Internet connection

One thing that can seriously disrupt productivity when using Windows is a poor internet connection. Even the most patient Windows users will become frustrated. With persistent buffering or intermittent connectivity issues. Even if unpredictable faults like these plague Windows. Many debugging tools at your disposal should be able to improve your connection speed. One by one, let’s examine them all.

Is your Windows 11 computer too slow? Here’s what to do.

Several approaches might be taken. Fixing Windows 11’s sluggish internet connection with the operating System’s built-in hacks is a tried-and-true method.

Suppose you’ve exhausted those options without success. You may always resort to the tried-and-true Factory reset to completely wipe Windows. But let’s start with the less moving parts. Let’s go in right now.

1. Turn down your virtual private network:

Even while a virtual private network (VPN) is becoming increasingly necessary, in the privacy-devoid future, we are rapidly approaching—which is likely. So why is Microsoft now providing a VPN over its Edge browser—it is not free to use. A virtual private network (VPN) complicates exchanging data packets. With your ISP by concealing your online identities.

Purchasing and installing a virtual private network (VPN) on top of already sluggish internet access is a recipe for disaster.

To determine whether the VPN is to blame for your Windows 11 PC’s poor internet connection. You need to temporarily disable the VPN and see if the problem persists. If your connection speed immediately improves, you already know the problem.

2. Start the diagnostic tool.

To risk sounding like a broken record. This sort of problem is quite widespread in the realm of personal computers. Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Windows must be flawless and prone to occasional faults. provides you with more information about diagnosing tools while you receive a sluggish Internet. They’re aware of it, too, which is why they made a unique tool for fixing this kind of problem. If your Windows 11 computer has a sluggish internet connection, follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide. It’s buried in your PC’s Troubleshooting menu, so look there if you need it. Let me explain.

  • To access the settings, put “settings” into the Start menu’s search field and then pick the appropriate result. In response, the configuration panel will open.
  • Click on System> Additional Troubleshooters now.
  • Find the Internet Connections submenu, and then hit the Run button.
  • The error scanner will begin looking for problems with your computer and fix them if it detects any.

3. Reboot your computer.

Sometimes, all your computer needs is a fast reboot. Unsurprisingly, it’s also recognized as a viable solution to many issues. In a nutshell, it accomplishes its goal by erasing all data from RAM and allowing you to start your computer from scratch. Click the Start button, then select Restart from the menu that appears.


4. Improve your connection speed by upgrading your network driver.

In Windows, a driver is a piece of software that facilitates communication. Between the OS and external components. The term “network driver” refers to the software. That facilitates communication between your computer’s hardware and operating System. To make online connections possible.

Consequently, problems with your internet connection are almost guaranteed. If there is a problem with your network driver. Using Device Manager, you may determine if there is a sluggish internet connection. It is the result of a faulty network driver in Windows 11. Let me explain.

  • To access the device manager, open the Start menu and look for it among the results.
  • To change an internet adapter’s settings. Pick it in Device Manager’s Network adapters and then click the menu.
  • A driver update option will appear.

If there are any available updates, your access point will be upgraded in seconds or minutes. Based on the speed of the current internet connection.

5. Perform a network reset.

Read on if you’re still suffering via a sluggish connection on Windows! Therefore, if you’ve exhausted all other options. Try to reset your network settings to see if it helps the System break its rut. In this case, the Settings menu will also come in handy. To access the settings, use the Windows key plus I.

To access the advanced settings, go to the Network and Internet menu. Pick the option to Reset Network Settings. To start the reset process, select the Reset now option.

So long. If you follow these steps, your network preferences should revert to their original state.

Speeding up Windows 11’s Internet

There are many ways to improve your computer’s internet connection speed, but these are among the most effective. However, if none of these solutions have worked, a factory reset may be the way to go. Even if you attempt every possible solution and the problem persists after that. A factory reset will likely solve it.