Velvet custom boxes

Velvet lamination and offset printing have brought emerging and innovating changes in custom printed boxes. Both are famous for their own capabilities and features. One is famous for its small texture providing, and the other is good for printing high-quality images and designs on the surface of your packages. Manufacturers are taking the designing factor to a whole new level of creativeness just because of the increasing need of the consumer to have distinct packaging and product. People invest a lot in purchasing products; that is why they expect that the experience they will get will be premium. In addition, by utilizing these two, you can give them that experience from your packaging. Here are some of their benefits that you can get from utilizing them.

Velvet lamination

Here you will find some extraordinary features of velvet laminations from which business and packaging manufacturers are going for it a lot for the past few years.

  1. Long-lasting protective layer:

Lamination is mostly used for protecting printed designs of boxes. In most cases, it can also be utilized for better food preservation while keeping the bacteria and dust away. Velvet lamination can also be utilized for that purpose. It allows the print to remain on a box for a long time while giving a soft touch feeling and appearance. By utilizing this, you can enhance your printed designs by providing rich, deep, and clean looking detail from its shiny surface. With its versatile nature, you can easily utilize it for every purpose, such as functional and aesthetic like, for instance, business cards, boxes, wedding cards, and catalogs.

  1. Scratch-resistant:

Boxes have to go through a lot of hard processes like shipment and delivery, so there are a lot of chances that your elegant printed designs might get scratched out. You can utilize velvet lamination to make your design resistant-free. With this protective layer or sheet, you can have no worry about messing up your lavishing-looking printed designs. A protective and scratch-free surface will make your packaging able to maintain its appearance for a long time.

  1. Elegant appearance:

Soften the appearance of this lamination allows you to utilize maximum colors in your design because it contains the ability to minimize designs while giving the design a lighter look. The ability to provide muted colors with a premium touch will enhance the visibility of your packaging and the product inside. You can even use the gold and silver foiling that this technique provides to make your custom packaging more elevating and graceful.

  1. Durable printed designs:

You can protect your brand and product reputation by utilizing attractive and elegant designs, but what about protecting your package designs. For that, velvet lamination is the best option that you can avail of. Its scuff-resistant and durable nature will allow your design to keep its form even in the hard handling processes. Not just keeping safe, it also enhances the shape and ink of the design to come out with a more premium impact on your audience.

Offset printing

For printing high-quality printing designs on your custom printed boxes, you will not find any other printing better than offset. Here are some reasons why packaging manufacturers are going for it a lot these years.

  1. Quality consistent:

Not every printing goes out to clean while producing sharp and high-resolution images. However, with offset printing, you can easily get high-quality, consistent images of your product on its box. This is mostly because of its printing plates that are used to produce quick and premium production of printing. Why this printing is better than digital or letterpress is because of the effectiveness of a rubber blanket that is used to conforms colors, images, and fonts on the surface of packages. It is not just limited to product boxes; its various fields are newspapers, magazines, and even books.

  1. Cost-effective:

There are several printing techniques that give the same results as offset lithography. What makes it different and effective is the cost for the initial setup. This printing is mostly utilized for printing commercial or big quantity designs. Therefore, by utilizing this, you can high quality printing results at low prices. It is considered one of the cheapest methods for producing high-end quality designs and images for your packaging solution. You only have to bear the cost at first, but you can use it for a long time by printing hundreds of your packages at once.

  1. Better for every color:

Goes for every color or maintaining color resolution is not very common for every printing technique. In most of the printers or printing techniques, paper stuck a lot if you use premium quality inks or colors. However, this printing can easily go with every type of color, and you will get jam-free printing against every color. Not just a single color, you can utilize it to produce color combinations, gradients, color palettes, and schemes as well. You can even get splashes of different colors on the surface of your boxes without mixing up different colors.

  1. Easily adjustable ink:

Offset printing allows you to adjust your amount of utilizing inks by using screw keys on the fountain roller of your printer. For this purpose mostly you will find a metal blade inside the printer that can make this control of ink goes smoothly. You can even utilize the option of adjusting screws to change or adjust the gap that is present between the blade and fountain to get your desired printed result. Adjustable ink allows you to print every color in perfect alignment, and you will get accurate and quality designs. You can even mold the density of different colors and give them the shape that you want to produce.

After checking out the specialties of both techniques or solutions, you can say that both are equally effective for custom boxes. Both have their own unique features but with the same purpose of protecting and beautifying your printed designs on your packaging. To increase sales, visibility and to earn better customer attraction, make sure to utilize them completely.