later, it achieved a user base of 38 million across Southeast Asia in 2020. It is because of its uniquely designed business model. Here are the several strategies commonly adopted by almost all super apps described below. In order to develop their multi-service solutions, entrepreneurs might find it helpful.

Which Value Propositions are Followed by Most Multi-service Platforms?

There have been many organizations that have launched their super apps in the market after Gojek and have also earned considerable fame. In this section, there are some renowned value propositions:

Different Services through Single App: Users are facilitated with numerous services under a single roof and can fulfill their needs efficiently by utilizing the features it is geared with.

Multiple Payment Methods: By using multiple payment method options provided through an application, the users can pay for specific services by methods that are convenient for them.

Massive User Base: The entrepreneurs can gather a considerable user base on their platforms and can achieve a higher user base and higher sales by utilizing different digital marketing strategies given as compared to the previous approach.

Rise in Profitability: It is evident that merchants can increment their profit margins with much user traffic onto their venture via a solution.

Alterable Working Durations: There are no fixed timings of performing services for partners. Instead, they can work according to their availability in their free hours.

Simpler Tracking: Providers can reach the customers’ preferred locations by utilizing the maps integrated into the application. It shows them the shortest way possible to the delivery location.

Hence, by referring to the above value propositions, you might have received an idea about how beneficial multi-service apps are for ventures. Moreover, entrepreneurs wanted an application similar to Gojek created for some reasons.

What Motivates Entrepreneurs to Opt for Multi-service Solutions?

There are merchants who found specific advantageous reasons over a traditional business. The following are compelling reasons for getting Gojek-like apps developed:

Reasonable Development Rates

Compared to creating your own customized solution, building a Gojek clone solution seems to be more affordable. They can initiate their business by investing a minimum capital amount to develop these platforms.

Minimal Maintenance

If any technical glitches or errors occur in the solution, an entrepreneur must send an application for maintenance. However, these issues occur very rarely. Hence, they need to spend less money on maintaining a platform.

Various Revenue Channels

With the use of super apps, entrepreneurs can generate a decent income. As they receive diversified streams of revenue, they receive money from all stakeholders of their applications in a fixed proportion.

So, these were some reasons behind the curiosity of business owners to get their Gojek similar app built by witnessing its epic rise in the market.

Some Recommended Gojek Clone Providers

Some multi-service apps like Gojek development companies listed here can provide businesses with innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs interested in getting these platforms created can contact the following providers:

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is a leading company that offers first-class development of the Gojek clone platform to help startups succeed. Furthermore, they have worked in an industry for over ten years, which enables them to understand the requirements of ventures related to any sector easily. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of developers who can deliver solutions in a timely manner.


Entrepreneurs can push their business upward by getting Gojek similar platforms developed from Onmobee. The firm has accomplished more than 499 projects for its clients and possesses a client satisfaction rate of 97. Additionally, they provide affordable platforms related to any field.


As a multi-service app development company, it can build apps like Gojek to help ventures grow. Moreover, Purbis has been in the industry for a very long time, and it is able to deliver the best solutions for any market segment.  Furthermore, they are available at any time to support their clients in solving their problems.

Now, at what cost do entrepreneurs receive platforms similar to Gojek, and the various factors affecting price hikes for creating them are stated in the next section.

Cost for Developing Platform Similar to Gojek

First of all, you as an entrepreneur should know the cost of building an app like Gojek. There are certain common factors that might play a vital role. These aspects can affect the price of mobile apps related to any field.

Besides, entrepreneurs can get a Gojek clone at different price ranges as per the country mentioned below in a table:

Sr No. Country Price Range Per Hour Overall Price
1. Europe $100-$150 $25k-$30k
2. US $100-$150 $25k-$30k
3. UK $120-$160 $42k-$46k
4. UAE $70-$80 $38k- $70k
5. Canada $50-$90 $40k-$90k


Parting Lines

Thus, if you as an entrepreneur are willing to step into the multi-service market by building a similar solution like Gojek, as consumers nowadays utilize super apps, you can take advantage of them. You might have got all ideas regarding business strategies that can be applied to your platform, certain benefits, companies who can deliver these applications, and the pricing, which can help in deciding the approximate budget figure.