How to pre order wyze watch?

Wyze watch is just about to get released in February 2021. With successful sales of Wyze band, the manufacturers are prepared to launch Wyze watch as a new product. Already it is creating a stir amongst tech-savvy bloggers and enthusiasts because of its amazing features and specifications. Not only this product looks amazing, but it has become a direct competitor for both Google Fit and Apple watch, and guesses what- it will cost you only $20 to purchase this product and you’ve got to buy this product.

Wyze Watch Pre Order

What is Wyze Watch?

If you’ve already come across Wyze band, this amazing product is here to mesmerize you once again. Wyze watch is engineered to provide you a complete solution to fitness tracking as well as looking for specifications and multiple other services.

You are bound to fall in love with Wyze and it’s time to pre-order now! Wyze watch comes with an integrated platform that includes Apple Health as well as Google fit. Along with this, amazing battery life and the smart concept are all that you would love to have.

If you are wondering about how you could pre-order a Wyze watch, this guide is everything you are looking for. So without any delay, let’s get started on this.

 Wyze Watch Complete Specifications:

Specifications47mm Watch44 mm WatchDisplay1.75 TFT LCD1.4 TFT LCDResolution320 x 385320 x 320Weight46.5 g40 gBattery Life9 Days9 DaysBattery Capacity300 mAh250 mAhCharging Time2.5 Hr2.5 HrRatingIP68IP68MCU96 MHz250 MHzRAM512 KB8 MBBluetooth5.05.0

 Is WYZE safe to use?

Is WYZE safe to use

Wyze watch comes with an amazing body and build up. From all sides, it is protected to prevent moisture and all sensors work accurately. Coming to safety, let’s discuss multiple aspects that could be going on.

  • Straps are not best in-class when it comes to manufacturing. However, they are quite attractive and built to last long. Besides, you can get multiple colors to choose from.
  • It comes with an IP68 waterproof rating. This is the standard of most electronic devices when it comes to being waterproof in nature.
  • All over the body is decent with aluminum casing on all sides. It prevents this product to break down incase your Wyze watch simply falls.

How do I set my WYZE watch?

How to set WYZE watch

Wyze watch and Wyze band are made on similar platforms. You can expect both of them to have similar setup processes and guides. Here are a few steps that you can follow to set up Wyze watch.

  • Download the Wyze application on your phone and then install it. Once it finishes, click on Add device. Here, you will see Wyze watch. Simply tap on this.
  • You will now have to power on your Wyze watch. To do this, connect this watch with your charger and press the power button. It will automatically turn on. Wait for your band to be recognized.
  • After this, the application will ask you to pair your Wyze watch. You will see a 4-digit pin displaying on your watch screen. Tap on this screen and immediately your mobile application will show the same 4-digit password.
  • Tap on your mobile device and then it will start the pairing procedure. This might take up some time in the application. You need to wait for a while. Once it starts showing as ‘Confirm’, leave your hands out of both these devices. Your Wyze watch is now being set up to use completely.

Features of Wyze Watch:

1. Touch Screen

Size always plays a big part when it comes to using a smart watch. Having a comfortable display with bold fonts always makes it easier for you to check individual menus and settings. Manufacturers have made it clear about the making of this amazing device. Wyze watches come in two different models. One of them is with a 1.75-inch screen while the other one comes with a 1.4-inch touch screen display. You can get edge-to-edge displays for both of them.

2. Blood Oxygen

Blood oxygen levels make a big impact on our daily running life. A little imbalance in blood oxygen levels can cause serious problems as well. With the help of this feature, you can expect a continuous 24 x 7 blood oxygen monitoring system. With a continuous monitor, this device allows you to get accurate results and sends you alert on your applications whenever there is a fluctuation in oxygen levels.

3. Stylish Body

One feature that makes this product to be amazing is the build-up and a decent structure. It comes with an all metal body that is a delight to watch as well. To enhance the looks, it includes lightweight comfort making this product to be amazing in nature. It comes in an all metal design that allows you to carry this smartwatch outside. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame makes it even more special. Moreover, you can also personalize bands and straps.

