Big data is an integral part of every organization’s operations, but different industries have different needs. Depending on what you do, you might have a ton of medical imaging or point-of-sales transactions to process. You might be looking at millions of lines of code to monitor for errors or sifting through millions of music files in search of royalties. The point is that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to managing your organization’s data.

Enterprise NAS systems are designed for businesses that need to store and manage large amounts of data. These systems are scalable and provide high performance, making them ideal for big data applications. Enterprise NAS systems can be used to store files of any size, and they can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Enterprise NAS systems are also highly reliable, ensuring that your data is always available when you need it. In addition, Enterprise NAS systems offer advanced features such as snapshotting and replication, which further ensure the availability of your data. As a result, Enterprise NAS storage is the need of the day for businesses that need to process big data.

Here is why enterprise NAS storage is a must for storing and processing big data.

Big data is getting increasingly becoming a challenge.

Big data is defined as large sets of unstructured data that are too complex to analyze using traditional database systems and software. These large data sets can be generated by web servers, web application servers, and other applications. This data can also come from sensors, smart meters, and connected devices. Network Attached Storage offers reliable and scalable storage options that are sustainable in the long term and an excellent choice for data centers dealing with massive data.

How enterprise NAS helps in mitigating big data challenges

Enterprise NAS storage offers a variety of features that make it ideal for handling big data tasks.

Enterprise NAS storage comes in various models, including entry-level systems suitable for small businesses and high-end systems capable of meeting the demands of even the largest organizations. Entry-level systems offer more than enough space to handle non-critical tasks like file sharing. In contrast, high-end systems provide enough space to manage hundreds or even thousands of varied datasets.

High-read writes for performance-intensive applications.

The best NAS systems are designed for performance-intensive applications such as digital asset management (DAM) and video surveillance while allowing large amounts of data to be processed at fast speeds.

High availability and scalability

Besides providing access to vast amounts of data, an enterprise NAS storage system can also offer high availability features that protect against downtime by providing redundancy to ensure continuous operation and availability. Furthermore, with scalability features such as additional nodes added within minutes, enterprise NAS storage offers greater flexibility and cost-efficiency than other storage solutions.

Fast network speeds

Furthermore, High-speed gigabit Ethernet connectivity is standard on enterprise NAS solutions. Most solutions offer 10GigE connectivity for transferring massive files. At the same time, having the ability to scale up from a single drive to multiple drives ensures that you never run out of space.

Redundancy and increased business continuity

Using an enterprise NAS solution, you can offer your organization 24/7 availability and redundancy. Beyond that, it’s crucial to have high-availability features such as hot-swappable drives and redundant power supplies in case of failure. Your enterprise NAS solution should be able to allow proper 24/7 management of your storage system regardless of location or time zone issues. This means that you have access to real-time information and tools capable of monitoring any performance issues.

Bottom Line

Since the advent of Big Data, there has been an increasing need for fast storage and processing systems to handle large amounts of data, especially from mobile devices and social networks. This is when NAS becomes a viable option for Big Data storage and processing. If you are interested in upgrading your storage, we recommend checking StoneFly’s super scale-out NAS appliances.