When you come to the ideal for curing ED using medicines there are so many medicines. On one hand, you have some of the FDA-approved brands such as Viagra and Cialis while on the other hand, you have the genetic variants such as Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista, and Tadalista.

While using these medicines patients like using the generic versions because of their low cost, but giving the same effects, same actionable time as the FDA approved pill dose brands.

In this article, we will be lo0oking at one of the drugs from the generic category for curing ED that is Fildena.

What is Fildena?

Fildena as you might have known by now is a brand of medicines to help cure ED. Of course, as we said above it is a generic brand. The chief substance that the pills have is the same as you get in the generic Viagra pills or Sildenafil.

Sildenafil citrate is one of the substances that had got itself approved as one of the first substances from the FDA for ED cure.

Anyways it is with this single effective active substance that the pills cater you to bring erectile hardness. The pills of Fildena or Cenforce 100 mg are to be taken only when you have the guidance of a doctor to back you up.

As we will see there are many variants of Fildena dose and one must take a dose that the doctors prescribe you. there are some side effects you may tend to suffer if the quantities of generic Sildenafil are more than what you can cope with.

How come it is so effective for ED treatment?

Now let us find out why Fildena is so effective with ED cure. After all among so many ED curing generic versions why is this brand of ED pills chosen by most doctors and even by patients as their ideal choice.

Doses of all strengths to cater to ED patients

Just like we told you above that the brand of pills comes with various pill dose strengths. Depending on what the doctors feel is the safe dose for you and at par for curbing ED they are going to recommend you to a dose.

Just to give you an idea the various doses that you can get includes-

Fildena 25mg

Fildena 50mg

Fildena 100mg

Fildena 120mg

Fildena 150mg

Fildena 200mg

Among these up to Fildena 50mg doses contribute to feeble or light versions of dose that is ideal for anyone who is suffering from mild ED problems. when you go further up doses of Fildena such as 100mg or Fildena 120mg are ideal for anyone who has mild to a moderate or medium variety of ED severance.

Doctors may even prescribe you a higher dose provided that they feel like there is a need to. Subsequently, you have Fildena 150mg and Fildena 200mg as dose variants.

Giving long effective hours of actionable time

The doses do have long hours of activation time. the higher doses of 150mg or 200mg have an actionable time of up to 6 hours. the medium-strength doses such as the 100mg and the 120mg doses are effective for about anything between 5 to 6 hours.

Even smaller variations such as the 25mg or 50mg doses can give you an actionable time of 4 hours. remember that there is a time till you can get the effects of generic Sildenafil to come up to full swing and show up strong effects. this time is for around 25 to 45 minutes again depending on the dose strength.

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Effective within a large age group

One of the factors that make it so effective for the treatment of ED is it being active and being able to cure ED in a large age group of people. The recommendable age for using is a minimum of 18 years to a maximum age of 64 years. this will be duly checked by the doctors before they prescribe you on a regular course of.

How does a pill of Fildena curb ED and bring on a hard erection?

Pills that have Sildenafil Citrate as the core substance giving ED cure benefits do some hormonal changes and the later changes will follow on their own. So it diminishes the effects of the PDE-5 hormones and increases the actions and secretion of the cGMP hormone.

The first change after this is that nitric oxide starts to secrete in higher amounts which can showcase the actions of dilation inducing more blood flow through the penis tissue chambers in effect making your penis sensitive to touches. It is at this time that stimulating the penis will generally give rise to a hard erection.

What precautions do you have to follow for using Fildena?

Of course actions of overdose are going to bring about side effects. while on a regular course we also do not acknowledge you of missing your scheduled doses too much for this may bring up an inconsistency in erections.