4. Water Resistance

Water resistance has become an important feature for all smart watches. It is decent enough to give support to water resistance options. This product can hold up resistance up to 2 meters under the water. The time limit set for the water resistance feature is around 30 minutes. Surely, swimming with this band will never be a problem for you at all.

5. Heart Rate

No activity tracker would be helpful if you do not have a heart rate tracking sensor in it. Thankfully, this device comes with one and it is always amazing to use as well. The heart rate tracker of the Wyze watch is amazing and it is always active. To monitor your heart rate results, you can easily open up the Wyze application and have a look at it. Similar to heart rate tracking, you can also get features like steps as well as sleep monitoring. All of them prove to be vital.

6. Battery Life

Another important thing anyone would love to have is amazing battery life. When it comes to Wyze watch, it is way ahead of most other smartwatches available in the market today. Certainly, anyone would love to use this product as it provides almost 9 days of battery life. It is powered by a 300 mAh battery that lasts much longer than others. Moreover, the charging time for this battery is also lower and it is around 2.5 hours.

Pros and Cons of Wyze Watch:



  • It is compatible with both Alexa and Google
  • Works easily with Google Fit and Apple Health
  • Body manufacture is amazing quality
  • It comes with Touch screen display
  • You can get IP68 Waterproof rating
  • The battery is amazing with 9 Days support



  • Straps are not best in quality

How to Pre-Order Wyze Watch?

How to Pre-Order Wyze Watch?

Now that you’re willing to purchase a new Wyze watch, you can simply follow these steps below. For now, this watch is not yet available on multiple E-Commerce sites. You will have to go to the official page of Wyze to order.

  • Open your browser and then go to the official website of Wyze. You can search for Wyze watch from here. If you are unable to find this, simply Click Here.
  • You’ll have options to choose from two different Wyze watches with different screen sizes as available. They are either 47 mm or 44 mm. Press the radio button beside it and then select a color band. However, this is optional. Once done, select the Pre order tab present here.
  • Your new watch has been added to your shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart link and it will open up a new tab. Look for the right hand tab and select your Country. Enter state and postal code. If you have any promo codes, apply them, and then proceed to pay.
  • You can now enter your personal details including your billing address and others. Enter your card details and confirm your payment. Once it is done, you will receive a confirmation email from Wyze about your pre-order. It will arrive at your home after February 2021.

Wyze Watch vs Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch Comparison:

Specifications47mm Watch44 mm WatchDisplay1.75 TFT LCD1.4 TFT LCDResolution320 x 385320 x 320Weight46.5 g40 gBattery Life9 Days9 DaysBattery Capacity300 mAh250 mAhCharging Time2.5 Hr2.5 HrRatingIP68IP68MCU96 MHz250 MHzRAM512 KB8 MBBluetooth5.05.0

 Is Wyze better than Wyze Band?

Wyze watch is an amazing product to use when you would love to have for your regular uses. Of Course, there is a difference between a smart band and a smartwatch. There are multiple features present on a Wyze watch like notifications, complete smart home control, and others which you would not get in any smart band. Even though the launch price of Wyze watch is much less, it is a great product to have for your activity tracking and also daily uses. 

Should You Buy Wyze Watch?

Wyze watch brings up almost every feature that you’ve been looking to have in any smartwatch. With features like activity tracking and also heartbeat tracking, it is a great device to have for any home.

If you consider price as an important factor, the Wyze watch costs you less than a Samsung smartwatch or an Apple Watch. Moreover, the features you get like complete smart home control is truly amazing and also matchmaking. It is mainly available in two different sizes and picking up any one of them would be a fantastic choice to have.

In my opinion, the Wyze watch is a smart buy for people who are looking for budget-friendly solutions and to gain complete access.

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Wyze watch is an amazing product for you to have. There are multiple features with Wyze which you simply can’t miss out on. First look reviews from enthusiast people suggest that Wyze watch will be a direct competitor to both Apple and Samsung smartwatches. However, this product has an amazing advantage of bearing a lower price. Features for all these three products are quite similar only there are some added features which you can really wipe out.

Personally, I would love to order Wyze right away. Why wait further for this device when you can swiftly go to the official website and pre-order now? Hurry up before pre-order stock closes off.